Gmail Sort By Sender – Know Two Simple Methods

Gmail is basically a free email service provider, which is used for both official and unofficial purposes. Not only sending emails but by using Gmail, you can also chat with friends and colleagues. However, if you want to Gmail sort by sender, then for this you need to perform a tricky task.

Here, from this article, you will get the total procedures for performing this Gmail sorting task.

Gmail sort by sender helps you with the total communications with a single email id. But there are two kinds of processes by which you will be able to do this. Follow the below section to learn both the processes simply and quickly.

Methods Of How To Sort Gmail By Sender

Sorting is a better way of getting all the conversations in a one-by-one line. To check all the conversations with a single email address is the most workable way. So, let us not waste time and learn the methods of performing the Gmail sort by sender process.

Method 1: Visiting All The Emails By A Sender

This Gmail sort by sender process is very simple and as well as useful. And to learn this process, study all these below lines in detail.

Open Your Gmail Account

To initiate this process, at first, open a Gmail account on your device. A stable internet connection will be the initial requirement to do so. After setting the internet connection for your device, open a workable browser. And then by using this browser navigate to the official Gmail account website and click on Sign In from the top-right corner of the window. Next, it will ask you to enter a Gmail username.

After entering the username, then click on Next. And then, on this next page, type the password which is associated with the providing Gmail account. Then, click on Sign In. On doing this, you will get into your Gmail account. Hope this above explaining process is already known to you. After entering into your Gmail account, then continue the process as explained below to sort emails.

Copy The Sender’s Email Address

Further, open a sender’s email that you want to sort. Next, near the top-left portion of this email, you will get the user id of the sender. After getting the sender id, highlight it by taking the cursor on it. As the highlighting task is done, then press both the Ctrl and letter C keys at the same time to copy. As you copied the sender’s email id, then you can close the email.

Paste The Sender’s Email Address

Further, click on the Search bar of the Gmail account to activate. After that, paste the copied sender’s email id by using both the Ctrl and the letter V at the same time. Then, tap the enter key. On doing this, all the (searching sender) sender’s related email lists will get sorted on your screen. Now, you will be able to visit all the emails of that particular sender in a continuous manner from this sorted list.

To learn the alternative method of doing this, continue with the below section of this article.

Method 2: Creating A Label Rule For A Sender

This is a more tricky and conventional method for the Gmail sort by sender process. To begin this process, you need to open your Gmail Account. As you have successfully entered your account, then continue this below-explaining process to sort the email of a sender.

Use Any Sender Details On The Gmail Search Bar

As your Gmail account gets loaded, click on the down arrow which is present at the extreme right on the Search mail bar. On doing this, a search screen will come up. On this window, you will find a cursor blinking on the From section. Here, enter any of the sender-related details which you want to sort.

The sender details can be any of these below.

  • Sender email address
  • Name of the sender: By entering the sender name the related email address also gets visible.

Utilize Create Filter Box

After filling the From field on this dropping down the window, then click on the Create Filter box, which is present at the bottom-right of this window. This will open the “When a message arrives that matches this search” screen. From here, tick the checkbox beside the Apply the label and click on the Choose label.

This will open a drop-down menu. Now, among the list, pick up the New label option. Further, this will open the New Label window, here under the “Press enter a new label name:” bar click. After this bar gets activated, then type the sender name of the contact here and click on the “Create” box. On doing this the New Label window will get disappear.

Enable “Also apply filter to 17 matching conversations” And “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)”

Further, activate both the “Also apply a filter to 17 matching conversations” and “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” features. And to do this, you need to tick all the checkboxes beside these options. After activating all these features on the “When a message arrives that matches this search:” window, click on the Create filter box to add any past emails from your sender. Not only that, but you can also add any future emails as well.

Note: By enabling the Skip the Inbox (Archive it) feature, you are actually resisting the emails to remain at the inbox screen of your Gmail account. However, after opening the “All Mail” section, you will find these sorted emails as well.

After applying this process, you will get the sender label at the left-hand side corner of the Gmail account and that is under the inbox section. And even you may need to expand the More section to get the saved sender label.

So, these are the two “Gmail sort by sender” methods by applying any of these you can get your searching sender emails just one below the other. So, it is better to perform this task rather than scrolling down the email list throughout to get and read all the emails of the same sender haphazardly.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa