Solved: “Something Happened and Your PIN Isn’t Available” On Windows

The PIN code is one of the login methods that a lot of people might prefer on their PCs. After all, remembering a PIN is often easier than remembering a password. So many people might find it much more convenient to secure their PCs with a PIN. However, you might often come across problems while using this login method. Many Windows users have reported the error message: “Something Happened and your PIN isn’t Available”. 

Are you unable to access your PC with its PIN code? Then, you can try out various solutions depending on the cause of the issue. And, you usually would not need any professional assistance to deal with this issue. In most cases, all you need to do is apply the fixes listed below.

How to Fix the “Something Happened and your PIN isn’t Available” Issue On Your PC?

You have to access the system first to fix this problem in many cases. So, you need to start by applying various methods to access your PC. Then, you can take the appropriate measures to prevent the issue further. 

Here are the simple steps to accomplish that on your Windows device: 

Reset the PIN Code

Are you using a Microsoft account to sign in to your PC? If yes, then you have the option to reset the PIN simply. But, you need to connect your device to the internet to proceed with this step. Click on the “I forgot my PIN” to bring up the instructions for resetting the PIN. 

You can use the new PIN to log in once you have completed this step. But, what if you do not find any forgotten PIN option? Then, you need not worry about such cases as there are other ways to access the system. Try out the next step if you cannot use this one. 

Change the PIN Using Another Device

Are you unable to reset the PIN from the device facing the error? Then, you can simply use a different device to change your Microsoft login PIN code. Check whether you can access your Microsoft account on a different computer. If you can, then create a new PIN code and save it. 

Restart the device facing the issue and enter the new PIN on it. Can you access the system now? If you can, then you might want to continue using this new PIN for a while. 

Check the steps to prevent the “Something Happened and your PIN isn’t Available” issue further and apply them right away if you prefer. 

Use the Password Instead of PIN

Are you using a local account to access your Windows system? If yes, then you must consider using your Microsoft password instead of the PIN. Click on the Sign-in options and find the key icon there. This icon represents the option to use the password for signing in. 

Enter your Microsoft account’s password to access your PC. You can then fix the issues that caused “Something Happened and your PIN isn’t Available”. 

Create a New Windows Hello PIN

If you have not reset the PIN yet, you might want to do so after accessing the system. And, you can do that quite easily in a few simple steps. Open your Settings menu and go to the Accounts section there. 

Click on Sign-in Options to view the options on the tab. You should find the Windows Hello PIN feature listed there, among other options. 

Click on Windows Hello PIN to drop down the Change and Remove options. In this case, you need to remove the PIN instead of simply changing it. So, click on Remove to get rid of the existing one. 

Then, you must opt for adding a PIN and enter the new one in the field. You can then start using it the next time you sign in to your PC. 

Reset PIN After the Sign-in

As we have seen – you can reset the PIN during the sign-in. But, what if you have used a different method to open the system? In such cases, you can reset the PIN code through Settings. 

Go to the Accounts section and open the Sign-in Options tab. Click on the “I forgot my PIN” option given towards the bottom. 

You will get some instructions on how to reset your PIN. Follow them and enter the PIN you want to use from now on. Then, restart your PC to check whether this PIN works. The “PIN not available” issue usually does not persist after taking this step. 

Disable the Quick Boot Feature

Are you using the Quick Boot feature to access your Windows system quickly? Then, that might explain the “PIN is not available” issue in your case. After all, this feature relies on the login information cached on your device. 

And, this cache often gets corrupted under various circumstances. You can fix the issue effectively in such cases by disabling Quick Boot through the BIOS

Restart your device and press the key for accessing BIOS depending on the device. The Quick Boot option is listed under the Boot Settings Configuration on the Boot tab. Change its status to Disabled and then reboot your system to check on the problem. 

Select Account Password as the Sign-In Option

Are you unable to fix the issues with the PIN code? Then, you can simply change to a password sign-in at least for a while. Go to the Account settings and open the Sign-in Options tab. Click on Password and select the password you want to use for signing in. 

Make sure to save the changes after you change the sign-in method. Then, restart your system and try using the password to access your PC. You can then start using the PIN later on after fixing the issues with it. 

Reset the System

Do you want to stick to the PIN code sign-in method? Then, you must reset your Windows system if the aforementioned steps do not work. Go to the Update & Security settings and open the recovery section. Click on Get Started under Reset this PC and configure the reset as per your preferences.