Fix “Free Msg: Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking is Active” from Android & iOS device

The “free msg: unable to send a message – Message Blocking is active” appears when you try to send a message on the phone. This issue can occur on both Android and iOS devices. You may also notice this error message on T-mobile after sending the texts. 

But, what does the “Message Blocking is Active” message indicate? It implies that you have added the recipient’s phone number to the block list. Thus, the phone is displaying this error message while sending any texts. Android or iOS users can also experience this problem by adding an incorrect number on the phone.

Reasons for “Free Msg: Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking is Active” 

You must know the causes behind the message blocking problem to fix it. Several reasons could trigger this complicated issue in Android phones or iPhones. Check the following list if you want to determine the source of the problem:

Service Outage

Message Blocking is an Active error that appears due to a service outage. The network provider stops the service during maintenance work. Thus, wait until they fix the issue and then resend the message to the recipient.

Block List

You can’t send the message if the receiver has added your number to their block list. Besides, this error can also trigger if the sender has done the same. Thus, the sender and receiver must ensure neither of them is on each other’s blocklist to fix the issue.

Premium Message Access

Premium SMS access allows users to send/receive texts without incurring data charges. However, you need to enable this feature to access this message service. Moreover, users must add the messaging apps to “Premium Message Access”. Otherwise, the app will block you from sending or receiving messages.

Short Code Issue

The “shortcode” issue usually occurs on phones that use a T-mobile connection. A specific code, along with the error message, appears on the device. This issue can only be resolved by contacting the T-mobile customer support team.

Unpaid Phone Bill

The network provider will disable all the services if you haven’t paid the phone bill. Thus, ensure to pay the monthly phone bills to enjoy uninterrupted services. Additionally, you must check whether the current mobile plan needs renewal. If yes, reactivate the plan and send/receive messages without hassle.

Easy Fixes for “Free Msg: Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking is Active”

It is easy to resolve smartphones’ “Message Blocking is Active” error. Whether you’re facing the issue on an iOS or Android device, fix it using these solutions:

Enable the Permission for Premium SMS

Third-party apps require permission to access the premium SMS access service. You can’t send or receive messages without adding the “Premium SMS access app. Thus, users must first check whether the messaging app is included in the list. 

Here’s how you add the app to this Android phone service:

  • Double-tap on “Settings” and then head to “Apps”.
  • Navigate to “Menu” and choose “Special Access” afterwards.
  • Opt for “Premium SMS access” and choose the app that requires this permission,
  • Select “Ask” when the pop-up menu opens and try to send messages.

Still, receiving the “free msg: unable to send message – message blocking is active” message? Try to uninstall and reinstall the messaging app. Add that in the “Premium SMS access” and send texts without further interruption.

Remove the Number from the Blocklist

There is a possibility that you might have blocked the recipient’s number unintentionally. Open the block list and remove the number to resolve the problem. However, the steps to remove a number from the phone may vary from one OS to another. 

Do you use any latest Android phones? Then, open the “Settings, head to “Apps”, and tap on “Phone”. Select “More” and navigate to “Blocked numbers” when the next window opens. Search for the number that you want to unblock. Choose “Clear” and then select “Unblock”. Now, resend the text message and check if the error is solved.

The iPhone owners have to open the “Phone” app first. Then, select “Contact” and move towards “Blocked Contacts”. Scroll down to the blocklist and choose “Unblock” if you find the receiver’s number. Restart the iPhone, open iMessage and send texts without receiving any error message.

Confirm Your Phone Number is Active

Did you miss the phone payments three consecutive times? The network provider might have deactivated the number. Thus, you are facing issues when sending or receiving messages. 

Don’t know whether your number is still active or not? Try to call that number from another phone and check if it is ringing. 

Additionally, you can check the phone number’s status from the telecommunicators site. Enter the number and check if the status is showing as “Active”. Contact the customer support team if the network provider has deactivated the number. They will reactivate the number within a few hours. Then, choose a mobile plan and send the message without glitches. 

Verify the Recipient’s Mobile Number

You can experience this problem by entering incorrect phone numbers. Thus, you must check whether the number is valid. Delete the number if necessary and re-add that as a new contact on the phone. Open the messaging app, write the text and tap on “Send”. The iPhone will send the text without displaying “Message Blocking is Active”. 

Other Ways to Fix the “Free Msg: Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking is Active” Error

Ensure to enter the country code correctly for international texts. Additionally, you must try to send a message to the recipient from a different number. If that works, then you may be using a damaged SIM. 

You may often experience this problem due to a misaligned SIM. Remove the SIM card from the phone and re-insert them after 2-3 seconds. Turn on the Android or iOS device and try to send the texts to the recipients. Consider resetting the smartphone if the message blocking error persists.