Comprehensive Guidelines For ‘ Your Connection Is Not Private’ Error In Chrome

Chrome users report encountering a specific technical glitch in the form of an error message that displays ‘your connection is not private.’ It generally tends to occur if you are using unstable and insecure internet connectivity to manage your data. It is nothing but a warning message which warns you about the loss or leakage of private information. This is where this article proves to be beneficial, as it can help you to get a clear insight into the error and apply the easy step-by-step process to resolve it.

Primary Reason Behind ‘ Your Connection Is Not Private’ Error

This error pops up due to the insecure connection of SSL between the Server and your system. The other chances are that the SSL certificate might be expired and thus generating a real-time error. Connection problems can also occur due to inaccurate date and time settings. Often, the error tends to occur if you are trying to launch the web pages starting with https, instead of HTTP.
Now, that you are well acquainted with the essential underlying factors prompting your connection is not private in Chrome then let us proceed to the troubleshooting section.

Methods to Mitigate ‘Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome’  Error

Let us follow some basic techniques to help you on the go. It is highly recommended that after every step restart your system, to help it save the changes and remove the error-causing element.

Method 1: Change Time And Date

At first, you must implement the basic step, i.e., to configure the accurate Time and Date of your system.

  • Navigate to the System Tray and click on the Date and Time icon. In the new window, try to locate the ‘Adjust date/time’ option and click on it to open the detail window.
  • You can easily choose the Time and Date option and alter them to the correct settings. Set the proper time and date in the Time Zone dialog box.
  • Save the changes and close all the windows to refresh the system.

Finally, open any web page through the Chrome Browser and check if the error message reappears.

Method 2: Clear Cookies And Cache

Every time you browse through Chrome, cookies from various sites gets stored in your system. These are junk files, which if not cleared for a long time may result in a subsequent error. You need to delete the cookies and cache from Chrome and then try to establish a proper connection.

  • To proceed, at first, navigate to the Chrome browser and open the Settings option.
  • Locate the Advanced settings label and click on it to move to the ‘ Clear Browsing history’ tab.
  • A list of clearing options will appear, check the boxes based on your preference and hit the ‘Clear Browsing Data button.’

When the process completes, close the browser and refresh your system.

Method 3: Terminate Chrome Tasks

You can also try to end the task in the Chrome browser to prevent this error. Often multiple tasks running at the same time can conflict with the network. To fix it, go to the Command prompt and type in the command ‘CMD’ in the search box. When a new dialog box appears, type in ‘TASKKILL /IM chrome.exe /F’ and hit the Enter button. You will note that all the tasks associated with Chrome are getting terminated, now try to open a new web page. If you are still not getting secure internet connectivity, then proceed to the next method.

Method 4: Add “-ignore-certificate-errors” In Chrome Shortcut

An alternative way to eliminate the risk is by creating a Chrome shortcut. This will, in turn, ignore the certificate error and in turn, will provide you with safe browsing.

  • To proceed, you have to right-click on the Chrome icon on your desktop.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Properties option and navigate to the Target section. Add the “-ignore-certificate-errors” at the end of the text and hit the Apply button.
  • Finally, close the window to allow the browser to determine the recent changes. Open the web page from your Chrome browser and resolve the error without any hassle.


The above methods must be sufficient to help you fix the problem at the earliest. However, in case you are not tech-savvy then you must seek reliable assistance to prevent further damages.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa