What is the Script Hook V Critical Error and How to Resolve it?

Script Hook V is a very popular software used for modding GTA 5 on Windows systems. A large number of players use it on their computers. 

The older versions of the game used to work with this program without any issues. But, the latest version seems to have a problem with Script Hook V. As a result, you might come across the Script Hook V critical error on your PC. 

Most players who use this program with their updated GTA 5 game would encounter this error. And, the anti-cheat system of the game is probably the cause. 

Unlike some other errors on your PC, you need not try various fixes for this one. Try the methods below to fix this error easily within a short time. 

3 Ways to Fix the Script Hook V Critical Error

You can simply get rid of the Script hook V application to fix the problem. But, not everyone might want to proceed with that. Also, you need not necessarily remove this program for a solution. 

In most cases, updating it or getting an older version of the game can also do the trick. You can apply any of these solutions that you prefer. 

Here is how to proceed depending on the solution you choose: 

  • Update Script Hook V

You must look out for any updates for Script Hook V if you want to continue using this program. The developers usually roll out updates regularly for Script Hook V. And, these updates contain patches for a wide range of issues with the software. 

So, they might help you fix the Script Hook V critical error on PCs. As many users have reported, updating this modding software resolved the issue in their cases. 

But, how do you update Script Hook V on your computer? If you are wondering, you need to get the latest version from the web first. Also, make sure to download it only from a legitimate source, and you might end up infecting your device with viruses and malware otherwise. 

Extract the Zip File

Download the Script Hook V application as a zip file first. Double click the file and choose a suitable location to extract the contents on your drive. You have to copy the bin folder to the GTA 5 installation folder. 

Copy “bin” Files to GTA 5 Installation Folder

Open the bin folder inside the Script Hook V application folder and select all its files. Right-click on them and opt for copying them to the GTA 5 installation folder. The target folder would contain files from the previous installation of Script Hook V. You must opt for “Copy and Replace” when prompted. 

Launch the Game

You can get rid of the older Script Hook V version now as you have its latest version. Then, launch GTA 5 on your PC to check on the Script Hook V critical error. You would usually find that the error has been resolved with this method. 

  • Downgrade GTA 5

Do you prefer not to update Script Hook V on your device? Then, you need to roll back GTA 5 to resolve the error you are facing. This is yet another effective solution for the issue in most cases. Many users have been able to fix the problem by applying it. However, the procedure takes longer than updating Script Hook V on your PC. 

The developers have not officially launched a downgrade file for GTA 5. But, you can download it as a zip from various sources on the web. Ensure that the file you are downloading does not contain malware or viruses. Also, get the right downgrade file for the distribution software (Steam, Epic, etc.) that you are using. 

Extract the GTA 5 Downgrade  File

Double-click the zip file and extract it to a suitable location on your PC. You can then access the contents of the downgrade folder. So, get ready to copy some of them to the GTA 5 installation folder. 

Copy GTAV.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe to GTA 5 Folder

Open the GTA 5 downgrade folder and select the GTAV.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe files. Then opt for copying them to the GTA 5 game folder in your File Manager. This folder should contain the latest version of these files, which have the same name. Opt for replacing them with the files you are copying to the target folder. 

Prevent Updates for GTA 5

You might be using distribution software for launching GTA 5 on your device. And, they might have automatic updates enabled for the game by default. In that case, you need to disable this feature so that GTA 5 does not update automatically. On Steam, you can simply open the options for the game and switch to manual updates. 

Launch the Game

Launch GTA 5 on your device once you have successfully downgraded it. You should be able to launch it without facing the Script Hook V critical error this time. 

  • Delete Script Hook V from Your PC

Is the Script hook V program unnecessary for your requirements? Then, you must consider deleting it for a long-lasting solution. After all, the game’s anti-cheat system can cause many problems while using this software. So, find the Script Hook V folder in the file manager and delete it. 

Launch GTA 5 on your device after removing the Script Hook V program. This method will surely resolve the Script Hook V critical error on your PC if the previous ones cannot. 

Reinstall GTA 5 On Your Computer

You would usually need to try out only one of the aforementioned fixes. But, what if none of them effectively solves the Script hook V critical error on your device? You must reinstall the game on your PC and Delete Script Hook V before that if you have not already done so.