[Best Guide] How to Fix Street Fighter V Won’t Launch Issue

Street Fighter V is a popular game but often faces some critical issues. One of the issues is Street Fighter V won’t launch. Whenever you launch the game, it shows an error message. After that, the game eventually closes. As per the experts, PC users are generally facing the issue. 

It seems that you tried to play this game via PC and witnessed the issue. Obviously, there are reasons behind that. Outdated system and graphics drivers, cache files, improper graphics settings, outdated game files and many more. Relax, there are effective solutions to fix the issue. 

Same Issue but Appear in a different form

The problem is the same but appears in the form of different names. They are like Street Fighter V arcade edition won’t launch, crash on startup, champion edition won’t launch, black screen, failed to gather game data, failed to launch on Steam. If you see the name of an error similar to one of these, don’t panic, the discussed solutions will help to resolve the errors. 

Effective Methods to Ease Street Fighter V Launch

Before you move forward towards the solutions, make sure that the graphics card is working properly. In addition to that, check for system software updates, Microsoft DirectX installation, and free virtual memory. 

1. Carry out the Game to the Exception list

To keep the system security intact, sometimes the security application of your computer might forbid the initiation of some applications. And, the game might be one of them. For this reason, you face the Street Fighter V won’t launch error. So, navigate to the security application and look for the exception list. Now, add the game, so that the security application won’t interfere when you launch it. Hopefully, this will work. 

2. New Version of System Drivers: Let’s Bring it On

It is not at all possible to find out all the outdated drivers easily. So, the best way out is to download a good third-party application. Such a type of application will detect all the outdated drivers. After running the scan of your system, you will be able to see all the outdated drivers. Now, hit on the download button to download the latest drivers. After that, restart the system to make the changes effective. 

3. Admin Rights on Steam and SFV

Steam and SFV are such types of gaming platforms that help you to play different games. If these platforms don’t have admin rights, you might get Street Fighter V won’t launch as soon as you start. To resolve the issue, select the desktop icon of the gaming platform, right-click on it and run the application as an administrator. 

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4. The Game Files Integrity: Verify it Properly

Most people use the Steam gaming platform to play Street Fighter V. While encountering the game launching issue, you might feel that there is something wrong with the game integrity files. So, verification is the most suggested way out. Navigate to Steam and choose the Local Files tab. After that, select the integrity verification button and wait for the task to complete. 

5. Shutdown IPv6

Your computer has two versions of Internet protocols. One is the IPv4 and the other is the IPv6. common internet connections use IPv4. Whereas, IPv6 is reserved for optical fibre connection. Sometimes, the reserved protocol might interfere with the IPv4, and thus a conflict might take place. And, that is why the Street Fighter V won’t launch. 

To eliminate the issue, you need to navigate to the Network Connections from the Settings or the Control Panel. After that, choose Ethernet Adapters and turn off the IPv6 protocol. Hopefully, after this procedure, you will not face the issue. 

6. Eliminate External Hardware Conflicts

If more than one external hardware is connected to your computer, then the system will always detect it as a top-priority device. Now, this process might lead to Street Fighter V won’t launch. So, the solution is simple – except for the keyboard and the mouse, detach all the USB external hardware peripherals. In addition to that, you must not keep any type of storage device attached to the system. Restart the computer and try to relaunch the game and check whether the error still appears or not. 

7. System Software Update

Outdated system files won’t support some gameplay. That is why keeping the system software updated from time to time is important. This will eliminate most of the system issues easily. So, obviously, the system software update might also help you to eliminate the Street Fighter V won’t launch issue. Navigate to the Settings and search for the Security and Updates option. After finding the option for system update, initiate the procedure. On completion, restart the system so that the update files can uninstall. 

Are you using a Licensed Copy?

Various pirated copies of the game are easily available on the internet. The gaming experts always suggest people not to opt for those copies. Most of the files associated with it are corrupted and can easily lead to issues with the game as well as the system. So, the gaming experts suggest getting a licensed copy to avoid any type of complications. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Street Fighter V keep crashing?

Many people claim that the game crashes if your firewall has blocked it, or that if the firewall is turned on, the game will crash. The same can be said for any third-party antivirus software you have installed on your computer. 

How to run SFV as administrator?

The first step is to restart your computer. After that, right-click on the Steam and SFV shortcuts, respectively, and select Properties from the context menu. Check the “Run this program as an administrator” box in the Compatibility tab and confirm adjustments.

How do you unlock characters in Street Fighter champions?

Players must acquire in-game currency in order to unlock the character. Fight money is the game’s in-game currency. Because of their rarity, gathering large number of them can be difficult. To gain Fight Money in Street Fighter 5, players must accomplish series of challenges and online battles.
Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa