Google Sheets Alternatives

Many companies relying on Google Sheets have to use additional tools such as Microsoft Excel as the functionality of the Google’s spreadsheet does not meet all of their requirements. No matter whether you need a separate tool for data visualization and calculation or want to enhance your own app with such functionality, in all likelihood, Google Sheets will not satisfy your needs.

Why Should You Consider Google Sheets Alternatives?

Google Sheets is one of the most frequently chosen applications with spreadsheet functionality. It attracts users with its free license, cross-platform accessibility and the possibility for concurrent work of multiple users. Still, it comes with serious limitations making enterprises look for other options.

One of the major issues regarding Google Sheets is its narrow scope of features, which covers only the most basic functionality of another mighty player on the market, Microsoft Excel and lacks creation of complex formulas. Another considerable disadvantage is its poor processing of big data. Finally, there are also security concerns related to Google Sheets.

Excel-Like JavaScript Data Grid – Best Solution for Your Business

Unsurprisingly, many companies are looking for advanced functionality provided by Microsoft Excel combined with the flexibility of Google’s product and a possibility of embedding it into their applications. This is where a JavaScript data grid comes into play as a powerful substitute for Google Sheets. Check the best Google Sheets alternatives at Handsontable blog!

An efficient JavaScript spreadsheet is highly scalable, which makes it suitable to process a large amount of information coming from numerous sources. It does not matter whether your application has to work under a heavy load from the very beginning or you are planning its growth with time, as a JavaScript data grid will smoothly adjust to any changes in the workflow.

Even though the primary goal of a data grid is retrieving and displaying information, the product offered by Handsontable is compatible with HyperFormula offered by the same development team for complete spreadsheet functionality with sophisticated calculations. Note this is a very crucial criterion of a data grid choice since not all APIs offer mathematical calculations.

Google Sheets Alternative – Handsontable

While choosing the best Google Sheets alternative, it is recommended to take into consideration not only the functionality and scalability of a data grid but also the easiness of API integration with your digital platform, the quality of support provided by the development team and licensing terms.

The data grid by Handsontable is perfect for deployment in applications based on pure JavaScript or its React, Vue and Angular frameworks. When it comes to customer support, the Handsontable data grid is one of the best products as it has extensive documentation and learning materials, whereas using its license options include professional assistance.

Check the best Google sheets alternatives at Handsontable blog!