Kernel Security Check Failure Windows 10- Simple And Easy Fixes

Nowadays, Windows 10 is one of the most used operating systems, that you can get from Microsoft. As Windows 10 has many new features and programs available with it, it has become quite popular among users. Despite the fact that this OS has several useful features and application software, even then you can get many errors. One such error that you can face is the Kernel security check failure in Windows 10. The reasons behind this error and the reliable solutions are discussed in the following sections.

Reasons Behind Kernel Security Check Failure Windows 10

This section provides various reasons, why the security check failure occurs in Windows 10.

  • If the size of RAM is not sufficient enough, then you can get this error.
  • If there is any virus infection in your machine, you are likely to face this error.
  • You can even encounter this issue when the driver software in the previous version of Windows is incompatible with the upgraded version.

In the section that follows, you will get some handy solutions to resolve the Kernel security check failure error in Windows 10.

Excellent Solutions To Fix The Kernel Security Check Failure Error

This section provides various solutions that will help all users to resolve this issue. Follow the methods given below in order to rectify it.

Activate Legacy Advanced Boot Menu

  • First, you need to restart your machine, then put a Windows 10 bootable media USB flash drive.
  • On the Windows setup page, hit the ‘Next’ button. Now, on the next page, hit the option ‘Repair your computer’.
  • Then, click on ‘Choose an option’, select ‘Troubleshoot’ from the list of options.
  • Then, on the ‘Troubleshoot’ page, choose ‘Advanced options’. Within that window, select ‘Command Prompt’.
  • In the ‘Command Prompt’ window, enter the following command- ‘BCDEDIT /SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY’ and hit Enter to execute it.
  • When that command successfully runs, type ‘exit’ to close this application.
  • At last, in the ‘Choose an option’ window, tap ‘Continue’ and normally boot your machine.

Use System File Checker And Memory Diagnostic

If you cannot solve this error using the previous method, then follow this alternative.

  • Like it is given in the previous step, go to the Windows setup page. Now, after that, choose ‘Advanced Startup’, then invoke the ‘See advanced repair options’ menu.
  • Now, within the new window, click on ‘Troubleshoot’.
  • After that, move to the ‘Advanced Options’ and then choose ‘Startup Settings’.
  • Tap on the ‘Restart’ button that is present on the lower right side of the screen. Then, the Windows OS will boot with the minimum system requirements.
  • Once the booting process is over, move the cursor to the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Search’ option that is present in the menu. In it, type ‘cmd’, in order to start the ‘Command Prompt.
  • In that window, type the command ‘sfc/scannow’ and then hit ‘Enter’ to run that command. When the process of scanning is over, type ‘exit’ to close that window.
  • Again, go to the search area and in it, enter ‘memory.’ From the search output, select the ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic’ to open the dialog box with the same name.
  • Within that dialog box, select ‘Restart now and check for problems (recommended)’. After you click this, the computer will reboot. Then, after the computer restarts, the OS will reboot automatically and inspect the memory of the RAM. Even you can get the causes of this BSOD error.
  • At last, restart your computer normally and inspect if the Kernel security check failure Windows 10 reappears or not.

Inspect The Memory Slot

Another solution if you run into this problem is to inspect the memory slot by opening the RAM modules individually. Now, after that, place the RAM modules properly into the memory slot within the motherboard. At last, restart your machine and see if the issue is still present or not.

Examine The Hard Drive

You can even get the Kernel security check failure error on Windows 10 if the hard disk of your system is not connected properly. Therefore, the only solution for you is to disconnect the hard drive first and then plug it back into your machine. After that, restart the computer and check if you are getting the error. In order to check the hard disk, follow the given guidelines:

  • First, simultaneously hit the ‘Windows Logo key + E’ to open the ‘File Explorer. Then, tap on ‘This PC’
  • Now, right-click on the drive that you wish to examine. Then, from the options list, tap on ‘Properties’.
  • Within that disk’s Properties dialog box, tap on the tab ‘Tools’. After that, under the ‘Error checking’ heading, hit the ‘Check’ button.
  • After your hard disk is checked and is found problem-free, you will get a piece of information as follows- ‘Your drive was successfully scanned’.
  • If you do not see this information and instead there is some error, then replace that hard disk with a new one or go for a hard disk repair.

Perform An Update For Every Driver

You can encounter the Kernel security check failure Windows 10 error due to the incompatible driver software. In order to rectify this problem, update the drivers manually. To update all the drivers, follow the tips below:

  • First, choose the ‘Start’ menu, then enter ‘device manager’ in the search box. Now, from the search result, choose ‘Device Manager.’
  • In the ‘Device Manager’ window, just choose a specific category and expand it. After that, right-click on the device and select ‘Update Driver’ from the options list.
  • Repeat the process given in the previous steps for every category within this application.
  • After every device driver is updated, you can restart your PC to confirm the changes.

Scan Your Computer For Virus Or Malware

You can even encounter this error if there is any virus present in your system. Thus, to rid of this issue, open the antivirus software and execute a whole system scan to find and then delete any malicious files that somehow got inside your machine. Look at the following steps on how to get rid of the malicious files.

  • First, hit the Windows logo key on the keyboard, then type defender in the search area. Now, from the search result, choose ‘Windows Defender’ and launch the application
  • Within the application window, go to the left side panel and choose the Shield icon.
  • After that, in the new window that opens, tap the option ‘Advanced scan’.
  • Finally, put a tick mark on the full scan option and start scanning.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully, then the Kernel security check failure Windows 10 error can be resolved easily. In case you are unable to solve the error, consider taking expert assistance.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa