Change of Era: GPS Tracking System In Construction Companies

Construction companies are using the latest technology to be the game changer. Since the dawn of the new era, many companies of the first world countries are using modern tracking devices to aid in their performance. In this regard, the GPS Tracking System is helping them to achieve a golden goal. The article discusses how do construction companies use GPS Tracking System.

What is a GPS Tracking?

All smartphone users are aware of a location icon on their screens. When we keep that location icon on, our current spot is located. Likewise, modern companies of the world like China, Japan, America use their robust GPS Tracking System to determine the position of their employees. GPS helps in navigation hence it helps to calculate the time to reach the location. 

Currently, one of the popular transport systems, Uber and Ola use GPS Tracking System to locate the pickup points of the travelers. Food Apps use GPS Tracking Device to deliver food in various zones. Apart from this, there are other reasons for the construction company to use modern means of GPS Navigation Device. Nowadays many services and supports are also there which are giving technical support on GPS Devices, for example, you can go through Garmin Navigation Update and Garmin Software Update if you face any technical glitches in Garmin GPS Devices.

Features of Modern live trackers

Construction giants use a fleet manager who oversees a vast number of assets. It checks the status updates for every equipment. Popular tracking software Telogis Fleet is often assigned this work.

Telogis Fleet, one of the popular software,  has a solo screen dashboard. The user can see all the products on the map.  A manager can zoom in for more details for a particular asset. There are business rules each company follow. These customized rules organize the system of live tracking.

  • Tracking agents are generally hardy and work even in extreme climates. With the touch of modern technology, there is a protective shield surrounding the device.
  • The device transmits live status automatically. Companies have to be sure that the connectivity is active. If specific events take place, as the engine stop or start, the personas know about it.
  • There is a dashboard of the live tracking software (for example Telogis Fleet). It signals its location and live-status.

How Do Construction Companies Use GPS Tracking System?

Construction companies use GPS to manage expensive business tools and machinery. Towers, cranes, service vehicles, heavy trucks, the navigation device controls it all. In fact, heavy machinery like generators and compressors often depend upon live trackers. Let’s read how managers know where is the asset.

  • An asset is located using a small GPS Tracking Device. It is installed and fixed beneath or upon the asset. Since it is a small device, the installation process takes a few minutes barely.
  • Usually, this system uses equipment’s power source. You can set up using own power source as well. One can use a rechargeable battery.
  • The tracking device must be in alignment with the equipment.  Timings like when the engine starts or stops can be then calculated.
  • You can monitor many product metrics as long as long as the wiring system can connect. Even old products are often used with GPS Tracking Devices.
  • You will find registered information which catches the signal to identify the device. This info bulletin helps to analyze the real product.

The work of the fleet manager

Fleet manager follows some rules and regulations to locate the products. There are alert codes which verify them. We will see other functions done by the fleet manager.

  1. Hours of work- Software tracking software like Telogis allow flexible timing to operators. They can check time in and time out. Managers can later check the shift timings, duration of break etc. This allows both parties to keep legal rules.
  2. Limit driving speed- Some bulldozers become dangerous when it exceeds a particular rate. To save them from accidents, the fleet manager sets an alert to minimize accident occurrence. Messages pop up when drive limit exceeds.
  3. Maintaining rules and regulations in the industry- Companies sign a contract with the local people and abide by legal rules while constructing on any piece of land. It is essential for the company to comply with the demands and needs of the residents to avoid future conflicts. In addition to that, the workers have to work for certain hours only
Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa