Samsung Printer Keeps Jamming ? – Fix This Using Proper Troubleshooting Techniques

Samsung printers are known for their performance but they might come up with jamming and other software-related problems. This is one of the most obvious issues which users might face at any point in time. When you encounter this error, the Samsung printer will show up a notification that indicates the jamming issue. It will come up with a message that the Samsung printer keeps jamming.

It will throw certain errors which makes your task very hectic and cumbersome at times. Therefore, continue reading this write-up to get a thorough insight into the exact troubleshooting methodology.

Henceforth, this informative content will tell you about the probable troubleshooting techniques to eradicate the paper jam issue of your Samsung printers.

What will you do When the Samsung M2070FW Printer Keeps Jamming Issue Lingers?

When the paper jamming issue makes your corporate life distressful, you can easily get rid of it using certain technical solutions. 

But since practice makes a man perfect and before playing the cameo live, try to do such thing that your printer puts up along with the error notification. If you perform this perfectly, you will be assured that there is no torn paper left in it. 

Therefore, after the removal of the documents successfully, you can try the under-mentioned solutions to remove the paper jam from the Samsung printer.

Instructions to Resolve Paper Jam Issue in Printer’s Tray

After pulling out the jammed papers from the specified printer, you have to open the scanner unit. This is only possible if the printer is multifunctioning. 

Therefore, you need to take care of the inside section scrupulously to obtain any sort of torn paper or the foreign particles available in the scanning unit.

If you have any idea of such elements that can jam the printer, then you can wipe them out with the help of proper tools. Moreover, you can try another resort like a high-speed blower or a soft piece of cloth in order to remove the paper jam. 

Now, you need to close the cover of the scanner unit of the Samsung M2070FW printer. This will resolve the paper jam issue inside the machine.

Steps to Eradicate Paper Jam from the Printer

Before you go ahead and start following the user guide to fix this irritating issue, you must adhere to certain points.

  1. First of all, you have to take into account that the fuser portion remains hot when you activate it.
  2. You can deactivate the printer before you remove the paper jam from the inside.
  3. Now, begin the process with the scanner unit present in the Samsung M2070FW printer. 
  4. After that, you will get a fuser dummy cover which you have to open as per the guidelines. 
  5. If you observe any sort of jammed paper inside the scanning section, take it out gently from inside. Don’t put extra pressure on the scanner glass or any other foreign component. Otherwise, you will receive this error incessantly.
  6. Once you clear other things that jam the printer you should keep the fuser dummy covered as done before. Likewise, you have to disable the printer jam cover as well as the scanner unit.
  7. Thereafter, you can examine the middle cover of the printer by taking out the ink cartridges from inside. Search properly for anything that causes the paper jam issue. If you find any, then try to pull them out.

Finally, install the toner cartridge in the earlier position in the printer and close the middle cover. Now, close the scanner unit and take the printout to check if the issue continues or not.

Points to Remember while Resolving Printer Jamming Issue

If you are looking for technical methods to make the task more effective, then there should be a proper diagnosis beforehand. 

Otherwise, undesirable dismantling can cause deprecatory damage or might lead to a failure of the system. Therefore, we suggest you seek expert help if the situations go out of hand. 

However, there are certain noteworthy points that should be taken into account while going forward. Let’s have a look.

Don’t do the Repair when the Printer is Activated

Whenever you observe the Samsung printer keeps jamming on a periodic basis, then you have to shut it down first before heading further with any of the troubleshooting steps. 

As a result, it becomes mandatory for the users to go through the on-screen instructions to switch off the printer. 

As soon as the above process gets over, remove each and every cable and the power cord. Once you get to know that none of the inbuilt components are working, you can easily implement the technical hacks.

If you perform this, you can negate the risk of the hamper.

Moreover, you have to permit the printing device to cool down and therefore don’t touch that in the hot state. 

This will safeguard the printer from obvious injuries that otherwise might take place if you operate it in an ON state. 

Don’t Fix the Paper Jam Hastily and Maintain Safety

If you want to handle the printer, it will take your whole attention. Most importantly you have to take the headache if the Samsung printer keeps jamming. 

Henceforth, if you notice that the paper is stuck, then you need to implement the fixes if you ample amount of time. 

You don’t need to rush for the task and wear gloves while you disassemble the printer or any foreign component.

Negate Unusual Instances to Refrain Paper Jam in Future

More often you might find out that the help of the wrong type and the quantity of paper is the underlying reason behind the printer jam issue. Therefore, you have to use top-quality paper as per the latest recommendation mentioned in the user manual of the Samsung printer. 

Since prevention is better than cure, you have to keep the printer clean and disable it at times through the generic guideline. Moreover, if this issue pops up owing to any software glitch, then please ensure that the printer drivers are up-to-date.

Final Implication

This post comes with the most effective solutions that you can implement to prevent the Samsung printer keeps jamming issues. Now, you know the generic causes and the technical tips to safeguard your printer from such unusual paper jams.

However, to get further updates on the Samsung printers, you may seek technical assistance. This will come up with a solution to resolve the paper jam issue. Moreover, this will solve allied issues related to the Samsung printer.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa