Effective Ways To Fix Lenovo Laptop Blue Screen Error With Troubleshooting Steps

A Blue Screen Death Error is a common problem for most of Windows users. Once this issue occurs on your PC, the running programs start to rash immediately. Moreover, the system starts to lag automatically and starts to freeze after a certain period of time. Therefore, your system fails to give a real-time response as the number of CPU cycles is reduced. Both the hardware issue and the difficulty with the software are responsible factors behind this significant Lenovo laptop blue screen error. It occurs due to issues like a malware attack, system file corruption, etc. Furthermore, a memory failure or the disk space issue and outdated software might also corrupt the system file and is responsible for the occurrence of this error. Besides this, the overheating and the battery issue, etc may trigger this error in your Lenovo laptop.

Resolve Lenovo Laptop Blue Screen Problem With Effective Tips And Tricks

There are multiple ways to fix the blue screen of death (BSOD) error in your Lenovo laptop. Here, we are talking about some of the easy solutions to resolve it easily. So, you may try out any of these solutions to overcome the problem quickly.

Run Security Software

A malware attack is often responsible for making the blue screen error on the Lenovo device. The virus-infected files create multiple copies and block the memory spaces unnecessarily. Moreover, some of the files become corrupted due to this harmful effect.

  1. First, double-tap on the antivirus icon in your system. To find it easily, type the name in the search box and hit the Enter key to open the antivirus software.
  2. In the security software window, tap on the Scan tab.
  3. Then, choose the scanning type. You can choose the Quick Scan or Full Scan as per your need. The full scan will take a long time to scan.
  4. However, you can select the specific section to scan the malware or choose Select All to full system scan.
  5. By tapping on the Scan button, the scanning process will start automatically. It will take several minutes to complete the process.
  6. After that, the antivirus will identify the virus-affected files and folders. Moreover, it will show the number of viruses found in your system.
  7. Then, click on Disinfect to remove those threats from your system. Thus, you can protect your PC from malware, spyware, etc attacks.

Remove Hardware Issue

Sometimes, the Lenovo laptop overheating causes the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) error. Moreover, damaged battery issues and memory insufficiency, etc are other significant reasons behind this blue screen error in Lenovo laptop. So, if you find the battery defective or any other problems related to the Lenovo laptop hardware, immediately repair it and resolve the death screen error quickly.

Fix Memory Problem

A system file corruption or disk space corruption becomes a significant factor in this death screen error. Therefore, the memory spaces are blocked with unnecessary files and become full of junk files. So, to run the Memory Diagnostic tool, you can overcome the virtual memory failure problem easily.

  1. Press the Windows key from the keyboard and type “Control” in the search box and hit the Enter Key.
  2. In the Control panel window, you will get several programs. Choose System & Security from the list.
  3. Click on the Administrative Tools from this window and double-click on the Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  4. Finally, tap on Restart Now and Check Problems option. It will reboot the system and fix the Lenovo laptop blue screen error.

Upgrade Device Driver

An outdated device driver causes the Blue Screen Death Of Error (BSOD). With this issue, the system starts to lag and shows the various codes of Blue Screen Of Death.

  1. Reboot the Windows and press F8 from the keyboard immediately after showing the manufacturer’s logo on the screen.
  2. It will help to open the Advanced Boot Screen with several options. Choose the Safe Mode by navigating the keys and hitting the Enter key.
  3. It will take a few minutes to start up the Windows in Safe Mode.
  4. Then, type ‘devicemngr’ in the search box and press Enter to open the Device Manager window.
  5. In the Device Manager window, you will get several hardware lists that are installed in your system.
  6. Now, click on the devices which you want to update one by one and right-click on them. You will get a pop-up menu and choose Update Driver from it.
  7. Then, click on Yes from the resultant dialog box to confirm the upgrade process. It will take several minutes to complete the process.
  8. When done, reboot the system and check whether the Blue screen Error persists or not.

Run System Restore

Many times, the deletion of the system file or the System software setup file creates the bootstrap loading issue. Therefore, missing that important system file and the other associated files can be the reason behind this problem. So, the System Restore is the easiest way to recover those files and remove the BSOD error quickly.

  1. Press Windows key from the keyboard and type ‘System Restore’  in the search box and hit the Enter key. You will get a list of items and choose the Create a restore point from the list of items.
  2. Now, enable the System Restore by taping on it and restarting the PC successfully.
  3. Open the device with the Advanced Start-up and start the restore operation in Safe Mode. then, verify whether the BSOD error got fixed or not.  

If the above process fails to resolve the Blue Screen Of Death error, then you may try to fix it with the steps discussed below.

  1. First, reboot the system and you can see the window with various start-up options. Tap on Troubleshoot.
  2. Then, click on Advanced Options under this section. After that, click on System Restore. You can choose this option as the usual way to start the Windows. It will help to avoid the blue screen error in Windows 10.


In the above context, we have discussed the solutions to solve the Lenovo laptop blue screen error. Moreover, we have analyzed the possible reasons behind this BSOD error. So, you can easily identify the problem at the initial stage and accordingly perform the steps. Furthermore, the steps will help to keep your system bug free and thus boost up the performance level of Windows. Still cannot solve contact for a Laptop Repair Dubai Service, they are very professional in their work.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa