Solved: TiVo No Sound on Recordings

TiVo allows you to record Live TV shows to watch later. You can usually get the same experience with your recordings as you do with Live TV. So, you should not find any issues with the audio or video on your recordings. Yet, many users have reported not getting any audio from their recordings on TiVo. 

Are you facing audio problems with your TiVo recordings? Then you need not replace the device immediately and must try troubleshooting instead. You can also simply call an expert to inspect and repair your TiVo. 

Follow the methods listed below if you want to fix the ‘TiVo no sound on recordings’ issue yourself. 

7 Solutions to Audio Problem on TiVo Recordings

You must check whether you have muted the audio before proceeding with a solution. After all, you might have unintentionally reduced the volume to zero. Some of the shows you record might have a low volume, and so would be their recordings. So, you might have to view them at a higher volume than usual.

Do you find the volume settings on your TiVo to be alright? Then, it is time to check for any hardware and software issues and fix them. 

Try out the following steps before contacting a professional technician:

  1. Restart the TV and DVR

The audio issue might have something to do with a temporary error in your TiVo DVR. In that case, you should get an effective solution by simply restarting it. Also, you must consider doing the same with your TV. Unplug your DVR and TV from their respective power sources and leave them idle for a minute. 

Plug the TV and DVR back into the sockets and turn both of them on. Then, play the file that did not have any audio and check on the issue. Move on to the next solution if the TiVo no sound on recordings persists after the restart.  

  1. Check the External Speakers For Issues

Are you using external speakers with your TV? Then you must check whether they are at fault for the audio issues on the recordings. There are various ways to find that out, including switching to your TV’s in-built speakers. 

Are your TV’s speakers able to play the audio of the recording? If yes, you might want to replace or repair your external speakers. 

You can also try playing other recordings if you have any with the external speakers connected. If the audio problems persist, the speakers are at fault. The previous recording might be faulty if the speakers could output the audio of the other recordings. 

  1. Create the Recording Again

Are you facing audio problems with only one of your TiVorecordings? You might want to record the show or movie again. Now, that might fix the TiVo no sound on recordings in your case. So, you might have to wait for the show to come Live again. 

Sometimes, there might not be a way to record the show on Live TV again. In such cases, you might want to look for other ways to view it. You might find it from various sources on the internet. So, you need not worry if there is no way to recreate the recording. 

  1. Start and Rewind the Recording

Are you unable to get the audio on any of your recordings? If none of the previous solutions worked, you have many simple tricks to try out. First, you must play the recording again if you have closed it. 

Is there still no audio output? Then, let it play that way for a while before rewinding the video. 

Rewinding the recording has fixed the TiVo no sound on recordings in many cases. So, it is surely a solution that is worth trying out. If it is ineffective in your case, try out the next trick to fix the audio issues. 

  1. Switch Channels in Live TV

This trick requires you to switch to Live TV from recordings on your TiVo. You should then view a wide range of channels on your device. Do you find there is no output of audio? Then, you must browse the channels for a while to get the sound back. Also, you must try this only if you have already restarted your TV. 

Do you find the Live channels have already outputted the sound? Then, this trick would probably not fix the issue in your case. So, you must try a different trick to resolve the TiVo no sound on recordings. 

  1. Increase the Video Playback Speed

If the aforementioned tricks were not useful, there is yet another simple one for you. Go to your recordings and play any if all of them have audio issues. Then, go to the settings and increase the video playback speed there. Let the video run like that for at least a minute before continuing at a normal speed. 

This method can often bring back the audio on the recording. If it works, you must try it whenever you face the TiVo no sound on recordings issue. 

  1. Fix the Physical Connections

The problem you are facing might also have something to do with the physical connections. So, check whether all the cables used with your TiVo and the TV set are connected properly. Reconnect all of them to their required ports, and check whether that works.

You must also consider swapping the ends of the cable for a solution. Changing your HDMI cable or replacing it with a new one might also work. You must get new cables if the current ones seem to be damaged. Also, make sure to position them, so they are not bent. 

Contact the Customer Service

Does the problem seem to be with your TiVo? If yes, you must dial TiVo customer service or contact them immediately. They might be able to provide you with a long-lasting solution. Sometimes, you might even have to replace your TiVo DVR device.