Quick Ways to Eliminate “Plex there are no Items in this Library” Message

According to many Plex users, when they turn on the TV, the library appears blank. Overall, the issue is about Television Plex there are no items in this library. Now, why does it happen? 

Certain problems in the metadatabase can be one of the vital reasons. On the other hand, if the metadata is not synchronized properly, the issue can take place. Similarly, other problems are also accompanied like an error in the scanning process, content not visible and many more. 

Get Back the Library Items in Plex

To bring back all the Library items in the Plex TV, you need to follow all of these solutions. Let’s resolve the issue with ease. 

  1. Fixing the Issues of Permission

    As every application faces several permission issues, Plex TV is not an exception. The “Settings” section of the Plex TV application will be your ultimate assistance tool. Navigate through the menu and do all the necessary things to fix the issues with permission. When you will help the application to get all the necessary permissions, the television Plex there are no items in this library will be resolved. 

  2. Plex Library: Refresh it Manually

    You have to allow the application to scan the multimedia server. In doing so, the server will collect the metadata and will display it in front of you. If necessary, you can also repeat the procedure once again, and thus refresh the library, manually. Hopefully, in TV Plex the missing items in this library will be covered. 

  3. Find the Desired Media in the Library

    The outdated Plex application cannot sync the desired media files, thus in the TV Plex there are no items in this library. Further, you need to apply the correct credentials to log in to avoid any error. The latest version of the file is easily available on the official Plex website. 

    The running of the Plex server will only happen in the latest version of the Plex application. On the other hand, an open-capped internet connection might be another reason for the issue. So, you need to activate the VPN (if deactivated). Several people use proxy extensions instead of VPNs, thus, eliminating those proxy extensions to avoid the error in the near future. 

  4. Resolve Malfunctions in Adding Media Files

    Previously, you have added the media files to the TV Library, but now you see the Plex there are no items in this library. This can only happen when there are malfunctions regarding the addition of media files in the Library. Let’s look at the step-by-step process to add items and reduce malfunctions. 

    Navigate to the “Settings” and let the menu pop on the display. Make sure you have connected to the correct Plex media server. Now, go to the “Manage” section to choose the “Library”. Click on “Add” from the visible menu on the screen and select the category and add your desired items. Lastly, assign a name for better understanding

    If necessary, the application might ask you to choose your desired language. On completion, close the window and check the Library.

Few Tips for Better TV Experience 

If you apply certain tricks and tips then it can help you with a better TV view experience than ever. So, here you go. 

  1. Enabling the DLNA Server

    This server will only come in handy if your TV has the DLNA feature in it. You can also play the live TV through your smartphone, by enabling the DLNA feature. Here you have to use an additional feature of screen mirroring to throw the content to the TV screen. 

  2. Several Movie Folders, One Link

    Merging and linking several folders into one Plex library has multiple advantages. Let’s say, you know three languages – English, German, and Spanish. There are three different folders based on these three languages. Don’t you want to access all the movies and other media contents of these three folders? Then, merge these three folders, thus, a triple-audio is created in each media file. And, this process is known as Bilingual movie merging. Furthermore, you can also create three separate movie libraries. 

  3. Channels available Free of Cost

    With the help of the Plex application, you can watch some channels for free or cost. Some of them are like Euronews, Reuters, IGN, Fubo Sports network and others. This will surely create a boost to your entertainment.  

  4. Name the Media Files

    Raise your hands if you are one of those who have a rhythmic naming structure of movies or libraries. Just rename the libraries and maintain a rhythmic flow of names for those who still don’t have them. This will help you to find the media files easily.

  5. More than one Plex Servers

    Creating more than one Plex will be helpful for you. In doing so, you will never be able to face server errors. As per the experts, every house must have 2 to 3 servers for a glitch-free experience on Plex. 

  6. Best Configuration

    You have to make a computer act as a server, therefore its configuration must be good enough. You need a decent graphics card for the improvement of picture clarity and a processor for a smooth refresh rate.

Other Impressive Features of Plex

Let’s have a look at some of the cool and attractive features of Plex. They are as follows. 

  • Exclusive parental controls (Protection for kids)
  • Mobile device (tablets and smartphones) synchronization
  • More than one account synchronization
  • The facility of wireless synchronization
  • Dedicated Plex music application
  • User-friendly interface
  • The facility of skipping the intro
  • Record and play later facility
  • The support of over the air channels

Now, let’s say that your Plex servers are not at all responding. What will you do then? There is only one way to keep your TV going on – you can borrow a link from another server. Just send a request from the application and ask for granting the request. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is my library on Plex?

These may be found in the Plex Web App under Settings Server Library.

What does refresh all metadata do in Plex?

When you use “Refresh All Metadata” on library, it will: Scan the library for new or modified material. 
For all objects in library, including those that already have metadata, collect new metadata.

What does sync on Plex do?

Plex Pass customers get access to Mobile Sync, premium feature. You can choose media to sync, then select device to sync to, and the Plex Media Server will prepare the media for copying to your device.
Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa