How to Fix the “Ucrtbase.dll Not Found” Error on Your PC?

The “ucrtbase.dll” is quite an important component for opening various applications on your PC. It is a part of the Microsoft Visual C++ on your computer. And, it helps you launch games among other types of programs. If it is missing or corrupted, you will not be able to launch some programs on your device. And, that seems to be quite a common issue that many PC users come across. 

Do you fail to open an application because of a missing ucrtbase.dll file? Then, there are various ways to fix it depending on what caused the problem. And, we will take a look at some effective methods among them here. 

You can usually resolve the problem with one or more of these fixes. 

6 Solutions to a Missing Ucrtbase.dll File Error

As the error message mentions, your device cannot find the required file. But, that does not necessarily mean that it is not saved on your computer. In some cases, your device cannot read the file because it is corrupted. The issue might even have to do with your system drivers or hard drive and RAM

So, there are a large number of causes to consider. And, here are the possible fixes that you must try out to get an effective solution:

Run an Antivirus Scan

The error you are facing due to the missing file might indicate viruses and malware on your device. In such cases, you must get rid of the malicious files and programs on your device as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might lose some more system files, which might cause more errors. Launch your antivirus software or install one if you are not already using one. 

Delete all malicious files and programs that your antivirus detects. Then, try to launch the program that faced the “ucrtbase.dll not found” error. 

But, what if there are no harmful files or programs on your device? You need to consider the antivirus program as the cause of the issue in that case. 

Disable Your Antivirus Program

Your antivirus software might often block various crucial files required for opening specific applications. As a result, you would face an error while trying to launch the application in question. 

And, that might explain the missing file error in your case. You can fix the problem quite easily in such situations. All you need to do for that is disable the antivirus software for a while. 

Launch the antivirus on your device and check whether it has blacklisted the file. You can then move it out of the blacklist or simply disable the antivirus. If possible, you can also consider creating an exception for the ucrtbase.dll file. Also, you might want to replace your antivirus software if it keeps causing issues on your PC. 

Download the Ucrtbase.dll File

If your PC does not have the required file, you can simply download it. This applies to ucrtbase.dll, among many other types of crucial DLL files. If you are wondering, you simply need to search for this file on the web. Go through the results and find a website from where you can download it. 

Also, make sure to download the file from a legitimate website. Then, install it on your device before relaunching the application. You might have to repair some damaged system files if the ucrtbase.dll error occurs again. 

Repair Corrupted System Files

Does the error keep showing up after you apply the previous solutions? If yes, you must try to find and repair damaged system files. You can do that easily on Windows systems with the System File Checker (SFC). If you have not used it before, you must open the Command Prompt as the administrator. 

Enter “sfc/ scannow” to start scanning for damaged system files with SFC. It will repair them right away once it finds them. Then, you must try to launch the application that was facing the error. If this method is ineffective, you must consider hard drive and RAM issues as the cause.

Fix Hard Drive Errors

As mentioned earlier, the uncrtbase.dll error might also indicate a hard drive issue. So, you need to address that problem if the previous fixes do not work. The CHKDSK utility can help you find and fix any hard drive errors. Same as the SFC, you need to use the Command Prompt as administrator to use CHKDSK. 

Enter “chkdsk x (name of the drive): /f/r” to check your hard drive for errors. Wait while the utility finds and fixes all your hard drive errors. Besides using CHKDSK, you can also fix the hard disk issue by reinstalling the drive. If that does not work either, you need to format the hard drive or replace it. 

Look for RAM Issues

A faulty RAM is one of the possible causes of the missing file error. And, you must detect such issues as soon as possible. The Memory Diagnostic Tool can help you do that in a few simple steps on your PC. 

Open the Start menu, enter “mdsched” in the search box, and select “mdsched.exe”. Then, choose between restarting the device right now or looking for the problems after the next reboot. 

Your device will start looking for RAM issues after the reboot and show a diagnosis. 

Do you find an issue with your device’s memory? If yes, you must replace it to get an effective and long-lasting solution. And, if there is no RAM issue, you simply need to update the device’s system and drivers. 

Update Your Windows System

As mentioned earlier, you can fix the missing file error by updating the system or its drivers. But, updating the system should be enough if you are using an outdated Windows version. It would automatically update all your device drivers. So, go to the Update section and get the latest Windows version available for your PC.