Getting Started with – A Guide

The answer to this question depends on your company’s stage of development. Possibly a freelancer? Are you in need of a free CRM or project management software to keep track of your daily company operations? For all your needs, is the place to go! Welcome to’s beginner’s instruction.

Free project management and marketing automation,, is now available. Small and big organizations may cooperate on the same platform because to its user-friendly and aesthetically appealing design. has just released a new set of business-friendly options for its customers. Both their CRM and their project management system are available for you to utilize. Managing your tasks and consumers in one location has never been easier than it is with Let’s get started!

Totally free!

Subscriptions to are now available for nothing. This is a great starting point for project management and customer relationship management for new businesses and freelancers. The free membership plan for this free project management software may be used by a maximum of two people at a time.

Working in a group larger than two? Everything is fine

If you have a team of more than two individuals, we suggest that you start only with basic package since it provides you with more sophisticated capabilities like automation that may save you a lot of time.

Small and new enterprises alike may benefit from this service, which costs only $30 per month. Your team members may be added by simply entering their email addresses into the account you just created.

Get ready to have a ball! Set up a work area gives you the option of setting up many workspaces. However, for novices, one is generally sufficient. Managing projects, marketing, sales funnels, and CRM’s are just a few of the things you may do at your office on Monday.

Using, it’s simple to keep track of everything in this area. As part of the Monday platform, you may establish boards that are dedicated to a certain project activity, and your customer can observe the status of such tasks and keep an eye on things.

Organize files in subfolders

We must first establish folders before we can begin our first project. As part of your Workspace, gives you the option to organize files into multiple folders. Multi-client projects will be much easier to manage using this method.

Make a list of ideas

To start a new project, click on the ‘create new board’ icon and follow the onscreen instructions. is a breeze to navigate and rather self-explanatory once you get the hang of it.

A variety of templates are available to help you get started with your board (project), such as those for Advertising, Content Creation, Project Planning, and Sales/CRM-based initiatives. Consider the board to be a particular project you are working on. Then, in your Workspace’s folders, you can keep track of them.

Form teams

You may establish groups in the project management software on To effectively manage your tasks, you’ll want to form groups. As a project manager, you may construct a variety of groups to organize the many tasks you need to do for the customer.

Project-specific activities, marketing, and features are organized into a variety of categories. All of them may be arranged in accordance with the project’s current state. It is possible to name each group based on the tasks it has completed. Then you’ll be able to simply move jobs across phases.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa