6 Measures to Fix Kenshi Keeps Crashing Issue On Windows 10

The open-world role-playing game Kenshi is very popular amongst all people. Recently, a few people have been reporting about the Kenshi keeps crashing issue. Within every 5 to 10 minutes of launch, the display is turning black. People who are facing the issues have checked all the Steam files, but there is nothing wrong. 

Obviously, there are reasons behind the issue — Incompatibility of system configuration, error in graphics drivers, low RAM, corrupted game files, HDD error and many more. Don’t worry, here you will get the solutions. Before that, let’s get to know a little more information regarding the game. 

About Kenshi

Kenshi has the facility of providing sandbox gameplay to its players. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you are willing to instead of aiming for the main gameplay story. While considering arms and ammunition, no mechanical items are present. You have to use vintage weapons like bows and arrows, maces, katana and others. 

Most of the battles are like dog fights (hand to hand combat). The gamers have named this fight, the Sword Punk, and the characters you play are a thief, trader, traveller, myriad and others. Your main mission is to fight, survive and build your own home. You can play the game for free. 

No matter how good a player you are, you are not the chosen personality in the game. And, the introduction in the game itself says that. You are just a regular character who is playing the game. 

What to do if Kenshi Keeps Crashing?

Before you begin, make sure that the game doesn’t have any glitches. In addition to that, make sure you haven’t used any cheat codes in the game to bypass any levels without playing.

1. The System Requirements must be Fulfilled

As per the suggestions of experts, meeting the system requirements is of two types. Minimum and recommended. 

Let’s first check out the minimum requirements. 

  • OS must be Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 64 bit
  • The processor should be 64 bit dual-core
  • The graphics card should be Pixel shader capable, version 5.0
  • Microsoft DirectX version should be 11
  • Minimum 14 GB disk space is mandatory

Now, let’s check out the recommended system requirements. 

  • The OS must be Windows 7 64 bit
  • The processor should be quad-core 64 bit
  • Volatile memory must be 16 GB 
  • Microsoft DirectX version should be version 11
  • Hard disk drive space is 14 GB

Verify the configuration details of your system. If you need to upgrade any hardware, then do it as soon as possible to eliminate “Kenshi keeps crashing” and play the game, without any hassle. 

2. The Graphics Card Drivers: Replace the Old Version

Navigate to the Device Manager, and find out the Graphics card menu (adapter). Right-click on it to select the Update option. The task might take a few minutes. Restart the system to make the changes effective. After that, launch the game and check whether the “Kenshi keeps crashing” issue is still there or not. Furthermore, you can also get the .exe file from the computer manufacturer website, straightway. Installing the .exe file will also take the graphics card driver to its latest version. 

3. Resolve the Shortage of RAM Space

When the RAM is running out of space due to running multiple programs, then Kenshi keeps crashing. To resolve the situation, you need to make some valid changes. Navigate to the Advanced System Settings, access the Performance tab – The virtual memory window will open. Untick the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” option. Choose the system drive and set the custom size. This will reduce the system resource consumption when you launch the game. If this process doesn’t work, contact the authorized service centre to upgrade the RAM

4. The Game Files Integrity: The Checkout and Verification

Since you are using Steam as the gaming platform, the verification process of the game files is necessary. If there are any errors, you have to resolve them to wipe out the “Kenshi keeps crashing” error. First, restart the computer. When the system boots up properly, navigate to the Steam library. You will have the dedicated option for integrity verification. Run the process to detect and solve any error. 

5. Altering the Dedicated Game Settings 

Making some changes in the game settings might help you to prevent Kenshi from crashing. Deactivate all the internal game textures like shadows, reflections, the people in town, and others. In addition to that, assign all the views to their maximum. Last but not least, switch off the game’s visual synchronization. This will free a good amount of memory from RAM and GPU. This will not only resolve the crashing but will also take care of the game freezing issue as well. 

6. Fix Kenshi Keeps Crashing with CTD Patch

The CTD patch file is developed and uploaded by Kapaer. It’s a sort of mod file that has the ability to fix not only the game crashing issue but also other issues as well. First, download the patch file. After that, backup your system data to avoid any data loss. Hopefully, installing the patch file will fix the issue.

Are you Wondering about the HDD Issue?

Bad or corrupted sectors in the system HDD might result in the unexpected crashing of Kenshi. Your very first task will be to analyze and run some generic tests with the HDD. If the HDD fails the tests, then it’s time to replace the storage device. As per the tech experts, you must opt for an SSD. It’s fast, reliable and has the ability to troubleshoot any error. 

The Mods Fix of Kenshi

Here are several mods of the game that were improved by the developers. Let’s have a look at the details. 

  • Shidan’s Tweak and Fixes: It’s a collection of various bug fixes that are the upcoming implementation of the game. 
  • Fix of the Clipping Issue: The cloth clipping of your as well as the civilian might have bugs. So, this mod fixes the issue
  • Animation Overhaul Mods: Repairs the missing graphics and animations in the game
  • Grassbushfix.mod: Fixes the texture of plants and grass

In case the mod fixes don’t work, it’s better to remove the game completely from the system. After that, get a fresh installation to resolve every issue. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa