Fix Origin Won’t Open Error or It Becomes Unresponsive

In spite of providing a digital platform for playing online games, Origin can exhibit some kind of technical issues from time to time. According to many gamers, they are experiencing problems while launching or running games on Origin. There can be various kinds of reasons why Origin won’t open on your Windows or another OS-based device. Also, if the error is critical, it can make the entire application unresponsive and create issues further.

Hence, it is quite clear that your gaming experience on Origin can get interference from any kind of Operating System. So, if you want to resolve this problem and get access to your games on Origin, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn why Origin won’t be accessible on Mac, Windows or any other OS. This article will also discuss a few technical methods to deal with unresponsive behavior from Origin software.

Reasons why Origin Won’t Open and Problems associated with it

While playing games on this specific platform of Origin, users can come across various types of errors. They may observe that Origin won’t open at the time of accessing any games on it. So, let’s discuss a few more issues that players can experience due to the inaccessibility of Origin.

List of Problems when Origin Doesn’t Respond

According to some gamers, they were able to view the Origin client in the task manager but, not for too long. Even some had tried to uninstall Origin’s app from their systems in order to install it fresh. However, uninstalling Origin has also become a tough challenge.

You can also face difficulty while updating Origin even after getting a notification alert from the client to click on the update. After clicking the tab, it won’t display any additional dialogue box to carry out the necessary Origin updates.

Some users can also experience blockage in communicating with the other gamers on Origin’s platform. This issue can also trigger the issues like frequent system crashes, corrupted Origin client and cache files.

Origin Can Refuse to Open Due to the Following Reasons

In order to troubleshoot this error in Origin, you need to have some knowledge about its underlying causes. So, let’s take a look at some of the possible causes, which can stop Origin from opening or responding.

Cache Files Corruption

If the cache files stored in the Origin client have become corrupted somehow, it can disrupt its working. This can also occur if you have installed a game with bugs or technical issues.

Outdated Origin Client

When you keep ignoring the updates for your Origin client, it can lead to multiple issues. If there are errors in the core Origin files or temporary gaming data, it will not be resolved due to a lack of updates. Hence, one of the main reasons why Origin won’t open is when the updates are not up to date.

Solutions to Fix Origin Won’t Open for Windows OS

Whenever you notice that Origin won’t open Mac, Windows or any other Operating System, there are a few things you can try. So, let’s discuss some of the technical methods, which can assist you in accessing Origin without any error.

Solution 1- Launch Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

Origin can generate this error if it has compatibility issues with the Windows OS version on your PC. Hence, before applying any of the technical fixes, you should verify if your system can support the Origin app for games. So, if you are using a Windows-based computer, you can run its built-in compatibility troubleshooter and check it.

First, locate the icon for Origin on your PC and right-click on it. Then, choose the ‘Properties’ option and find the tab for ‘Compatibility’ in the Origin properties window. Click on the ‘Run compatibility troubleshooter’ button and select the first option, which states ‘Try recommended settings’. This option will enable Windows troubleshooter to check the compatibility of Origin using recommended settings. Hence, follow the on-screen instructions in order to confirm whether Origin is compatible with the current Windows version.

Note: In case, it doesn’t generate any result, go back to the ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshooter’ window. Then, choose the second choice that states ‘Troubleshoot program’.

Alternate Method:

Follow the steps discussed above to open the ‘Origin Properties’ window. After clicking on the tab of ‘Compatibility’, tick the checkbox for ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’.Also, view the checkboxes below the ‘Settings’ section and make these modifications.

First, select the box for ‘Disable fullscreen optimizations’ since full-screen mode can lead to system crashes. Secondly, you need to launch Origin as Admin in order to make sure that it launches properly. Hence, tick the box for ‘Run this program as an administrator’ in order to open Origin with administrator privileges.

Solution 2- Remove Origin Cache Files from System

Sometimes, the program of Origin can have a slow loading problem due to the accumulation of a huge amount of caches. Hence, you need to delete these cache files in Origin to speed up the access.

To apply this method, exit the Origin client that is currently running on Windows. You can launch the Task Manager and select ‘End Process’ after selecting Origin. Then, hit the tabs for ‘Windows logo’ and ‘R’ on your keyboard and wait for the Run dialogue box to appear. Next, enter the command ‘%ProgramData%’ in the text field and click on the ‘OK’ button.

As the folder of ‘ProgramData’ appears on your window, click on and access the ‘Origin’ folder. Now, leave the folder of ‘LocalContent’ and select all the remaining folders. Then, right-click on them and choose the option of ‘Delete’. Finally, restart your computer and launch the Origin client to check if its opening or the problem persists.

Solution 3- Erase Temporary Files that can Corrupt Origin

While running Origin client on Windows or any other operating system, it creates a folder named ‘AppData’. This is where all the temporary files of origin are stored and have the tendency to become corrupted. So, try to remove these files when you experience Origin won’t open problem.

Open the Windows search box and enter ‘folder’ in it. Below the heading of ‘Settings’, locate the option of ‘Show hidden files and folders’. As you click on this, it will open the ‘File Explorer Options’ window. Next, select the option of ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’ under the ‘Advanced Settings’ section. After this, click on ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons and open the Run dialog box.

Now, write ‘%AppData%’ in the text field and hit the ‘Enter’ key. Make sure that you locate the folder of ‘Origin’ in both ‘Roaming’ and ‘Local’ folders. Then, select it and click on the ‘Delete’ option. You can now run the Origin client and check if it’s allowing access to the app and play games.

Solution 4- Update Origin Client or Re-install the Software

First, open the Windows Task Manager by pressing ‘Ctrl’, ‘Shift’ and ‘Esc’ buttons. Then, click on the tab of ‘Process’ to locate the application of ‘Origin’ from the list. If the internet connectivity is enabled, Origin will install the latest updates on its own. You can confirm this by observing the percentage consumed under the tab of ‘Network’. In case, you observe Origin client is not responding even after applying the updates, you can click on ‘End task’ on task manager.

You can now uninstall Origin by using Control Panel or running your PC in Safe Mode. Then, visit the official site for Origin, find the installer from Store and follow technical steps to re-install Origin on your system.

Solutions to Fix Origin Won’t Open Mac

Although, the technical fixes discussed for accessing games on Origin for general conditions might work. But, still, you can apply the following instructions to troubleshoot gaming issues on Origin, if it becomes unresponsive on Mac.

Step 1:

This method is for those gamers who don’t have any access to their accounts as Origin won’t open on their Mac-based devices. So, follow each and every step correctly in order to prevent Mac to crash frequently due to the Origin app.

You can easily obtain software or tool in order to reset Origin from the internet or by consulting a gaming technician. In most cases, the tool will be downloaded in the form of a .zip file, which you need to double-click.

Step 2:

After extracting the content from the folder, locate the file that is there to reset your Origin software. Then, double-click on this app and wait for reset Origin window to appear on the device’s screen.

On the dialogue box, it will warn you that all your cache files and preferences will reset after hitting the ‘Reset Origin’ button. However, one of the positive angles of this method is that it will not affect the installed games on Origin.

Step 3:

So, click on ‘Reset Origin’ and approve this action by entering your device’s Administrative username and password. After typing these details, hit the ‘OK’ button and allow this tool to reset the Origin app.

Once, the process is over, it will generate a confirmation message to state that the user’s preferences and caches on Origin have been reset. Next, you will have to click on ‘OK’ and close the app, which you have installed for resetting Origin.

Now, you can search the internet for getting the latest version of the Origin app. Also, make sure that it is compatible to run on most of the Mac devices available in the market. Hopefully, you will be able to open Origin and play the games after resetting the app and reinstalling it.


The methods and steps mentioned above are enough to help you overcome the Origin Won’t Open problem. You can also place your queries or share your experience in the feedback box, at the end of this page.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa