Get started with Amazon Echo & Alexa: Latest Tech Trends

You have got your very first Amazon Echo device, and you are very excited to put it into use. The quick start guide will give you the idea of the basic setup, but you can get a rundown here as well. Plus, we will add some more information, like what can you do on your first day with Alexa. And if you are an entrepreneur, and interested in the e-commerce business, then you must get an idea about the best amazon seller tools.

The Basic Setup

After you have unboxed your Eco device, find a central location for it. You can place the device in any comfortable place but it should have an access to power. Now download the Alexa app and register your number and complete the registration process. To install the app on your PC, you can download it from the Alexa Amazon official page using your browser.

Plug in your device to a power source and you will see the light ring glowing blue and turning orange. When the ring turns orange, your device is ready to be connected to wifi. Use the app to connect Echo to wifi, go to settings and choose wifi and continue with the setup process. Once connected you can start using Alexa.

Set Your Default Music Service

If you have the Echo device with built-in speakers, you can listen to music anytime. For that, you will have to set your default music service with your device. You can pick Amazon Prime music or you can opt for Spotify or TuneIn radio. You can also make Alexa read out your books to you. For audible playback, say ‘Alexa, read my books’ and for reading from kindle say ‘Alexa, read my Kindle books’.

Make Alexa Read The News

Ask ‘Alexa, what’s new?’ Use this command, Alexa will recite the news update to you. It is set to Sky News by default and can be changed to a source of your choice as well. Go to the flash briefing in the settings for changing the source.

Sync With Google, iCloud or Outlook Calendars

You can always sync your calendars with Alexa. It will keep you updated with every event on your calendar. Go to settings and click on calendars and select the ones you want to sync. Follow the system-guided steps and set reminders for important events.

Connect To Smart Home Devices

Alexa is also compatible with many smart home devices like Philips Hue Lights, Thermostats, and even some televisions. This gives you the power to control everything, from light to temperature and television with simple voice commands.

Other Things You Can Do With Alexa The First Day

You can change its Wake word which is set to Alexa by default and can also look for the other skills and download them. Alexa also comes with the facility of voice purchasing, ordering anything from a Pizza to a car using simple voice command. You can always restrict this feature by using a pin to prevent accidental purchases. So, now that you have the Alexa companion, explore its capabilities and have fun.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa