Exceptional Troubleshooting Methods To Fix Twitch Black Screen Issue

Twitch black screen is one of the most commonly occurring technical glitches that is often encountered by a number of Google Chrome users. This problem basically occurs due to system settings changes.

An error notification constantly showing up on the screen saying “an unexpected error occurred, twitch black screen”.

If you go through this article, you will be able to know the reasons behind the issue. This problem basically occurs due to the corrupted cache files and the cookies present in the Chrome browser. Browsing data are another prime defendant of this issue.

By any case, if you have mistakenly enabled all the extensions and the plugins, then it is quite possible that you can get the same issue. If you are using the outdated version of your browser or if the browser goes faulty, then this might also cause this error on your computer device. 

Seldom, adjusting the browser’s settings or the hardware acceleration settings can also cause this error.

So, whatever the cause, you have to solve it as soon as possible. If you are also dealing with the same problem, then this article is the best place to get rid of this error.

In this tutorial, we will explore the best and most effective methods that will be beneficial for you to fix the problem permanently.

Amazing Fixes to Resolve Twitch Streams not Loading Black Screen: Stepwise Guidelines

Here, in this article, we are providing a few effective methods to fix the Twitch black screen problem at the earliest possible. 

Hence, you can go through any one of them or all the tricks, until the issue gets resolved completely.

Method 1: Clear Out Caches and Cookies from your Device

Sometimes, caches and cookies stop the browser from behaving normally. Hence, it is really good to clear the cookies and caches from the browser once a week. 

Here are some steps by which you can easily remove them:

The very first thing you have to do is to switch on your computer and start Google Chrome by double-tapping on it. After that, tap on the three dots that are located on the top-right corner of the screen and then drive to the More Tools icon.

Now, choose that option to invoke and next click on the Clear browsing data option. You can find this at the very bottom of the screen. Then, you have to select the Time range from the top of the display in order to remove everything.

Now, it’s time to choose the All-Time option from the list of search results. Here, you must check all the boxes that are next to the Cookies and other site data option.

Lastly, tap on the Clear data option from the top of the screen and click on the OK button.

Finally, check if Twitch is running properly or not.

Method 2: Try Incognito Mode

If the previous method is not enough for you to fix Twitch black screen Chrome, then you may activate the incognito mode on your computer’s browser in order to get escape from this bothersome problem. Walk through the steps below to perform the task:

  • The first and foremost thing you have to do is to switch on the machine and start the browser that you are using. 
  • After that, tap on the browser’s main menu from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • As an alternative way, you can press down the Ctrl, Shift and N key at the same time on your keyboard. 
  • It will help you to open an incognito tab on the screen.

Now, you can notice the New Incognito window from the list of the search results and tap on that to invoke the action.

Then you need to choose the Enable option and then click on Save for enabling the feature back on your browser.

Once you have completed the above steps, reboot the computer once more and start the browser again. Now, inspect whether you are still getting the same problem or not. 

If the issue still continues or the above method doesn’t aid, then try the next one.

Method 3: Reset Chrome Browser Settings

Seldom it is also possible to face the Twitch black screen issue if the browser’s settings change itself. In case, if you have changed the settings mistakenly, then it could also lead to this error.

At such instances, you need to set all the settings manually and then check if the issue got resolved or still prevailing.

First of all, switch on your computer and open Chrome by double-clicking on that application.

After that, you need to click on the three dots from the very right-top corner of the screen and locate the Settings option as well.

Then, tap on the Advanced option from the very bottom and then navigate to choose the Restore settings option.

Now, select the Reset Settings option and then hover the pointer on OK to complete the task.

Once you finished the entire process, restart the Chrome browser and see if the issue is now resolved.

If the glitch still survives or the above method doesn’t work, try another one that is discussed below.

Method 4: Allow JavaScript and Flash Player Settings

First, switch on your computer and launch the Google Chrome browser. Now, click on the Address bar and type chrome://settings/content in it and tap on the Enter key.

Now, navigate to the JavaScript and Flash from the list and tap on that to open it.

After that, choose the Context settings from the left pane and click on the JavaScript option from the very bottom of the screen and navigate to the Allow icon as well.

Then, move to the Settings and hit on the Flash button from the top of the screen. It will help to open the action on your browser.

Finally, tap on the Add option to add a new list in the browser and type “https://twitch.tv” in the Address bar. 

Lastly, tap on Save and restart your browser once more. Check if the Twitch streams not loading black screen is still persisting or not.

We hope that you will surely fix the Twitch black screen issue at the earliest possible with the help of the above-mentioned solutions. 

But in case, the stated methods do not aid to solve the glitch, then leave your valuable comment icon in the feedback box and let us know. We will reply to your feedback with more advanced solutions. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa