Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format? Check Out The SureFire Fixes

Windows was unable to complete the format is one of the most commonly faced error messages that users often confront while attempting to format a memory SD Card or a USB Drive. Now, facing such an error message is definitely quite frustrating for any user. 

Since the SD Cards or USB flash drives are extremely useful and essential for being a reliable information storage device, it is imperative for any user to make sure that such an error does not sustain for long. 

In this regard, on facing the Windows format error one should undertake proper preventive measures to counter the glitch. 

Thus, in this article, we are going to guide you through the most effective solutions to mitigate the hitch. Hence, keep reading the article thoroughly. 

Windows was Unable to Complete the Format: Know Why? 

Prior to moving on to the solutions, we wish to impart to you the major causes responsible for such a technical hitch. Since, unless you learn about the potential causes, resolving the issue will be quite a difficult task for you. 

As for the causes, the major reasons triggering the error message in question are faulty sectors, write protection, virus infections or any kind of external or internal damage to the System. 

Moreover, you have every possibility to confront the error message in case you are using a USB Drive that is virus-infected. Under such cases, the virus corrupts the files stored up, making the SD Cards or even your  USB Drives inaccessible. 

Sometimes, the USB Drive you are using might as well be under write protection. Under such conditions, Windows fails to complete the format.

Since formatting is a kind of writing process, obviously Windows will not be able to format the USB Drives when the write-protection mode is activated.

Additionally, bad or faulty sectors should cause the glitch. Thus, in case you face such an issue, you should get the best measures to “Fix Windows was unable to complete the format” error message. 

Amazing Tricks to Fix Windows was Unable to Complete the Format Issue 

Now, as promised, under this section we are going to guide you through the most workable workarounds to resolve the technical glitch under question. 

There is no denying the fact that formatting the SD Cards or else the USB Drive is an absolute necessity. Hence, we are going to provide you with premium solutions for the problem. 

So, continue reading our article.  

Solution 1: Execute the Formatting Procedure Using Disk Management 

Essentially speaking, Disk Management accounts for an in-built Windows Utility tool that enables the users to effectively manage the disks as well as partitions. 

Thus, in case your SD Card or USB Drive does not show up in the File Explorer, the Disk Manager will display the same to you instantaneously.  

You can now easily format the drive via the Disk Management Utility. Read through the instructions to execute the procedure.

Detailed Guide:    

  • Launch the Disk Management Tool, you must right-click on the Start Menu bar.
  • Thereafter choose the Disk Management option. 
  • You can also initialize the Utility and type in the command “diskmgmt.msc” into the Run Dialog Box.
  • Thereafter, right-click upon the drive that needs formatting. Choose the “format” option. 
  • In the pop-up, you need to choose a file system format. Thereafter, press the OK button to initiate the formatting process.
  • However, just in case, you fail to resolve the glitch then you need to execute an additional step. 
  • You have to right-click on the USB Drive. Thereafter, choose the option  “New Simple Volume”.
  • The moment you press on the option, you will be able to access the “New Simple Volume Wizard”. The wizard will help you recreate fresh partitions for your flash drive. 
  • All you need to do is follow the onscreen prompts that pop up.

On completion of the entire process, you need to modify your settings accordingly. Thereafter, press the Next button. Once done, check whether you are facing the problem any longer. 

Solution 2: Execute the Formatting Procedure Via Diskpart 

Are you still looking for easy and effective workarounds to fix Windows format error? If so, here’s a stand-by solution for you. You should try to execute the format procedure by means of Diskpart.

Diskpart is yet another in-built tool that enables you to effectively manage your partitions as well as disks via the command line. And the best thing about Diskpart is that you derive greater authority. 

Thus, adhere to the instructions that follow in order to perform the procedure. 

Detailed Guide: 

  • Press Windows Key + R in order to launch the Run Command
  • Once the Run Dialog box pops up, you must feed in the command “diskpart.exe” within the dialog box. 
  • Then, click on the Diskpart option the moment it pops up in the resultant section. The moment you do this, the Diskpart tool is going to open up.
  • Additionally, you can also launch the tool via the Elevated Command Prompt. 
  • Now, once you have launched Diskpart, you can easily format your drive by means of the commands that follow. 
  • Select Disk n (you may note that the “n” in this command  represents the listed disk number you wish to format)
  • Clean ( you may note that the moment you put in this command, it will eliminate all the existing data present on the chosen disk)
  • Create partition primary
  • Format FS=FAT32
  • Assign letter X: ( X stands for the drive letter of your USB Drive ) 

After the successful execution of all the commands listed above, your drive will automatically get deleted. Besides, it will also be reformatted with the  FAT 32 file system.

And just in case you wish to avail the  NTFS file system, you can modify the command any time to “ format FS=NTFS”. Once done, you shall not confront the error message further. 

To Conclude 

Thus, the problem of “Windows was unable to complete the format” though quite frustrating, is not without a fix. And, in this regard, the fixes we offered are not only the most feasible but also quite simple for execution. 

Thus, make the proper use of the steps cited above. And, don’t forget to apply them accordingly in order to in yourself of the glitch permanently. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa