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A Quick Solution Guide On The Skype Certificate Error

Skype is an online voice and video calling application which is developed by Microsoft. It contains various types of connecting feature which works beneficially for both casual and corporate users. However, in some situations, we might see that our Skype application facing several difficulties or going through glitches. Most of the time, the causes of error is related to the server side of the application. Hence, those can be fixed by Microsoft only.

But there are some errors which occur due to some application or OS misconfiguration. Those type of error can be fixed with proper solution information. Yet many users don’t know about them due to lack of technical information.

That’s why to help those users we have collected some of the common Skype errors with their possible solution in our articles. And on today’s topic, we will be looking on the Skype Certificate Error.

Now, before we dive into solutions, let’s know about the causes of this error.

Causes of the Skype Certificate Error

The Skype Certificate error is a software based error. Hence, there are many problematic factors which can affect it. Some prime examples of those factors are given below:

  1. Outdated Lync Application

In most of the situations, if the user is using an outdated Lync application or an old version of the Microsoft Online services. Then, there is a high chance of this error appears.

  1. Old Business Online format

If your Skype Application ‘s Business Online format is outdated then it won’t accept the Skype Certificate properly. This will generate a validation issue situation which eventually leads up to the certificate error.

Apart from these two, this error can also appear due to internet setting and caches.

Best Ways to Fix the Skype Certificate Error

In most of the situations, the Skype Certificate Error is tangled with the softwares and internet section of the OS. Hence, all of its causes after they are detected, can be resolved with proper solutions or OS reconfigurations.

In the below area we have provided some of the prime solutions of this error code message. You need to try all of all of them one by one until it hits the problematic sector. You need to work like this because the Skype Certificate Error occurs due to various OS related problems. And it is quite a tough job to point out the main problematic softwares section.

The Preceding Solutions

But before you move on, you need to perform two solutions beforehand:

  1. Reboot Your System

The first thing that you need to perform is a complete system reboot. This will eliminate all the minor misconfigurations and errors causes. Many pro and casual users have used it and they are able to solve this error situation.

  1. Restart The Skype Application

Now, if the reboot failed to solve this error then next thing you should try is the application restart method. Sometimes the applications are unable to close properly. This thing creates lots of error in the application functionality. Few Skype users have Skype Certificate Error, which occurs due to this reason. That’s why you need to try the restart method on it:

  1. To do this, first open up the Task Manager by pressing  “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys together. The Task manager window will instantly open up on your system.
  2. Now on that window, you will get a list of running applications inside the Process Tab. From that list, you need to find all the applications which are connected with Skype. Select them all and hit the End Task button
  3. After doing that move on to the Detail Tab. There you will get the list of background applications and service. Now there you have to perform the same search and elimination task which you have done on the Process Tab.

Once you complete this task, the Skype application will get closed properly. Now you have to restart the application. Then check for the existence of the error.

Now, after doing all the preceding solutions, if the error still exists on your system, then move on to the main solution section

Change the Date And Time

All the Windows OS versions and application related to it are very sensitive about the date and time of the system. It primely helps Microsoft in region verification and update distribution. Now, as well all know that Skype is developed and maintained by Microsoft. That’s why this date and time rule all applies to it. And it is quite possible that the Skype Certificate Error is occuring because of this misconfiguration:

  1. To rectify this cause first click on the Clock Icon.

  2. The Windows Calendar will instantly appear on your screen.
  3. On that Calendar windows, you will get the Change date and time settings option. Click on it.
  4. Now the Date and Time windows will emerge on your screen. There you have to click on the Change date and time button.
  5. After this, you have to set the correct date and time and then hit the OK button.

Once you do that, all the changes  in Settings will get saved. Now, open the Skype application in order to verify about the error.

Delete the Login Cache or Info

Next thing that can cause this error is your Skype application’s login cache or info. Skype uses a login application which is known as Lync. It holds small login cache/info which helps the users in a fast and accurate login process. Sometimes the back-end of the Lync application gets updated or affected by some problems. This generates a mismatch situation between the front end and the back end of the application.

Now, according to the Skype security certificate, this is a violation of its security protocol. And in order to protect it, Skype spits out error likes the Certificate Error. Hence, if this is happening in your system then you have to delete the old login folder which contains your login cache.

But, don’t worry, it won’t affect you login ID. The cache is a special type of file which is used for fast online workflow. It is not connected with any important online information or process. That’s why it’s elimination won’t affect your online data:

  1. To begin it, press the “Windows key + R” to open up the Run Dialog Box.
  2. Then on that box, type %appdata% and hit the OK button or the Enter key.
  3. Now, the App Folder will emerge on your screen. Now, there you need to find RSA folder. The path of that folder“C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA”
  4. In the RSA you will encounter one or many folders. Delete all of them.

After that, reboot your system and restart the Lync application to login into your Skype for Business Online Account. This will verify about the existence of the error.

Second Way

Apart from this, there is another login cache method. It is a little bit larger than the previous one but it is also more effective.

  1. To start this method you need to dive into the AppData folder once more. This time you have to find the Lync folder or Skype folder there. The location of the of that folder is “C:\Users\Username\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync (or Skype)”
  2. Once you reach there delete all the content of that folder. But don’t eliminate the folder.
  3. After that open up the Registry Editor Windows by using the Run Dialogue Box. Press Windows Key + R” in order to launch it and then type “regedit”  and hit the OK/ Enter.
  4. Now you have to follow this path “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\office\15.0\Lync (or Skype)”
  5. There you have to locate the specific user’s expandable sip profile folder and then delete it.

Now, close everything and reboot the system. Then, open up your Skype and restart the Lync application to check on the error.

Rounding It Off

If the solutions mentioned in the above section are unable to solve this error. Then, it is quite possible that the Certificate Error is happening due to some server issues. In that case, you need to wait until Microsoft fixes it or rolls out any official information

We hope that our solutions and pieces of information are users to you in Skype Certificate Error situation. For more info on this topic or other tech-related things, keep following our articles.

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