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Facing Cannot Connect To iTunes Store Error: Get Easy Hacks

iTunes is the official media player by Apple Inc. It also acts as a mobile device management application and a radio broadcaster. You can play both audio and video files on iTunes. It supports all types of video files such as FLV, WAV, and so on. iTunes will give you a hassle-free experience almost every time you use it. Apple products come up with top-quality performance that has a long-lasting nature. However, you might face cannot connect to iTunes store error. In such cases, you will be unable to use iTunes on your Apple device. This can be quite frustrating as you can’t access the audio as well as the video files. Now, if you want to resolve the issue on your own then have a look at this article to fix it effortlessly.

The Reasons Behind The iTunes Error

You can often face that iTunes is malfunctioning showing the error message cannot connect to the iTunes store. The error can create a problem for you. Now, if you want an ideal solution, you need to know some common causes that can create such an error.

  • The iTunes can show cannot connect to iTunes store error if it is out of date. You need to update iTunes if required.
  • There can be a problem with the network connection where you can face issues with iTunes with relevant error codes.
  • The action of viruses or a malware attack on your Apple gadget can sometimes harm the important applications and as a result, you can see the message cannot connect to iTunes store error.
  • There can be an issue with the storage of your device. A shortage of storage space in your iPhone or Mac can show error messages like this.
  • Furthermore, your device can sometimes disallow iTunes to get access. This leads to the malfunctioning of the app.
  • An issue with the router of your device can also be a reason for the technical defect.

Simple Hacks To Fix Cannot Connect To iTunes Store Error

If you are confident enough to fix the issue on your own, then take a glimpse at some of the effective ways to fix the iTunes problem.

Solution 1 – Disable Restriction Mode Of The Device

Follow the simple steps to disable the Restriction Mode. Open “Settings” and select the “General” option on your iPhone or Mac. Locate the “Restriction” option. Disable it by typing the password.

Solution 2 – Reset Lockdown For Windows

You have to press both “Windows key” and “R” together from your keyboard to open the “Run” command box. Now, type “%ProgramData%” in the Run dialog box and click the “OK” button. Find the folder “Apple” and open it. Find the “Lockdown” folder from your iPhone or Mac and remove it permanently.

Solution 3 – Reset Lockdown For Mac

In the Finder window, select “Go”. Choose “Go to Folder” option. Type “/variable/dbl/lockdown” and tap the return button after it. Press the “View” tab on your Mac to see the files which are present.

Now, delete each and every document and file from the given list. Don’t delete the Lockdown folder, instead delete the files within that folder.

Solution 4 – Check The Storage Of Your iPhone

First, click on “Settings”. Then, choose the “General” option from your iPhone. At last, you need to click on “iPhone Storage” to check the memory capacity available on your device. If you find the storage to be less, then delete all the unnecessary files as well as the temporary files from your phone.

Solution 5 – Reset The Run

You have to press both “Windows key” and “R” together from your keyboard to open the “Run” command box. Now, type “%ProgramData%” in the Run dialog box and click the “OK” button. Find the folder “Apple” and open it. Find the “Lockdown” folder and delete it from your device.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned methods were helpful for you. Feel free to leave a comment for further queries and suggestions.

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