No Audio Output Device Is Installed: Simple And Easy Ways To Troubleshoot This Issue

Sometimes, it has been found that when the users try to play any audio file on their Windows 10 device, it refuses to give out any sounds. The sound in your Windows 10 device will only work with an audio device along with the right audio drivers. When the users confront no audio output device is installed issue, they will notice a red cross mark on the sound icon in the Taskbar.

The main reason behind this annoying situation is the outdated audio driver. Sometimes, this error might appear due to the faulty audio jack.

Some users have reported that they generally face this frustrating situation after a Windows update.

Therefore, you should know all the possible solutions in order to get rid of this situation. Now, check out the troubleshooting methods discussed in the section below.

Perform the Easy Solutions to Fix No Audio Output Device is Installed Issue:

When you upgrade your Windows 10 device, the sound driver might stop working due to the lack of compatibility.

Therefore, in this section, we are going to provide some important steps that will help you out in resolving the no audio output device is installed issue.

Simply read the section below properly and choose which best suits for you to perform.

Fix 1: Update the Sound Drivers

As we have mentioned in the earlier section, the problem might appear due to an outdated sound driver.

Therefore, you should update the sound driver accordingly to fix this particular issue.

You can update the sound drivers in two ways. Check out both the ways and perform anyone of them as per your convenience.

Using the Device Manager Option

You can update the latest version of the sound driver through the device section. To perform so, go through the section below.

Step 1

First of all, press the Windows key and R key at the same time and hit the Enter button to open the Run window.

Step 2

Now, type “devmgmt.msc” in the Run box and press the Enter button to execute the command. It will lead you to the Device Manager section.

Step 3

In that section, you will find a list of application. Then find out the Sound, Video, and Game controller option from the list.

Step 4

Right-click on that option and select the Update Driver Software option from the drop-down menu that appears on the system screen.

It will automatically download the latest version of the driver and install it on your device. After successfully updating the updated version of the sound driver, check whether it is working properly or not.

You can also download the latest version of the sound driver from the manufacturer’s websites. 

Simply visit the manufacturer’s websites and search for the sound driver which is compatible with your device. Download the latest version and install it on your device.

Finally, try to open an audio file to check if it is working properly or not.

Fix 2: Enable the Sound Adapter

No audio output device is installed Windows 10 issue can be fixed from the Windows Device Manager section.

Therefore, refer to the following steps to perform so.

Step 1

At first, open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key and R key together. Next, to open the Device Manager section, type “devmgmt.mcs” in the Run dialog box. Hit the Enter button to expand it.

Step 2

After that, find the Sound, Video, and Game Controller option. Now, move to the top left part of the menu to choose the Action option.

Step 3

Thereafter, select the Add legacy hardware option. A wizard will appear on the system screen. 

Step 4

Now, click on the “Search for and install hardware automatically” option. After that, click on the Next option to proceed further.

Step 5

Expand the option and scroll down to search for the Sound, Video, and Game Controller option. Click on Next again.

Step 6

Now, install the associated audio driver and then click on the Finish option. After that, go to the Device Manager section and choose the audio driver.

Step 7

Select the Enable option from the list to turn on it.

Finally, check if the no audio output device is installed issue is resolved.

Fix 3: Uninstall and Reinstall the Audio Driver

If just updating the audio driver does not help you to resolve the issue, then you need to uninstall the audio driver and reinstall the driver again with the latest version.

To do so, perform the steps mentioned in the below section.

Step 1

At first, press the Start button and move to the Control Panel section. After that, go to the Programs and Features option.

Step 2

Now, search for the audio driver and right-click on it. Select the Uninstall option from the list and click on OK to confirm the action.

Step 3

After successfully removing the audio driver, restart the system and move to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest version of the driver.

Step 4

Download the audio driver which is compatible with your device. Install the audio driver and check whether the problem still persists or not.

Fix 4: Reboot the System

Sometimes the error is caused by the changing hardware configurations while loading Windows drivers

In order to prevent this from happening, you should refrain from disconnecting any peripheral while booting up the system attached to your device.

Most of the users reported that this problem might get solved just by rebooting the system.

Fix 5: Replace the Corrupted Sound Card

At last, when you have tried all the methods in order to resolve the issue, you need to replace the audio driver. 

Because of the above solutions do not help you, then it is possible that you are dealing with a defective audio card.

Therefore, you should change the sound card to a new one. It is recommended to buy the sound card with the original because there are several duplicated items present in the market.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you and you can easily fix the issue without any trouble. By any chance, if you face any problem in any steps, feel free to contact our technician.

Furthermore, you can also post your view in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear your feedback about this content.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa