SKSE64 Not Working? Get the Most Effective Solutions

Skyrim is a franchise that is a hugely celebrated game out of the esteemed Bethesda Game Studios. Besides, Skyrim itself is really a game that has garnered stately support among the game fanatics right from the first of its editions. However, even in Skyrim many of the users have noticed a bug or two, which is hampering the gameplay massively. Among all these SKSE64 not working is notable to mention.

The SKSE64 Error and its Forms:

Many faults with regards to the game and how you are operating can lead you to the same problem. This being mentioned, you also have to remember that the SKSE64 not working can occur in various forms. Most importantly, this error is not coded with a definite error code and thus, resolving such an error is also quite tough and time-consuming as well. So, in this section, we will uncover the error as it is revealed to many. Furthermore, we will also try to deduce the causes that will lead you to perform the solutions more accurately.

If we check up with the error message that halts the SKSE64, if one tries to launch it from my Skyrim Special edition folder, the text goes:

You are using a newer version of Skyrim than this version of SKSE64 supports.

If this version just came out, please be patient while we update our code.

In the meantime, please check for updates.

Do not email about this!

Runtime: 1.5.50

SKSE64: 2.0.7

Apart from this, gamers also detect suddenly when they try to load the game via SKYUI that the SKSE64 is not running. This is one of the prominent cases when users face such an issue. Apart from this, they also claim another situation where they have seen SKSE64 2.0.7 not working at all. This is when they go to forge a new character that they are stuck with this problem.

Some Observations and Solutions in case you find SKSE64 Not Working:

To delve deep into the error where you find SKSE64 loader not working, many users have reported that they tried reinstallation of the game to rid themselves of all the previous mods. Then, they installed SKSE64 and the SKYUI subsequently, both of which are of the newest version, but it was to no avail. 

In another case, on a venture to model a new character, the users have already decompressed the original file. After this, they went on to copy/paste both the .dll file and the .exe file into

Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition folder

Once it is done, they have also copy-pasted and then merged the data folder into the same location as the .dll and .exe. Even in this case, the users claimed that all of their mods are up-to-date. Hence, if you have already performed these, but unfortunately failed to overcome the error, then without any respite go through the solutions below:

Fix 1 – Problems with the Version Update

Most of the time what the gamers think that they are on the latest version of the game when they actually are not. So, if you are in such a circumstance, you should either search online for the appropriate update that you should be in or scout and update the game from within the options that you find in the game. 

Fix 2 – Going for the Correct Folder

Many a time you might make a mistake when you erroneously go for the Skyrim SE in the folder pertaining to the update files of the game that you have got on your computer. But this is not the right way to do it. What you need to do here is to get hold of the Depot folder and then put it into the relevant folder of the game. After you perform this correctly, the game might just be up and running as flawlessly as it was before.

Fix 3 – Problems with the Operating System

SKSE64 not working can occur if you are using anything apart from the Windows platform. This is because it is pretty OK with Windows among the other available Operating Systems that are in the market. Therefore, if you are trying for SKSE 64 to run on your Mac, it might just not work out properly.

Fix 4 – Another Method

If the above methods fail and you are still not able to play your favorite game as you have wanted. Here we bring you another really efficient method that always seals the deal. 

To start with, you need to take absolute care in downloading the zip file and download it from the official site of Skyrim only. Next, the contents of the zip file must be copied and here the contents are the files and not the folders that might be there in the folder of the game. Remember to copy the files on the game folder where the .exe file is located and not the “Data” folder. After this, you need to zip the “Data”(only) folder of the SKSE that you have dealt with just moments ago. Finally, you need to install it via NMM or MO2. 

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These are some of the researched solutions that we have managed to compile together which will surely fix your issue once and for all. Do let us know about the solutions and which one works best for you. We will be waiting for your feedback and are quite glad to have it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to do if SKSE is not working?

Error code in SKYUI means the [skse] skyrim script extender isn’t operating. This message may also display if a new Skyrim patch has been released; in this instance, wait until the skse has been updated, then install the new version.

How do I run SKSE as administrator?

Try right-clicking the skse loader in file explorer, go to Properties, Compatibility tab, and select Run as Administrator near the bottom. 

What is the latest version of SKSE?

SKSE 2.0 is the most recent version.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa