Fix Apple TV Error 3905: Learn The Effective Solutions From Experts

Apple TV error 3905 commonly occurs due to an internet connectivity issue with the Apple device. If it occurs, you will not able to watch your favorite news or shows in your Apple TV, until you resolve the glitch. If this is the error code you are worrying about, then you can try the instructions of this article. This article provides you with complete steps and solutions with the help of which many of the Apple users get effective result. These solutions not only resolve this particular error but also optimize the performance of Apple TV.

What Causes Apple TV Error 3905?

“What causes Apple TV error 3905?” is one of the common queries among the Apple users who encounter this error. As said earlier the main culprit, which are responsible for this error is the network issue. Let’s take a look at the possible causes for this error.

  • Outdated wireless router firmware
  • Security settings glitch
  • The distance between the router and the Apple TV is considerably long

Best Methods to Fix the Apple TV Network Error 3905:

If you have encountered this error for the first time, then it is recommended not to get panic. Because it is not that you are the only one who stuck with the Apple TV error 3905. It is a common glitch encountered by many of the users and also they get rid of it with the help of the application of some of the easiest methods, which you can learn from this section of this article. So, do not get afraid and try all these methods one after the other.

Method 1: Confirm the Connectivity of the Apple TV with the WiFi Router

This is the foremost method you need to try to fix the Apple TV network error 3905. To begin with, at first, try the WiFi connection with another Apple device to verify if the internet works properly. If you see that the internet works well, then at first, disconnect the Apple TV from the WiFi and the steps to do this are listed below.

  • At first, open the Settings window of your Apple TV.
  • Then, under the Settings options, choose Network.
  • After that, go to the WiFi section and click on Forget Network.

Next, wait for a while and reconnect the Apple TV with the WiFi network and check if the error gets fixed. In case if the error still persists, then continue with these below methods to fix the glitch.

Note: The Apple TV must be placed near to the WiFi device.

Method 2: Change Security Mode from WEP to WPA or WPA2

If this above method fails to fix the Apple TV error 3905, then you can try to connect the television by changing the Security Mode. To perform this method, you need to connect the WiFi network to a PC device. Follow these below instructions to change the Security mode of your WiFi device.

To perform this method, at first, launch a browser in your PC and then place the IP address of the router in the address bar of it. Next, by entering the proper details (Username and Password) of the router, click on login to get into your router account. After getting into your router account, navigate to the Wireless Setup option and click on it. Then, under this Wireless Setup window, go to the Security Mode and change WEP into WPA or WPA2. After doing this, try to connect the Apple TV to this network and check if the error gets resolved.

Method 3: Restart Apple TV and the Router

Sometimes restarting the Apple TV and the router can also affect greatly in solving the Apple TV error 3905. Check out this below paragraph to learn the complete steps for doing this.

To perform this method, at first, switch off the power supply for the router device and wait for a few seconds and then restart it.

Also, navigate to the Settings option of your Apple TV. Then, click on the General option. After that select the Restart option. That is the overall steps to follow to restart the Apple TV. Now, as both the television and the router turns on, try to connect the Apple TV to the network and check if the problem gets fixed.

Method 4: Upgrade the Router’s Firmware as well as the Apple TV’s Software

In case, if all these above methods are not able to fix the Apple TV problem connecting to network 3905 error, then the problem might have occurred due to the outdated software for the router and the Apple TV. If this is the case behind the error 3905, then it can be solved by updating the software only. Furthermore, the steps to follow to update the router’s firmware, as well as the Apple TV’s software are explained below.

Steps to Follow to Update the Router’s Firmware:

To update the router’s firmware, follow these below instructions.

  1. At first, login to your router account.
  2. Then, navigate to the firmware update section from this router account page.
  3. Next, from the router manufacturer’s website, get the latest version of the firmware according to the router’s model and the OS compatibility. Then, download it.
  4. After that, following the on-screen instructions from the firmware update section of your router account page, install the update.

All these are the complete steps to follow to update the router’s firmware. Next, continue with this below section to learn the steps to update Apple TV’s software. By applying the below steps, you can fix the Apple TV error 3905.

Steps to Follow to Update Apple TV’s Software

To update the Apple TV’s software, you need to follow these below lines.

  1. First of all, turn on the Apple TV and navigate to the Settings.
  2. Under Settings, click on Update Software.

After following this method, unluckily if still, you find that the error code 3905 pop-up, then try these methods.

Method 5: Check MAC Address Filtering

If the Apple TV has the MAC Address Filtering settings option, then you need to check this method, which works well in fixing the error 3905.

To execute this method, again you need to open the Settings icon of your Apple TV. Then, navigate to the General section and click on About section of your Apple TV. Here, you will get Apple TV’s MAC address. Now, by noting down this Apple TV’s MAC address, add it with the address to your router’s list. After doing this, you can fix the Apple TV error 3905.

All these are the effective methods by the application of which you can be able to fix the Apple TV error 3905 efficiently. So, after fixing it, enjoy watching your favorite movie or a TV show in your leisure time. But unfortunately or due to any abrupt situation, if you fail to resolve this error from your Apple TV, then without wasting your valuable time, opt for an expert’s assistance.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa