Troubleshoot And Fix Google Maps Not Working Issue Completely

If you are traveling a place that is unknown to you, then Google Maps can help you to find your way. Despite its advancements, Google Maps also have some glitches that let the users puzzled. Google maps not working is one of the most commonly faced issues that restricts the users to launch Google Maps.

After a proper investigation, we have learned that there are a number of reasons that are responsible for the issue. Because of a bugged Google cookie, this particular issue occurs. In such cases, deleting the cookies can help you to fix the issue.

Apart from that, if your device drivers or the browser gets outdated, then also you can face this issue. If the Great Suspender extension gets backdated, then there is also a probability that you might encounter the same problem.

Are you also getting the same problem with Google Maps? Not to get worried about that. 

Here in this guide, you can find the most efficacious ways that are reliable in order to fix the problem on your own. So, follow the below methods and check which one is more applicable for the issue you are facing.

Amazing Tricks to Fix Google Maps not Working in Chrome: Stepwise Instructions to Follow

Google Maps not working is a fairly common issue for the Chrome users. As we have mentioned the reasons for this issue now have a look at the solution part. 

Follow each and every method carefully and implement them properly.

Solution 1: Use Incognito Mode

Most of the users have reported that this particular problem is no longer happening when they are using the Incognito mode. 

This mode will not be used on any locally stored browser extensions or cookies. Follow the steps and resolve the issue as well.

The very first thing you have to do is to tap on the Action key and then choose the New Incognito Windows option by clicking on it.

Wait until a new window opens on the screen. When the new window opens, then reload the Google Maps and try to search a location as per your choice.

Check if you are still confronting the same problem or not. If this method is not workable for you, then move to the next one mentioned below.

Solution 2: Update the Browser

For installing the Chrome browser with the latest version, go through the methods properly and enjoy a fully-featured experience. Thus, update your browser and protect it from outdated issues.

First of all, you have to double-tap on the browser icon and start the browser window. Then, tap on the Control Panel and Customize button (three-dotted icons). You can find three dots from the top-right corner of the browser window.

Then, select the Help option by tapping on the drop-down list. This list appears under this section and you need to choose the “About Google Chrome” option from the sub-menu.

In the Browser Settings tab, you will see the browser version that you are presently using. Then, tap on it for getting the latest available version.

If any latest version is available for your browser, then it will start to install the new version and update the browser automatically. Next, exit from the Chrome browser window and restart the device after closing all the running applications.

At the final step, strive to begin the Chrome browser and type correct URLs to verify whether you are encountering the “Google Maps not working” issue or not.

Solution 3: Remove Cookies that Starts with “gsScrollPos”

If the issue is not solved yet, then you need to delete the specific cookies that are the main culprit for the problem. Moreover, you need to remove the whole collection of cookies.

But remember that this will delete all the password and behavioral settings as well. So, it will be better for you that target some specific cookies and remove them.

So, the first and foremost you need to launch Google Chrome and navigate to the search bar. Here, type or paste the following address that is given below. After that hit the Enter button on your keyboard.


This link will start a Settings page. The page contains all cookies that are stored locally by Google. These particular cookies are responsible for faulty gsScrollPos. Hence, track all of them and eliminate each occurrence by tapping the X button from your keyboard.

Keep waiting until the deletion process is going on. At the last step, reboot your system and as well as Chrome to check whether the problem is occurring or gets fixed.

Solution 4: Remove the Great Suspender Extension

Due to the Chrome Great Suspender extensions, some users have reported that they are encountering the Google Maps voice navigation not working issue. 

For removing such extensions, walk through the methods and check if the problem gets fixed or not.

First of all, tap on the Action button that is located at the top-right corner of the screen. After that, you need to navigate to the More Tools option and then choose the Extensions icon as well.

In the Extensions tab, look for the “The Great Suspender Extension” and when found just tap on it. Then select the Remove option for deleting it from your browser.

At the final step, reboot your device and Chrome both and check whether the same problem is showing up or not.

Solution 5: Allow Access to Chrome

When all the methods failed to resolve the Google Maps not working in Chrome issue, then this is the last method that you can follow to eliminate this particular error.

At first, launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer. After that, tap on the menu option with 3 lines. You can find this icon at the top right corner of the screen. Now, navigate to the Settings.

Next, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the Advanced tab as well.

Then, choose Content Settings that is under Privacy & Security.

For once more, scroll down until the Location option gets highlighted. Then, choose the option “Ask before accessing (recommended)” and also be sure that “” has permission for allowing your physical location.

Finally, tap on Done and check if the same issue is still occurring.

Hopefully, you will be definitely benefitted from the solutions that are given above. But unfortunately, if you face any difficulties, then let us know that. Comment in the feedback box for more technical assistance.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa