Mouse Freezes Windows 10: Fix It Promptly

For Windows 10 users, freezing the mouse is a very common issue. Basically, it happens when you play games or do any tasks on your computer. Many Windows 10 users have reported this problem. But don’t panic! It is not a major issue because there are so many solutions to solve the problem. Today, we are going to help you to recover if your Mouse Freezes Windows 10. So, you need to follow the instructions step by step.

Ways to fix

Now, we are going to discuss the best solutions to this problem. Hope, you can understand easily. These are,

Method 0.1 “Reinstall the mouse driver

This is the first step that you should try to solve. But before starting the process you have to connect the mouse with another computer to check whether the mouse is working or not? If it is working properly then you need to follow the method. That means, there is a fault in the mouse driver.

At first, you have to press the Windows key and the X togetherly and press the down arrow key to find the device manager. After that, click enter and you have to press the tab until and the down arrow key. Then you have to see the highlighted mouse option and you should press the left arrow key for expanding the option. After doing this, you need to press the down arrow key for highlighting the mouse name and then give enter. Now, you should press the Ctrl key and the tab key togetherly to open the driver tab and here you need to click the “uninstall device” option to continue. After doing all these things, you need to start your computer again.

If you do not want to restart your computer, then you have to open the toolbar in the device manager for scanning. Now, if you see that your mouse is still not working then you have to press F5 and start scanning. Windows reinstall the drivers and the Mouse Freezes Windows 10 problem will be solved.

Method 0.2 “Update the Graphics Card Driver”

Update the graphics card driver is another great method to solve the problem. Basically, there are two ways to execute the process. First one is manual and another one is automatic. Now, let’s discuss both briefly.

Manual driver update: In this method, you need to go to the website of the manufacturer for finding the correct driver. Here one thinks that keeps in your mind is, that you have to select only that driver which is easily compatible with your Windows 10 version.

Automatic driver update: if you are in hurry then this method is only for you. Because this method is quite faster than the manual update. You can download software from the software manufacturer website. This software helps you to update the drivers automatically. At first, you have to install the software after downloading. Then you have to run and give a click on the scan button. After the deep scanning, it can detect the problems easily. Then you need to click the update button to continues the process.

Method 0.3 “Check the local area network settings”

Checking the local area network settings can help you to fix the mouse freezing problem. There are some simple steps that you should follow. At first, you have to press the Windows key + R key and open the control panel. In the control panel, you have to select the “network sharing center” and click on it. Here, you can find the “Change adapter settings” option on the left side. After that, you have to select the Ethernet option. Here, you should select the disable option to finish the process.

Method 0.4 “End Realtek audio”

If you are still getting the problem, then you have to follow this method. Because the Mouse Freezes Windows 10 problem can occur due to Realtek audio. So, you can solve the problem if you disable it. So, you have to press the windows key + X key to open the task manager. After that, you need to find the “Realtek audio.exe” and click “end task”.

Method 0.5 “disable Cortona”

If any method does not work properly then you can disable the Cortona of the Windows 10fior fixing the problem.

Method 0.6 “Disable ATI HotKey Poller service”

This is another that you can try. If you do not want the ATI hotkeys then you can disable it. At first, you have to press the Windows key + R key and type “services.msc”. After that, on the right side, you have to find the ATI HotKey Poller service and you need to give a double-click on it. Then the Properties window will open to you and you have select “disabled” option from the Startup type list. Now, you should click the Apply option and restart your computer.

Method 0.7 “Do not Connect USB Hubs”

Never use the USB hubs when you connect the mouse. Basically, you should connect the mouse via ports is the best option.

Method 0.8 “Disable The USB Selective Suspend”

You can see the USB Selective Suspend in the system registry and also there is an option to disable it. So, if you disable the option then the mouse freezing option will be solved. At first, you have to go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USB” and then you should set the “DisableSelectiveSuspend” to “1”. After doing all these things, you have to start your computer again.

Method 0.9 “Use Troubleshooter”

In this method, you have to open the “Troubleshooting wizard” first and run it to detect the issues. On this page, you need to select the “view all” option and choose the “hardware and device troubleshooter” option. This option will help you to finish the process.

So, we have discussed all the processes briefly. If you are really facing the problem then you can try those discussed methods carefully. These methods really help you and if you have any doubts and queries regarding this problem then surely you can leave your message in the comment box.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa