Norton Won’t Open: Solutions At Your Reach

Many users have reported that the Norton Antivirus doesn’t open properly on their systems. So, are there any solutions to this particular problem? Yes, we would love to state that after some diligent research on the same, we have found the easiest procedures to keep Norton won’t open at bay. There are so many ways to solve this problem and basically, this problem occurs due to an incomplete installation of the antivirus. Also, there are various causes of this problem. But in this article, we are going to discuss some major solutions and if you are facing this problem, then you need to follow the instructions.

Process to fix if your Norton won’t open

It is really frustrating for a user when the antivirus is unable to open. To remove worries with regards to the same, we have found six topmost methods of solution based on our extensive research. In this part of the article, we are going to discuss those particular methods one by one.

Solution #0.001: Upgrade Norton Fix tool

In this step, you have to download Norton’s fix tool first and then you give a right-click on the “exe.” file and choose “Run as Administrator”. After that, the windows will open to you, it will inform that the Norton antivirus is installed. Now, you have to give a click on the”next” option and you should follow the instructions which are showing on the screen. After that, if the update window will not show to you then you need to go to the Norton account and then you must install the related antivirus from there.

So, you need to log in to the account and go to the setup page. From the setup page, you have to give a click on the Agree button and download Norton.

Solution #0.002: By using Norton Reinstall tool

In this step, you have to download the “Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool” to continue the whole process. If you are a part of the Norton family, then you have to remove and uninstall all the related programs before continuing with the process. After doing these steps, you need to give a double-click on the “tool’s” icon and then you should accept the terms and conditions as well as the license. Now, you have to click the “remove and reinstall” option and choose the continue option. After that, you should click the “restart now” option for finishing the uninstall process. The process is almost done and you have to follow the instructions (on-screen) for reinstalling the Norton antivirus.  

Solution #0.003: Solve the Error Code 8504, 104

In this step, basically, you need to use the “Norton Remove and Reinstall tool” and then run the tool for removing Norton.  

You have to uninstall the non-Symantec security tool of the Norton so, you need to open the control panel first. After that, on the control panel page, you have to change or uninstall a program and delete all the related non-Symantec programs.

You can fix the error by updating the Videos graphics driver. So, in this way, you have to go to the device manager and open the display adapters. Now, you have to give a right-click on the graphics card (HD) and then open, the “properties” open. Now, on the Driver tab, you need to check the available updates. If you can find any available updates then definitely you have to download the newest version of the graphics card and install it after downloading. The process is almost done and after doing all these things, you need to restart the computer again.

Solution #0.004: Solve The Error 3048,3

Basically, this error occurs when there is a problem to download the newest version of the Norton antivirus. So, you have to go to security and then, open the “LiveUpdate” option first. After that, you need to wait for the update for finishing and then give a click on the “OK” option. Now, a message “Your Norton product has the latest protection updates” is showing to you and then you have to run the “LiveUpdate”. After doing all this, you need to start the computer again.

Solution #0.005: Install the updates of the Windows

This is another way which we are going to discuss now. Basically, the Norton antivirus stops working when you do not download the available updates of Windows. So, you need to update the newest service pack which is released by Microsoft. This method is very much applicable for any kind of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) user.

In the first step, you have to click the Start button and then you need to type “update” in the search box. After that, you need to press the enter key for opening the Windows Update dialog box. When the dialog box will open to you then you have to check any updates are available or not and if available, then click the “install” button and download.

Solution #0.006: Clean the Junk Files from the System

Cleaning junk files is a good process to solve any computer-related problems. In this case, if you clean the temporary files and folders then you may get the solution. So here, you need to follow some unique steps one by one.

At first, you have to click on the Start button and then you should the “command” in the search box. Now, you have to press the Ctrl key and the shift key at the same time and click the enter button. After doing all these things, a black dialog box will open to you and here you need to type “cleanmgr” and press the enter button. Then, the Disk cleanup starts scanning your system and detects how much disk space is occupied. Basically, the Disk Cleanup dialog box appears with a series of checkboxes and most of the disk spaces are occupied by the “Temporary Files” and now, you have to check the boxes which you would like to clean and the give a click on OK to continue.


So, we have discussed all the positive solutions and all the solutions are equally important and quite similar. So, if you are really, getting a problem with your Norton antivirus, then you need to follow the instructions one by one. We hope, you can get a proper solution when you apply the methods. Still, if you have any doubts and queries, then you can feel free to ask your question in the comment section.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa