Adobe Error 16: How To Fix In Minutes

Nowadays, all the applications come with good features and along with it, are susceptible to numerous errors. So, the Adobe application even doesn’t elude the glitches or problems which plague all of its kinds. Adobe Error 16 is not the exception to other errors. This is a very common error. Sometimes, when you use the Adobe application in your system that time you have seen this Error Code 16 on your screen. So, you cannot use the Adobe application and also do not use the features. Many users have reported such a circumstance where they get really annoyed with such an error.

Hence, go through this article, you will find the best solutions which will help you to fix Adobe Error 16 in your system.

Different Reasons Behind This Error

Basically, this error appears while you are starting the Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite applications. If the application is an old version, corrupted or other junk files are downloaded or any Windows Registry files have missed in your system, so you can see this error message pop up on your screen. So, at first, you need to check all those things in your system.

Some Various Effective Methods To Fix The Adobe Error 16  

Some various effective methods are there to fix the Adobe Error 16 in your system. Let’s try  these various methods which are below mentioned,

Method 1- Run The Adobe Application

This is a simple method to fix this problem. Please check the below-mentioned steps,

Step 1:

You need to go to the Adobe Application then, right-click on it to open the menu.  

Step 2:

Choose the option Run as administrator from the menu and click on it.

Once the Run is completed, you can see if the Adobe application works properly or not.

If it is not working properly or the error 16 appears on your screen, you can try other methods which are below mentioned.

Method 2 – By Restoring Permissions to License Files

This is another method to fix this error on your system.

Step 1:

At first, you have to go to the File Explorer, click on View and then click on the Options.

Step 2:

In the Folder Options window, go to the Advanced settings section and find the Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended) and deselect it.

Step 3:

You will find the Show hidden files, folders and drives in the Advanced settings and select it. Then, you can see the Ok option towards the bottom. Click on it.

Now, you have to grant some permissions to the folders to fix the Adobe error 16.

Step 4:

You need to go to the File Explorer, right-click on the Adobe PCD or the SLStore file, and then click on the Properties option.

Step 5:

In the Properties window, click on the Security and then below you can see the Permission, set the permissions

Step 6:

After setting the permissions, below you can see the Ok option, click it.

Method 3 – Update The Adobe Application

If the methods mentioned above do not help you, you can try this method to fix the problem. Update the application is the best solution that will help you to fix this problem. Sometimes, if you use an old version of the Adobe application that time the Error 16 may trouble you. So you have to update your Adobe application. Now, you go to the Adobe official website page and search the Adobe application for your Windows version. Once you will find the latest version of the Adobe application is there, you just simply update it. You need to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update process. When the update process is completed, you have to install the latest version of the Adobe application on your device and check the problem will solve.  

Method 4 – By Creating A New SLStore Folder

Sometimes, this error can appear if you do not have any SLStore folder on your device. So, you have to create a new SLStote folder which may help you to fix the issue Adobe Error 16. Follow the below steps,

Step 1:

At the begging, go to This PC, then double click on the C drive, select the ProgramData on the C drive.

Step 2:  

On the ProgramData page, you can see the  Adobe folder, double-click on it.

Step 3:

Once the Adobe folder opens, if you see the SLStore folder is there, then it is ok. If it is not there right-click on the window to open the list.

Step 4:

Select the New Folder option from the lists and give the name SLStore to create the folder.

Now, you need to run this application and we believe you can successfully operate this application.

Method 5  – Reinstall The Adobe Application

This is another easier method to fix the issue Adobe Error 16. In case you are receiving this error continuously, so you have to uninstall this application and again install it on your device. At first, go to the Control Panel or go to the Search box, type Control Panel and then press the Enter button. When the Control Panel window opens, you can see the Programs and Features option, click on it. In the Programs and Features window, you will find the Adobe program to uninstall it. Once the application is uninstalled, you need to reinstall it from the Play store. After installing this application you can check if the problem is fixed or not.

Method 6 – Clear The Temporary Files

If some Temporary files are there in your device, then this error may appear on your Adobe application. So you need to clear the temporary files from your system. After clearing the files, you can see the problem will resolve.

Method 7 – Check The System Update

If the problem is not solved then you can check the system version which you are using. So at first, you have to check your system version is updated or not. If it is not updated then update your system and see the problem will fix.

Now, to sum it up, as we have discussed some methods above to fix the Adobe Error 16 in your system. Hence, you can easily follow the above methods and resolve the issue in your system. So that, you can enjoy the features of the Adobe application.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa