Twitter GIFs not Playing Firefox: How Do You Get Them to Play?

While using social media, you’d want to be able to view all types of content. While using a browser like Firefox, you usually won’t have any trouble doing that. But, there are clearly certain exceptions. So, there are some cases where users see Twitter GIFs not playing firefox. If you’ve been facing the same, you would want a solution right now. twitter gifs not playing firefox

GIFs are a great way to share and receive ideas. If your browser can’t play them, you must try some simple solutions to fix that. Keep reading to know the methods to solve the Twitter GIFs not playing Firefox error. 

Causes and Simple Fixes for Twitter GIFs not Playing Firefox

You’re probably wondering what went wrong with your device to cause this unusual problem. In that case, there can be more causes behind it than you might imagine. But, some of them are indeed more common as compared to the others. You can try some simple solutions for all of them, depending on the cause in your case. 

  • Internet Connection Issues

When you can’t play media on a browser, it could have something to do with the internet connection. So, you might want to check on your internet connection first and make sure it’s stable. In case there’s an issue, try refreshing it. 

Are you using a router? In that case, a clean reboot might help. Power off the router and disconnect it from your computer. Then, wait for about a minute before you plug it back in and start it. Provided that there are no other issues, this method is quite an effective one. 

  • Cookies

On the internet, cookies are usually meant to help you browse faster. But, it can also cause issues sometimes instead of helping you. You might have trouble accessing certain content on your device due to corrupted data in the cookies. 

How do you fix the issue in that case? It’s quite simple- deleting the cache data can provide you with a solution. 

Go to the browser’s settings and navigate to the Cookies and Site Data. You’ll find the option to clear them all there. Apart from fixing the Twitter GIFs not playing Firefox error, this can also free up device memory. 

  • You’re Using Power Saving Mode

There are situations where you need to save as much power on your device as possible. Running the Power Saver Mode should be enough to ensure that. But, you must also keep in mind that it brings along some limitations to your device’s functioning. In other words, it restricts certain functions to save power. So, it might not allow you to view GIFs on your device. 

What do you do in such a case? Provided that you give more priority to playing the GIF, you have to disable the Power Saving mode. If you have got the cause right, this method should be effective in your case. Also, you can of course use the Power Saving mode, once you’re done playing the GIFs. 

  • Use Incognito Mode

You might be using a normal mode while scrolling through Twitter. Now, that doesn’t cause any issues by itself. But, if you face trouble playing a GIF or any media, you must consider going incognito. Many users have reported that this solved the problem in their case. Moreover, you may also find some people advising you to try it. 

But this method might not be effective in all cases. So, there’s only one way to know whether it works in your case. Close the current window you’re using and select a New Private Window in the options. Navigate to the GIF that you were having trouble running and try to run it this time. 

  • Extensions 

There is a wide range of extensions that you can use with Firefox. Even though they’re generally helpful, they can cause issues as well. In case you’re wondering, they can also interfere when you’re trying to play media. So, if you have enabled some kind of extension, that could be the culprit behind the issue. Thus, you need to remove it. 

Go to the Settings in the upper right corner of your Firefox and select the Add-ons section. You’ll find all the extensions that you’re using listed in there. So, disable each of them and then close your browser. After a while, open it and check if you can play the GIF now. 

  • Interference from Antivirus and Firewall

To protect your device from threats, your antivirus program and firewall may blacklist any suspicious files or websites. But, they can’t always identify threats accurately, from what it seems. They may often block a file or website that’s not a threat to your device in any way. So, in case you’re wondering, that could be a cause behind the Twitter GIFs not playing Firefox issue. 

How do you solve the problem in that case? The only way to proceed with that is by disabling both the programs, but only temporarily. Open the antivirus and stop it manually. Now, go to the GIF you were trying to play and see if it’s working now. Also, you must consider getting another antivirus application, if the current one is generating any kind of issue.

As for disabling the Firewall, you can do that from the Control Panel. Choose the option to see all the items in there, and try to find the respective security application. Open the Firewall and turn it off for both public and private networks. 

  • Adblock is Blocking the GIF

Are you using software to block all ads? In that case, it may block some other types of content as well. So, in case you’re wondering, this does include GIFs as well. Therefore, you must consider disabling it to solve the problem. Open the application and follow the procedure of disabling it. Then, go back to the GIF and check if it plays now. Many users have reported this method to provide positive results in their cases. 

  • Enable Flash Player

To play certain multimedia files, your device needs the Adobe Flash Player feature. Thus, you’ll face issues if you try to play those files without it. Generally, this feature is always enabled on your device. But, you might have disabled it somehow unknowingly. In that case, you just need to enable it again to fix the issue. You can hopefully continue without any Twitter GIFs not playing Firefox. 

  • Browser Issue

There might be a problem with the browser if you’re unable to play GIFs while using it. From what it seems, you might face issues in the latest Firefox versions as per some user reports. Therefore, you might want to try bringing back the older version to solve the problem. So, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the one you’re looking for, then check if you can run the GIF. 


The methods listed here can help you solve the Twitter GIFs not playing Firefox error easily. So, you must try out all of them. In case you still don’t get an effective solution, it’s time to consult a professional. As an alternative, you can simply switch to another browser. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa