Mangadex Not Working on Verizon: How to Access the Website?

Verizon routers can offer you an impressively fast browsing experience on connected devices. You can usually access any website without any problem using your Verizon Wi-Fi network. There might be an issue with the internet if you cannot access a specific site. Many Verizon router users have complained that they are unable to open the Mangadex website. You might need to fix your internet connection if you face the same problem. However, fixing the internet connection is not always enough to resolve the issue. You must also try out some other effective tricks to fix Mangadex not working on Verizon. 

Here, we will look at some of the simplest yet most effective ones among them. 

7 Ways to Open Mangadex Using Your Verizon Network

The problem might lie within the website, the connection, or sometimes even with your browser. So, you need to check every issue and apply the fixes accordingly. 

Further, the website you are trying to visit might be down. Various online tools can help you know whether a website is down. Use a reliable one among them and proceed with the following steps if the website is live:

  • Open Mangadex in Incognito Mode

Mangadex not working on Verizon might have something to do with browser plugins and extensions. However, you might be unwilling to disable those extensions and plugins for various reasons. In such cases, you must simply visit the website on an incognito tab. Browser extensions and plugins do not work on incognito tabs. 

The steps for doing this might differ depending on your device and browser. If you can access Mangadex this time, you might try opening it on an incognito browser. Alternatively, you must consider disabling or changing the plugins and extensions. 

  • Delete the Cache Files

Your browser cache can often be responsible for Mangadex not working on the Verizon network. So, you might want to try deleting the cache files for a solution. You can usually do that from the settings menu on all browsers. Go to the browsing history and opt for clearing it. Then, select cookies and cache among the type of files you want to delete. 

This method can effectively fix the issue if your browser has a corrupt cache and cookies. Try to open the Mangadex website on your browser once you are done. Switch to a different browser if you still cannot reach the website. 

  • Use Another Browser

Are you unable to reach the website with your browser? You must use a different one to open the website. This can fix the ‘Mangadex not working on Verizon’ issue in many cases. Install another browser if you do not already have one and launch it on your device. 

Enter the website’s name and check whether you can open it from the browser. Are you still facing problems with the website? If yes, it might have something to do with your antivirus software. 

  • Disable Your Antivirus

Your antivirus software would prevent your device from visiting malicious websites. However, it might often end up blocking safe sites, which might explain the ‘Mangadex not working on Verizon’ issue in your case. So, you must try disabling the antivirus program to fix the problem on your device. 

Are you using third-party antivirus software? Launch the app, disable it for a while and try to access the Mangadex website. Alternatively, you can also check the list of blocked websites and remove Mangadex from there. You can also disable your in-built antivirus software as easily as third-party ones. 

  • Restart Your Device

You must also consider restarting the device if the previous solutions fail. After all, this can fix many problems with your smartphone or computer. You might be able to fix the ‘Mangadex not working on Verizon’ issue with it. Turn off your device for at least 30 seconds before turning it on. Alternatively, you can also simply perform a restart on it. 

Launch your browser after the restart and try to open Mangadex on it. Are you able to reach it now? If not, then there might be a problem with your internet connection. You must also check whether the problem lies with your device. Before that, you should ensure your device has the right date and time. 

  • Fix the Date and Time On Your Device

Does your device keep showing a security error when you try to access Mangadex? This might happen when your device has the wrong date and time settings. So, check the date and time and take the necessary steps to fix them if required. You can adjust the date and time from settings regardless of your device. 

Relaunch your browser after taking this step and check whether you can reach Mangadex. If the problem persists, it might have something to do with your router or connected device. 

  • Use a VPN

Many users might wonder whether Verizon routers block the Mangadex website. If you are curious, a VPN might be the best way to find that out. So, install a VPN if you do not already have one and launch it on your device. Select a suitable location for the network and turn on the private network. 

Using a VPN can help you access many otherwise blocked websites in your region. So, this step should fix the problem if your Verizon network blocks Mangadex.

Finally, Use Another Device or Network

Does the problem seem to be with your device? You must use a different device to visit the Mangadex website. Thus, you can make sure whether your device is indeed at fault. Likewise, you must also try using a different network if changing the device does not work. This should help you find out whether your Verizon network is at fault.