Facing MacBook Pro Not Charging Issue? A Complete Guide To Fix It

All of a sudden, if you encounter that your MacBook Pro is not charging, then this can be quite a frustrating issue for Mac users. When your MacBook Pro stops charging, this could be the worst nightmare.

There are multiple reasons that are responsible for getting the same problem. But here, in this section, we have enlisted some of the major factors that can cause the not charging issue. 

Apart from that, incorrect settings and any faulty hardware are equally responsible for the glitch as well. Moreover, if your battery is in critical condition, then it can lead to the MacBook not charging issue.

Besides, if your device gets overheated in a regular manner, then there is a chance of encountering the same problem. Broken connectivity is one of the main reasons that this problem can occur.

In this tutorial, we have provided some step-by-step instructions to get rid of the glitch completely from your device. We have also stated the probable reasons so that solving will be easier for you.

Now, take a glance at the solution part and resolve the issue on your own without having any trouble.

Amazing Methods to Fix MacBook Pro not Charging Issue:

Before following the solution part, you should know the problem-causing factors as well. Here, we have mentioned six troubleshooting methods to get the device’s battery back on track.

Solution 1: Reboot the MacBook

The software of your MacBook Pro can get frozen due to some reason and it is quite possible. In such instances, you should not get perplexed at all. Just perform a simple boot and check if the MacBook Pro battery not charging issue gets fixed or not.

Seldom a simple reboot can resolve the battery not charging-related problems. To perform a clean boot, you have to tap on the Apple icon first. You can find this at the top left of the display screen.

After that, navigate to choose the Restart button and keep waiting for a while until the process gets finished. When your device restarts automatically, then plug in the charger and check if you have resolved the issue successfully or not. If not, then follow the next method.

Solution 2: Reset the SMC

The term SMC stands for System Management Controller and is often responsible for various operations for your MacBook Pro.

It controls some functions such as turn off, wake, sleep, and so forth. Due to the wrong configuration of SMC, you might encounter the same problem.

In such cases, resetting the SMC can fix the issue. Here is how you can reset the SMC:

For MacBook Pro with a Removable Battery:

To begin, at first, you have to press the Apple icon. You can find this option at the left of the screen. After that, navigate to choose the Shutdown button from the left pane of the display.

Once you have done this, you should remove the MagSafe adapter from your device very carefully. We recommend you not to give extra pressure while removing it.

Then, release the Power button and connect the MagSafe power adapter and battery for one more time.

After completing the entire process, hold down the Power button for fifteen to twenty seconds until the system turns off. At the final step, replug the charger and check if the charging issue os still occurring or solved.

For MacBook Pro with a Non-Removable Battery:

First of all, tap on the Power icon from the top left of the screen. Now, click on the Shutdown button. After that, you have to plug in the USB-C or MagSafe power adapter to a power supply and also to your MacBook.

Now, tap and press down the Shift, Ctrl and the Power keys at the same time on your keyboard. After a few moments, you have to release all the buttons and also the power button at the same time.

Then, tap on the power button for turning on your Mac device. Once you have finished all the steps, try to charge your device and check if it is charging or not.

Solution 3: Cool your MacBook Pro

If the two methods are not enough to resolve the MacBook battery not charging issue, then the problem could be as simple as overheating.

If you find the top or bottom of your laptop gets overheated and difficult to touch, then this could be the culprit for why your laptop is not charging as usual.

In such instances, you need to place a fan near your Macbook for cooling it down. Else you can simply switch it off and let it be cool for more than an hour. 

Solution 4: Check the Power Port of your MacBook

MacBook Pro battery not charging problem happens due to the defective power port. If you find the power port itself has any fault or damage, then you need to change it. You can replace your MacBook to get rid of the problem. Hence, check if it is in the warranty period.

Look for any discolorations, burn, or dents inside of the port. If you find any of these indications, then think that your port is completely damaged. At this stage, navigate to the local Apple store to get it solved.

Solution 5: Inspect the MagSafe Power Cable

In case, your MacBook Pro is not charging, then the most likely place to check is the MagSafe charging power cable.

If the cable gets broken, frayed or burned for some reason, then you might confront the same problem. An easy way to check if it is the problem is by inspecting the entire cable thoroughly.

Examine every inch of the cable and look for any dark or discoloration or any broken spots on the surface of the MagSafe cable. Moreover, inspect the AC brick part of the cable. Be sure that it is not warped or discolored.

Solution 6: Check the Condition of the MacBook’s Battery

If you use the MacBook intensively, then it is quite possible that the battery may wear out faster than expected. You need to monitor its status in a regular manner always there is a risk of having a useless MacBook as well. Hence, check the battery’s health regularly when it does not charge even after using a cable.

For checking the condition of the battery, you have to hold on to the Alt button and click on the battery icon that is shown in the Menu bar. From the Advanced Menu, you can find four states of your battery.

Normal– The battery is functioning at optimal levels.

Replace Soon– The battery performs well. However, it holds a charge less than before. Thus, you should replace the battery soon.

Replace Now– As soon as possible, you need to replace the battery.

Service Battery– To prevent damage to your MacBook, you must replace the battery at the earliest possible.

Now, we can expect that you will be benefitted from the above guidelines and be able to resolve the MacBook not charging issue on your own. We have provided the solutions on behalf of the users and we think you will definitely get rid of the problem completely.

But in case you face any sort of difficulties, then feel free to share your doubts with us. Moreover, you can also follow our website for more tech-related queries.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa