PDC_Watchdog_Timeout — What is It & How to Fix it?

PDC_watchdog_timeout error displays a blue screen and prevents you from using the device. The computer restarts automatically when this error message pops up. Try to resolve this Windows error at the earliest possible to use the device again.

Usually, this error occurs when the hard drives become faulty. And, it shows the “0x0000014F” bug check value on the blue screen. This indicates that the PC failed to respond within the allocated time. 

The PDC_watchdog_timeout error is not limited to Windows 7 or earlier versions. This problem is more prominent in the latest Windows operating systems. 

What Causes the PDC_Watchdog_Timeout Error?

Windows users get this error message in different scenarios. Some claimed, PDC_watchdog_timeout pops up when removing the laptop from the docking station. Others reported, they faced the problem when the Sleep mode was on. 

Moreover, you can encounter this error if a virus infected the pdc.sys file. A corrupted or incompatible driver could trigger this BSOD error. Due to memory corruption, the PDC_watchdog_timeout could occur in Windows 10/11 devices. Further, outdated BIOS settings might cause issues when using the device. 

5 Easy Solutions to Resolve the PDC_Watchdog_Timeout Error

There are many ways to fix this complicated Windows error. But, before using them, you should figure out the reasons behind this BSOD error. 

Use the System Restore tool to overcome this system issue. Besides, you can fix the PDC_watchdog_timeout error by disabling the Safe Mode. 

If that doesn’t work, follow these below-mentioned solutions: 

1. Update or Roll Back the Drivers

Outdated drivers could cause this problem in Windows devices. Update the drivers to stop getting the PDC_watchdog_timeout error message. Hold the Windows and R keys together, write ‘devmgmt.msc” when the Run box opens. Press the “Enter” button or click “Ok” to access the Device Manager program. 

Navigate to “Disk Drivers” from the device list and double-tap on it. Choose the right driver name, right-click on it and opt for “Properties”. Tap on “Update Driver” when the disk driver’s properties window appears. Windows might take at least 3-4 minutes to complete the driver update. Restart the computer, and do the necessary work without the BSOD error.

Did you still get the PDC_watchdog_timeout error? Open the Device Manager window, right-click on “Disk drivers” to choose “Properties”. Consider choosing the “Roll Back Driver” option from the next window. Click ‘Apply”, close the Device Manager window and reboot the device. It won’t further display the Blue Screen of Death error on Windows 10/11 PC. 

2. Use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Do you want to know if this error occurs due to memory corruption? Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool for that. Hold the Windows and R keys together, write “mdsched.exe” when the Run box pops up. Hit the “Enter” button to get the Windows Memory Diagnostic window.

This built-in Windows tool will provide you with two options. Tap on “Start now and look for any issues” to fix the issue instantly. Windows Memory Diagnostic detects the source of the problem and solves that immediately. If this tool displays “no issues are detected”, then proceed to the next solution.

3. Update the Human Interface Devices

Incompatible HIDs, such as IDE ATA or ATAPI controllers could be the reason for this error. Install the latest Human Interface devices to overcome the problem. Hold the Windows and X keys together, choose “Device Manager” when the Startup menu opens. 

Locate the Human Interface Devices section. Double-tap on it to get the “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” option. Expand it, and opt for the “SATA AHCI Controller” option afterwards. Go for the “Update Driver” option when the pop-up menu opens on the Windows screen. 

Did you get the Search automatically for drivers option from the pop-up window? Choose that to install the compatible drivers in the Windows 10/11 computer. Restart the device and check if you have resolved the PDC_watchdog_timeout error

4. Update the BIOS Settings

Updating the BIOS might be challenging. The device might stop working if you mistakenly disabled the hardware options. This is why you have to be extremely careful when updating the PC’s BIOS version. 

But, first, you need to check the current BIOS version. Write, System Information” in the search box, press “Enter”.

Navigate to the “BIOS Version/Date” section and note down the details. Additionally, you need to check the “BaseBoard Product” information. Once you get the data, access the motherboard’s manufacturer’s website. Head towards the search box and write its model number. 

Choose the correct BIOS version, and tap on“Download”. A message will pop up when the BIOS update is complete. Restart the PC after that and check if the PCD_watchdog_timeout error persists. Revert to the previous BIOS version if the PC is displaying the BSOD error. 

5. Check for Malware

Detecting a virus-infected system file might be difficult. Use an antivirus program to do that. And, remove the problematic apps to eliminate the problem. Additionally, you can use the Windows security app to identify potential threats. 

Hold the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings app. Move towards the “Update & Security” section and go for the “Windows Security” option. 

Go to the “Virus & threat protection” section and after that click “Scan”. Choose “Clean threats” once to complete the scanning process. Click “Remove”, restart the device, and the PDC_watchdog_timeout error won’t pop up. 

Alternative Fixes for PDC_Watchdog_Timeout

This BSOD error may occur after connecting a new external device. Unplug that to avoid getting the PDC_watchdog_timeout message. A damaged laptop port could trigger this error. Repair them immediately with an expert’s help. Moreover, you should run the blue screen troubleshooter to fix the issue. Replace the corrupted hard drive and install a new one.

Run the SFC tool to repair the corrupted Windows files. Uninstall the incompatible software to overcome this critical problem. Update the Windows OS and preinstalled apps from the settings. Ensure no application is running in the background. Contact an expert if these solutions don’t solve the PDC_watchdog_timeout error.