Easy Fixes For Windows 7 Updates Not Downloading Issue

Windows 7 is the most popular and user-friendly Operating System. Microsoft still releases new updates for the users. You can download new updates from the Control Panel by simply accessing ‘Updates and Security’ tool. Now, click on “Check for Updates” and check if Windows Updates which are available. However, there might be some problems when you try to update Windows 7.

This problem can occur due to several reasons. It can happen that antivirus software is blocking the Microsoft Server to download the update files. Hence, you are facing Windows 7 updates not downloading problem. The Microsoft Server may also be down due to which you are not able to process the updates. Another reason might be that Windows Services is not activated or enabled. So, if you are facing this problem then, do not worry. In this article, we are going to provide you with easy ways to fix the problem.

Guide To Fix The Windows 7 Not Downloading Updates

When you try to download the updates, Windows Update progress gets stuck at 0. So, you may follow these methods to fix the Windows Update problem.

Download Windows Update Tools

If you are facing the Windows Update problems then, you should check that the Internet Explorer and the .NET are installed into the system. You can easily download the Microsoft.NET Framework from the official Microsoft website. After you finish downloading, run the Microsoft.NET Framework. If you do not know how to enable the Windows Feature, then you can follow the steps given below.

After downloading the Framework, open Control Panel. Click on the option “Uninstall a Program” and then click on “Turn Windows feature on or off.”
Here, you have to check that “.NET framework” is enabled in the system. If not then, enable the feature and click on OK.
Exit the Windows Feature and reboot the computer.
Now, go to the Control Panel and select Windows Update. Click on “Update and Security” and check for Updates. Download the updates and see if you still face the problem.

Run The Troubleshooter

You can also run the troubleshooter to fix the Windows Update problems. Windows 7 Operating System comes with an inbuilt troubleshooter to detect and fix the Windows update issue.

Firstly, open the Start menu and type in “Troubleshooting” in the Search bar. Then, select troubleshooting from the search results.
Now using the Troubleshooter, click on “Fix Problems with Windows update” which is located under the “System and Security” section.
In the next step, click on the Next option and follow the instructions to start the troubleshooting process.
The Windows will detect the problems and fix it. Thereafter, try to download the Windows update and see if you still face the problem of Windows 7 updates not downloading.

Reset Windows Update Services

Windows might not be able to download the Updates if the Windows Update service is turned off. Follow the steps given below to activate the Windows Services.
Open the Run windows by pressing Windows and R key. In the window type “services.msc” and then click on ok to open the services window.
In the services window, locate the Windows Update services. Select the service and then click on the restart.
Wait, until the progress is finished.

Update Windows 7 During Clean Boot

If the Windows 7 is not downloading updates then, you can also update Windows during a clean boot. You can run the boot process at the startup process. You will get the option to download the updates. After you have finished downloading, exit the clean boot mode. You can also follow the steps given below to Update Windows 7.
Firstly, click on the Windows start menu and type Run and press the Enter key.
Now, in the Run dialog box, type “msconfig” and press the enter button.
Go to the General tab. Here, the Normal Startup option is enabled by default. Now, choose the Selected startup option and then click on “Load Startup items”.
In the services tab, mark on “Hide all Microsoft Services” and click on Disable all.
Lastly, apply the changes and then, click on ok.

Turn Off Windows Firewall And Antivirus

The Windows Firewall or Antivirus can block the updates from Microsoft Server. Due to this, you may face Windows 7 not downloading updates issue. So, you should try downloading the updates after disabling the Windows Firewall and Antivirus software. Perform the steps given below and try to download the Windows update.
Click on the Start menu and open the Control Panel.
You can search for the Windows Firewall option in the search bar.
In the next step, you have to Turn off the Windows Firewall option that is located at the left side of the window.
After you have turned off the Firewall feature, then you can try to download the updates.
Now, check if you still receive the error. Do not forget to enable the Windows Firewall feature after you have downloaded the updates.

Manually Download Update

If none of the solutions works then, you can manually download the updates from the Microsoft server.
First of all, click on the Start menu and open the Control Panel. After that, click on System and Security and then on Windows Update.
Now select the option “Updates available.” A list of available updates will appear on the screen.
You have to note the Update number of the update that you want to download manually.
Then, go to the Windows Download Center and here, search with the code and download the updates.
In this way, you can manually download the updates and install them on your PC.
We hope that these solutions have helped you to solve the Windows 7 updates not downloading problem.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa