Windows 10 Freezes Randomly- Get Solutions

Windows 10 freezing problem generally happens due to an incompatibility with the system configuration. However, if you confirm that this problem is not due to the incompatibility issue then you can apply the instructions from this article. This article will provide you with useful instructions to resolve this Windows 10 freezes random problem.

As said above Windows 10 incompatibility is the major cause of this problem. However, this is not the ultimate cause. The below also may be the reason for this uncertain problem.

  • Outdated drivers
  • Accumulation of unnecessary files
  • A virus attack
  • Lack of memory space.

Ways To Resolve Windows 10 Keeps Freezing Error

Below are the verified solutions which may also help you out from this Windows 10 freezes randomly problem.

Way 1: Upgrade Graphics Drivers

In many cases, the presence of the outdated version of drivers in the system causes this Windows 10 random freeze problem. If this is the case then updating the Windows drivers can be the solution for it. Here, you will get the total process of updating the drivers in Windows 10.
To start this process, first, open the Windows search bar by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard. Next, on this search bar type in ‘Control Panel’ and then from the search results open the tool. Under the Control Panel window change the View by option to Large icons by dropping down the menu list. Then from this window scroll down and open Device Manager.
As the Device Manager window gets open then from the available options make a double click on Display adapters to expand the menu. After that, from the menu, right-click on your adapter and select Update Driver Software.
By doing the above procedure, you will get two options. The options are “Search automatically for updated driver software” and “Browse my computer for driver software”. If you have an internet connection, it’s better to choose “Search automatically for updated driver software” and wait until it ends to search. After getting the updated version of your system driver, download and install it by following the on-screen instruction. As this driver installation process completes, restart your system. Then check if the problem persists and if then follow the below way to resolve it.

Way 2: Rebuilt ‘Winsock’ Catalog

This is a unique and very short process by applying which this Windows 10 freezes randomly problem may get solved.
Firstly open the Command Prompt as an Admin. To do so, press the Windows and the X keys at the same time. After that from this upcoming window select the Command Prompt (Admin) option. Next, as the Command Prompt window opens, type in the below command and hit the Enter key to execute it.
Netsh winsock reset
After this above-said command gets executed then close the Windows Command Prompt window. After that reboot your system and check the problem. If this process also fails to solve ‘Windows 10 freezes randomly’ problem then continue with the solutions below.

Way 3: Boost Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory is the extension that acts as a protector and helps the system when your system is running low on RAM. To increase the Virtual Memory follow the below instructions to fix Windows 10 random freeze problem.
To increase the Virtual Memory, first press Windows+R keys to open the Run command box. Then on the bar of this Run box type in ‘sysdm.cpl’ and then press the Enter button. By doing this the System Properties window will get to appear. Then tap on Advanced from the upper panel of this System Properties window. After that click on Settings and then again on the Advanced tab and next on Change from this Performance Options window.
Further from this upcoming window tick the Custom size box and then set the Initial size as 1000 MB and the Maximum size as 8192 MB. After that keep selecting OK for all the windows to close. Then, click on Restart to give your system the required time to apply these boosting Virtual Memory changes. As the gets to start again then verify this solution.

Way 4: Uninstall Windows 10 Incompatible Programs

As many of the programmed applications are not allowed by Windows 10 to use. If you have installed any of these incompatible programs on your device then it can result in ‘Windows 10 freezes randomly’ problem. The solution for this is very simple and that is you need to identify those incompatible programs from your system and remove them. To uninstall those programs apply the procedures below.

After identifying the problem-created programs, go to the Control Panel using the Windows Search bar. Then switch the View to Category. Next, from this window click on Programs and then on Programs and Features. By doing this you will visit all the installed programs of your system, make a right-click on the problem-created software and then choose Uninstall. On doing this the incompatible programs will get uninstalled and this may resolve the Windows 10 freezes randomly issue.
These are the ways by which you can be able to resolve this Windows 10 freezes randomly problem on your own.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa