Getting a Cheap Car Rental Deals in Dubai

Renting a car can be really challenging and overwhelming, especially for the first time. You should have to go through all the rules and policies to get the rental car even if you are hiring it for a single day. But, at the very same time, you find it quite relaxing to drive your own vehicle on the streets of Dubai. Before you Car rental Dubai, make sure to research well on the internet for fair deals and discounts to pay as little as you can.

Where to start looking for rental cars?

You may feel confused or overwhelmed when you start hunting the rental companies like RentalcarsUAE.. You might also think where should you start looking for the best and cheap rental car? Well, at the start you can check aggregator websites like Kayak, Expedia, etc. Almost all of the best automobile rentals are listed here and meanwhile, you can select the cheapest rental car from here. Just don’t stop here and consider the following options as well for choosing the best car rental deals in Dubai.

Check car rental companies websites

Although kayak and Expedia offer some of the best deals still you have to check the official website of the well-known car rental companies. It is recommended because sometimes the official websites are offering hot deals and discounts. Before you choose any car rental company, make sure to compare the prices and quotes of the different companies. Like if you find the Hertz deals on Kayak, you should also check the quote from the Hertz website to compare the price.

Opt for small companies

Many tourists and Dubai travelers know automobile rental agencies like Enterprise, Hertz, RentalcarsUAE, etc. but, many small rental companies do not exist on the internet or they don’t own a website. You have to dig a little deeper to find those organizations but they are offering much fewer prices for sure. Request a quote and choose a rental vehicle or car lease in Dubai.

Rent a car according to your trip duration

You should always pick a car after being sure about your trip duration. Compare the daily, weekly, and monthly car rental rates to get the best deal. The weekly rates are quite more modest than the daily rates. For example, if you are in Dubai for a few days you should try hiring an automobile for a week, rather than renting a car for a day. Complete your research to find out if the company will fine you if you return the car earlier.

Try to book the economical vehicle

If you are on a tight budget, you should opt for an economical car instead of hiring luxury wheels. The companies may try to upsell the fancy car that will be quite expensive. To avoid this issue, you should try booking a rental car online. You can easily opt for your selected car besides all the details about price, deposit fee, etc will be mentioned there. You avoid pick-up and drop-off fee, you can select RentalcarsUAE. They are offering quality services at the most affordable rates in Dubai.

Say “NO” to updates

Many rental companies will try to sell you the upgrades that include Navigation, Satellite radio, etc. You don’t need these things especially if you are on a low-budget. You can simply use navigation apps like Google Maps for navigation. For music, you can use your phone as well. Also, don’t opt for unnecessary insurance policies. Moreover, don’t ever try to book an automobile from the airport as it will cost you much more than your expectations.


Consider these tips while renting a vehicle in Dubai for tourism or business purposes. Also, if you are a frequent traveler, subscribe to the newsletter of several companies to get the emails of discounts, and amazing deals if the car rental companies are offering any. Happy traveling!!

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa