How To Fix Windows 10 Microphone: Easy Stepwise Solutions

Personal computers these days are better than ever with an incredible quality of features. It is as good as it can get with great quality technology being available more and more. This is especially the case for the microphones in a PC. If you use one of them, you’ll definitely know how good it is. But still, just like all other technologies, it is very much vulnerable to damage. And in case your PC microphone isn’t working, we’ll show you how to fix Windows 10 microphone without any hassle.

This process is not at all complicated and you will definitely be able to fix it up from the comfort of your home. But for that, you need clear-cut instructions, which you’ll get here in this article. And also, for a better understanding of the Windows 10 microphone not working issue, we have listed the probable causes.

Possible Reasons Why The Mic Stopped Working Windows 10

The Windows 10 microphone might be that much more important depending on your needs. If you like listening to music on your personal computer, then you definitely have to fix Windows 10 microphone as early as possible. That way, you’ll be able to keep enjoying your music and other audio files.

But what might you need to fix Windows 10 microphone is an important question that you should consider. Firstly, the general cause of Windows 10 not detecting microphone is the lack of updates. If all the drivers are not up-to-date, you might face this issue.

Another pretty pertinent issue is if the mute button is on. If that is the case, then the fix would be quite easy. Other than that, a substantial cause of this error is a faulty configuration.

These features, in order to work properly, need the proper settings. If that is not on point, then you might face these issues from time to time. One specific thing regarding this situation is if the microphone that is there with the system is not set as the default device, you are most likely to face this error.

Easy Processes To Fix Windows 10 Microphone

There are three solutions to the three problems that we have listed. Take time to figure out what the problem is and then choose from among the steps.

Install The Latest Driver Updates

Drivers are probably the most important thing when it comes to these features that you can get from a PC. So, in order to make sure the Windows 10 microphone is working right, you’ll have to update all the drivers.

For that, first, go to the official website and search for the latest driver updates. Once you find that, download them onto your hard drive and then install them.

That way, the update process will fix your problem.

Increase The Volume Level Of The Microphone

This is as simple as it can get, where you’ll just have to look for the speaker icon and click on it. After that, the volume Control Panel will come up, where you’ll have to turn it up.

Then, just play something from your computer to see if the microphone is working or not.

Make The Microphone The Default Device

This is how to set up a microphone on Windows 10 so that you’ll be able to get the sounds from it.

What you’ll have to do is click on the speaker icon once again and then choose the recording option. In that window, you’ll get to choose the default device for recording.

So, click on the option for your microphone to set it as default.

These are all the easiest steps that you need to implement to fix Windows 10 microphone.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa