Google Wifi Review: Smart Mesh Network With Dual-Band Coverage

Technology giant Google sealed its place at the top with its new Google Wifi router. It is a compact yet powerful device with minimalistic design and simple controls. With its built-in Network Assist and Mesh technology, it keeps your connection secure and fast.

Google with its advanced mesh technology provides seamless and constant wireless connection throughout your house. So, you don’t have to worry about any network drop, no matter where you are inside the house.

We researched everything that Google Wifi has to offer and here’s our honest in-depth review of it.

In-depth Review of Google Wifi

Usually, we consider a router best in the market when it provides value, convenience, and performance, all in a single package. 

According to many users, Google Wifi satisfies all the above conditions. Hence, you can expect all the best features from a router with added new technology in a compact yet simple design.

Here, we are reviewing all the details you need to know about this new wireless device.

What it Offers?

Google likes to keep things quite simple. So, when you purchase this router package, you get a Google Wifi device with an ethernet cable, a USB Type-C power cable, and an adapter. Along with that, you get a product warranty of 1 year with the device.

You can order the Google Wifi device in a single pack or a three-pack option. However, you don’t get any additional modem for Internet connectivity. 

So, make sure to arrange an Internet connection before-hand to successfully install and set-up your Google Wifi device.

Requirements to Setup Google Wifi

Google manages to keep the requirements for setting-up Google Wifi to a minimum. Other than the device, you only need the following:

  1. Modem:  As Google Wifi is a router, so it doesn’t come with modem support. Hence, you need an external modem to let your router transmit data digitally.
  2. Internet Service Provider: You need to have an additional active broadband plan to use the Internet and Google router services. As Google Wifi doesn’t provide any Internet service from its end.
  3. Google Account: As it is a product of Google, it provides connectivity to all its Google-related services. To connect to your Google Wifi you need to sign in with your existing Google account.

Simple & Attractive Design

The first thing that you would notice is the sleek and elegant look that Google Wifi offers. Google changed the traditional looking routers by keeping it simple. Also, the device is free from the traditional antennas, which you might notice in old routers. It comes as a cylindrical structure with a white design and a single color band wrap around it.

Google’s every product introduces a different approach than what the market offers. With Google Wifi they do the same thing thus, setting the trend for a simple and effective design for routers.

Quick Setup

Google Wifi offers an easy and quick setup for the device by excluding all the complicated instructions needed to install a router. So, when you install the Google Wifi router, it can act as a core unit and other devices as the secondary ones. They can be connected by an Ethernet cable or you can connect it over wirelessly.

Before setting up the Wifi router, place them inside your house at various locations. Then connect each router to an independent power source. Also, wirelessly connect them to each other.

To complete the setup process you need to download the Google Wifi app from any of the App Store. Once downloaded, scan the QR code of each unit and add all the Google Wifi devices to it. Now you are all set just connect the device to your home network. 

The entire process is quite simple and takes very little of your time to completely set up the router.

Easy-to-Use Software

Google breaks free from the tradition of setting up your router with an IP address. They introduced a Google app for it. 

The Google Wifi app lets you continuously monitor your network and also test the strength of it.  It also lets you prioritize the bandwidth strength for any particular device. This app is very helpful and lets you control the home Internet according to your wish.

With a couple of simple steps, you can set up a guest Wifi network and also manage the family controls. This app also has a built-in network checker that will check your network speed and mesh units. It helps to diagnose network problems more effectively.

Google optimizes your network automatically and provides you with constant and reliable connections throughout. 


You can connect your Google Wifi with an Ethernet cable or you can establish the connection wirelessly. It comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports for connectivity and has a USB Type-C port for power. 

The Wifi router supports tri-band function, which means that you won’t feel any disturbance while playing games or browsing.

It supports dual-band Wifi (2.4 GHz/5GHz) simultaneously. The router also comes with a quad-core ARM processor and intelligent features that can direct the best signal to the device as per requirement. 

For example, if you have set up multiple Google Wifi points throughout your house, its smart technology will come into the picture. It will automatically shift your device to the nearest Wifi point available. This way, you don’t have to experience any lag while surfing.

Network Performance and Price

Google Wifi is able to deliver high-speed connectivity to every corner of your house. Additionally, if there is any problem with the network, it can be repaired easily. 

It provides a constant speed even while streaming and downloading heavy content. So, in terms of network performance, Google Wifi is one of the best routers available at an affordable price.       

Google Wifi is priced within the range of $99 to $300 in the USA market. Whereas the price is between INR 12k to 40k in the Indian market. With its specifications and services offered, it is one of the most reliable at present.     

What Makes Google WiFi Stand out from the Rest?

Traditionally, Wifi routers were not designed to be used like how we do today. The walls and obstructions make it difficult for the signals to penetrate and cause a drop in network speed.

Google Wifi on the other hand with its mesh technology offers connectivity to each corner of the house without any network drop. Thus, giving you a fast and reliable wireless connection throughout. 

Along with that, it also manages and optimizes your home network automatically with the right channel and intelligent positioning.   

Google does most of the work behind the scenes and doesn’t bother you much. But, to increase the coverage in your house, you need to add more Wifi points, which is quite simple. 

With its easy family controls feature, Google Wifi stands out from the rest of the traditional routers available in the market.           

Final Verdict

If you are struggling with the continuously fluctuating network, then Google Wifi is the best option available for you. Unlike your traditional routers, it provides a constant speed and maintains it regularly.

It may not be versatile as other high-end routers but, this mesh router provides the best value for money. So, if you want something that can just power on and be ready for use, then there’s no better product than Google Wifi.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa