“The Remote Procedure Call Failed”: What Causes it and How to Fix it on PC?

Your Windows system can usually open photos, documents, applications, and features without issues. However, you might often come across issues while performing these basic functions. The system might show a wide range of error messages in such situations, often confusing. And, one such error message is “the remote procedure call failed”. 

However, you must know that you usually would not need expert help to fix the aforementioned error. Trying out the methods we have mentioned here should be enough to get an effective solution. So, apply them to resolve the repeating “procedure call failed” error. 

6 Effective Methods to Fix “The Remote Procedure Call Failed” Issue

You might not face this error with the same file type every time. And, the solution often depends on the type of file that faces this error. And, that means you might have to try various possible solutions in each case. 

Here are some of them that you must apply right now and keep in mind:

  • Restart the System

Many people might often recommend restart your PC whenever it faces any complex error. And, that is mainly because system restarts can effectively fix a wide range of temporary errors. So, it might not work for the remote procedure call failure. Turn off your PC for a few minutes and power it on again once you are ready. 

Try to open the file that caused the error on your device. Are you able to open it? If yes, then you can rely on this solution alone for now. Proceed with the next solution if you keep getting the error. 

  • Troubleshoot Windows Store Apps Issue

Did you get the message “the remote procedure call failed” while running an app? If yes, then you can simply use the Windows Store App troubleshooter tool to know what the problem is. You can also use this tool to fix the issue right away after detecting it. Go to the Control Panel and open the Troubleshooting section. 

You will find many components listed in the new window to run the troubleshooter. But, you must click on View All on the left to find the app troubleshooter. Find the Windows Store Apps option in the next window and select it. Proceed according to the on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting. 

Open the app once you are done to check on the problem. If the troubleshooter cannot fix the problem, it usually lets you know how to fix it manually. 

  • Run an Antivirus Scan

The error remote procedure call failure might also indicate the presence of viruses and malware. So, you must consider that as a possible cause of the problem and apply an appropriate solution. Install reliable antivirus software or launch one if you already have it. Then, use it to scan your device for malicious software and files. 

Removing infected files and software should fix the issue on your PC. If it does not, there are some other causes for the error. And, you must proceed with the next solution to deal with the problem effectively. 

  • Change the “Open With” Selection

As mentioned before, you might face the procedure call failure while opening photos and documents. You can simply change the program you use to open the file in such situations. 

Needless to say, this is possible only if you have multiple programs on your system to open it. Right-click the file and open the General tab in its Properties window. Check the selection in the Open With option and click on it. 

Select a suitable option for opening the file and click on Apply and OK once you are done. Then, open the file to check whether the error message “the remote procedure call failed” appears again. If it does, there might be an issue with the services related to the Remote Procedure Call. 

  • Fix Configuration Issues with Related Services

Your PC runs some services related to the Remote Procedure Call (RPC). And, you must make sure that you have configured them properly if you face an RPC problem. Open the Service window on your device and find the Remote Procedure Call service. Ensure it uses the automatic startup setting and the Service Status is “Started”.  

Exit the RPC service and look for the DCOM Server Process Launcher once you are done. Make sure this service is using an automatic startup and that its status is “Started”. 

Then, exit the DCOM Server Launcher and open the RPC Locator service. Unlike the aforementioned service, you need to use a manual startup on this one. 

Close the Services window and launch the feature or file that caused the error. You should not get the error again if it occurred due to a service issue. So, you should look for some other possible causes of the error persists. 

  • Find and Fix Damaged System Files

The procedure call failed issue might sometimes indicate a corrupted system file. You must find and remove malicious software if they damaged the important files. 

And, then you must run the System File Checker tool, which is in-built on Windows. If you are wondering, this tool finds and repairs any damaged system files on your PC. 

You need to run the Command Prompt as an administrator to use SFC. Enter the command “sfc/ scannow” to search for corrupted files. Then, wait while the tool repairs them within a fairly short time. 

What if these Solutions do not Work?

You can usually expect an effective solution by applying the aforementioned solutions. But, they might be ineffective in fixing the remote procedure call failed issue sometimes. In such cases, you can simply restore the system to remove any misconfiguration causing the problem. Also, make sure to back up your data before that if you do not want to lose them.