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QuickBooks allows users to explore its advanced features in order to manage and organize their company or personal data. Still, you can experience technical errors with this accounting software. The most common issue that the users can experience with this program is QuickBooks error H202. It mostly occurs when you try to open your company files, which may not be located on the PC by the software. If you are getting this error code H202, it means the program has some technical issues while accessing the company files using QuickBooks.

Also, when this error occurs, it can hamper the normal functioning of this software and prevent the users to open their financial data. So, if you want to understand why this error H202 is generated in QuickBooks, you can follow this article for more info. It will also provide you a few technical methods that can resolve this issue on QuickBooks.

Learn How To Deal With QuickBooks Error H202 Following This Info

According to many customers, the QuickBooks error code H202 is mostly associated with the multiuser operational mode in this accounting program. So, if they try to access their company files using this software in the multi-user mode, this issue can take place. Sometimes, the user can create the company file in some other computer and tries to access QuickBooks on another device. As his/her version of QuickBooks couldn’t connect to the server of another computer, it can also lead to this error code H202. So, when you receive this error message, the ‘Problem with multi-user hosting setup’ dialog box appears with a notification to fix this issue. In case you’re getting any specific error related to Cloud based QuickBooks then it is recommended to contact your Hosted Virtual Desktop provider.

It will ask the user to open the Start menu and access the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to locate the company file. There is a link to ‘Tell me more’ to follow the step-by-step instructions to resolve this error code. You can click on this tab and start troubleshooting the QuickBooks problem, but you must be aware of its underlying causes first. Only, then you can apply the troubleshooting methods discussed in this article if the ‘Tell Me More’ link doesn’t fix this error H202 in QuickBooks.

What Leads To QuickBooks Error H202?

The common causes that can trigger error code H202 while opening your company files in QuickBooks include:

  • When the QuickBooks Desktop tries to access the company files but is unable to communicate with the server, it can cause error H202. The main reason behind this problem can be incorrect settings in the host configuration.
  • Sometimes, the QuickBooks issue can surface because of a firewall in your system, which may block both incoming as well as outgoing communication.
  • The error code H202 can also result in QuickBooks if the DNS settings are either inappropriate or corrupted. It can hence, prevent QuickBooks to fetch the IP address of the company files server hosting or host system.
  • When the company file is located in software other than QuickBooks, such as Virtual Machine, it can generate error H202.
  • Often, a few internal services in QuickBooks including QBCFMonitor and QuickBooksDBXX can stop working. This further leads to damaging the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and thus causing the error code H202.
  • Some users have also noticed that the QuickBooks accounting software allows access to the company files to only shared connections. Hence, if someone individually tries to open these files, it can cause error code H202 while working on QuickBooks.

Try These Fixes To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error H202

As now you already know the underlying causes of this QuickBooks error message H202, you can proceed to the solution part.

Start With QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Your first task is to use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to fix the errors that can cause H202. To begin, open the server that has your company files physically stored in it. Then, click on the ‘Start’ menu on the computer and write ‘database’ in the Search box.

It will open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, which you have to click once. In case, it doesn’t show any folder location, simply click on ‘Browse’ and locate the folder that has your company files. After this, hit the ‘OK’ button and then click on the tab ‘Start Scan’.

Allow your system to repair the QuickBooks files, which are mandatory to seek permission from the network server to access the company files. As the scanning finishes and the issues are resolved, click on the ‘Close’ button. Also, make sure to switch to the Multi-User mode while opening the QuickBooks workstation on your PC.
If you are still experiencing error H202 in QuickBooks, let’s check out a couple of technical methods to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Verify The Hosting Configuration Settings

It is necessary to check the hosting while resolving error code H202 in QuickBooks. Hence, you can start with this method after opening the workstation and it doesn’t even require the user to open any specific company file in QuickBooks. Then, click on the QuickBooks File menu and select ‘Utilities’.
In case the list displays Host Multi-User Access, you may have to choose another computer. The reason is, that this device may not be having the company files which can cause error code H202. Otherwise, you don’t have to change your computer to verify hosting related to the QuickBooks workstation. Also, if you see the option of ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’, make sure to select it.
Once you click on ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’, it will prevent the active PC to be the host and make another computer host. So, you can repeat this method on every computer, if there are multiple devices running QuickBooks. Only then, you will be able to identify the real host and start to apply the remaining methods to troubleshoot error code H202.

Method 2: Make Sure To Run QuickBooks Services

As mentioned in the section of causes of error H202 in QuickBooks, there are a few services that need to be running. So, your system must have QBCFMonitorService and QuickBooksDBXX running on the server computer all the time. Hence, in this method, you can learn how to ensure that these QuickBooks services are running smoothly on your device.
To try out this solution, first hit the ‘Start’ button on your Windows screen and then open the Run dialog box. After this, you have to write ‘services.msc’ and click on the ‘OK’ button. You can also press the ‘Enter’ key and wait for Windows to display the list of services running on your system.

Note: In case you are getting this QuickBooks error on Windows 10, you can view the Services using Task Manager. Hence, you need to press the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc buttons altogether and open the Task Manager. After this, click on the ‘Services’ tab and also hit the option of ‘Open Services’. To view it, look next to the icon of gears at the bottom of the Task Manager.

Steps To Follow After Opening Windows Services

Now that you are ready with the Services window, look for QuickBooksDBXX and right-click on it. Then, hit the ‘Properties’ option from the drop-down menu and check the startup type of QuickbooksDBXX.
If it is set to Manual mode, then you have to change it and make it ‘Automatic’. Also, verify that the service for this QuickBooks component is having its status as either ‘Started’ or ‘Running’.
In case the service status is ‘Stopped’, then hit the ‘Start’ button on the QuickBooksDBXX Properties window. After this, click the tab for ‘Recovery’ and navigate to the option of the First failure. Then, select ‘Restart’ and follow these steps to restart other QuickBooks services also.
This method will make sure that the service restarts automatically even if it fails and cause QuickBooks error H202.

Note: You can repeat the above steps to resolve not only the Second Failure of the QuickBooks service but, subsequent failures as well.

Method 3: Open Network Ports To Transmit Data Using QuickBooks

In order to try this solution, go to the ‘Control Panel’ by clicking on the Windows Start menu. Then, hit the tab for ‘System and Security’ and select ‘Windows Firewall’ option. After this, navigate to ‘Troubleshooting’ and click on ‘Advanced Settings’. Make sure to identify the ‘Inbound Rules’ in the left window pane and right-click on it. Then, hit the tab for ‘New Rule’ and select ‘Port’ below the section of Rule type.

Now, view the initial set of radio buttons and choose TCP from the available options. After this, go to the second set of radio buttons to select ‘Specific local ports’. Next, add the ports 8019, 56728, 55378-55382 to resolve error code H202 in QuickBooks if you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2018. In order to save these ports, click on Next after adding them. Also, you have to repeat these steps for ‘Outbound Rules’ to resolve the error notification of H202 on QuickBooks.

Note: The specification of these ports vary according to the QuickBooks Desktop version that you are using on your PC. So, if you look for the correct ports that are suitable for fixing H202 error message on your QuickBooks Desktop.

If none of the above methods work to troubleshoot QuickBooks issue regarding error code H202, you can try advanced solutions. So, it might require you to add the server in order to connect the Windows hosts file. Also, you can create a new folder to store your company files. This way, it can be easily accessible on the QuickBooks without generating error H202.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa