Easy Ways To Fix Headphones Not Working Windows 10

Nowadays it is most important to have a computer or laptop for daily usage and to access that device, a suitable Operating System is very essential. Most of the people like to use Windows 10 Operating System on their devices. It offers advanced facilities and features which improve the workability of users. Despite all these features and facilities, it has some technical glitches which may irritate you at times. Many times you may face the headphones not working windows 10 problem in your system.
After upgrading to the Windows 10 Operating System, many users are facing this kind of problem. While you try to listen to any song or watch movies, headphones become a necessity.  There are many reasons behind this headphone jack not working problem. If you are using an outdated or damaged audio driver in your system, this error can occur. Otherwise, if you are using a damaged headphone, then it may also create this kind of issue. Moreover, wrong settings in the Realtek HD audio driver application may also lead you to this issue.
Unlike other Windows 10 Operating System problems, this headphone problem is not a vital issue. So, if you are a tech-savvy person, then you can fix the problem easily. In any case, if you are not a technically sound person then go through the article to know some effective ways. Follow the methods mentioned below and implement them to fix the problem. Headphone Jack Not Working Windows 10: Easy Troubleshooting Ways

If you are facing any problem while using the headphone, then it may prevent you to access some device. That’s why it is most important to fix the issue as soon as possible. Here we are going to discuss some effective ways to fix Windows 10 Headphones Not Working problem.

Solution 1: Set Headphone As Default

Many times it has been seen that when you connect the headphone with the computer and it doesn’t allow it as a default device. It means that your computer doesn’t allow it to play sounds through the headphone. But, you can fix it manually. To do that, press the Windows key and X button and then select the Control Panel option. After that, click on the Hardware and Sound option and select the Sound option. Then, tick on the Headphone option and now it will be set as the default device of your system.

Solution 2: Update Your Audio Driver

Whenever you try to connect the headphone and it doesn’t allow it to play sound, then it may be due to the outdated audio driver. If you are using an outdated driver in your system, then it may seriously cause this kind of trouble. That’s why it is most important to update the audio driver on a regular basis.
To do that, open the Start menu option and select the Device and Driver option from there. Under that option, navigate to the Audio Driver and double-click on it. After that, click on the Update option and it will check all possible updates available. Now, it will automatically update the driver to its latest version. Then restart your system and access it without having any problem.

Solution 3: Change Settings In Realtek Media

Sometimes you may face this kind of problem due to the wrong settings in the Realtek Audio Media. So, if you fix the settings of the media tool, then you can eliminate the issue easily.
To do that, press the Windows key and S buttons together to open the search window. Then type Realtek HD Audio Manager and hit the Enter button. Now, a new tab will open and from there tick the Disable Front Panel Jack Detection option. After that, click on the OK button and now you can use it without any problem.

Solution 4: Remove Malware And Virus

If any malware and virus attack your system, then it may cause this kind of problem. That’s why always try to use a system without any malware or virus. To remove the malware and virus install a licensed antivirus in your system. After that, scan the whole system and it will identify all the malware and virus affected files. Now, click on the Fix option to delete them from your system. After that, restart your device and use it without any difficulty.

Solution 5: Restart Your Device

Sometimes restarting the device may fix minor issues of your problem. That’s why you can also try this method to eliminate these windows 10 Headphones Not Working problem. Press and hold the Power button of your device and wait for some time. After some time it will turn on again automatically. We hope you will not face the issue again.

Wrapping Up

Once you go through the procedures mentioned above, you will be able to fix the Windows 10 Headphones Not Working issue. In future, if you encounter the error again then revisit the website for additional information and knowledge.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa