Solution to iTunes does not Recognize iPhone Windows 10 Issue

You already know that you can access iTunes on Windows device and to transfer files you need to connect your iPhone. However, many users have complained that iTunes does not recognize iPhone Windows 10. This is one of the common issues that you can face. It might be possible that your iPhone Windows 10 has not been updated. Thus, this error is appearing. 

You can try some basic steps to solve the issue. Like rebooting your computer, unlocking your phone and even changing MFi certified cable. These are the basic steps, but you can move to advanced level steps if none of this works. 

Methods to Fix iTunes does not Recognize iPhone Windows 10

These are a few steps that will help you to fix the iTunes does not recognize iPhone Windows 10 issue. The steps are properly mentioned so that you don’t make any mistakes. 

1. Unplug all USB Accessories

It might be possible that due to other accessories, iTunes cannot find your phone. You have to remove all USB accessories except for the device in such cases. If you are using the 3.0 port, then switch to the 2.0 port and vice versa. Many users have got help from this trick. 

2. Disable Personal Hotspot 

In most cases, it has been seen that Personal Hotspot is the root cause of the issue iTunes does not recognize iPhone Windows 10. It might be possible that the tethering is on and you have shared the mobile network on your computer through USB. Thus, you have to turn off the tethering and try connecting again. And, the steps are given below:

  • First, you have to unlock your iPhone and open the Settings option. 
  • Then, you have to hit the Personal Hotspot and turn it off. 
  •  Now, again try to reconnect the iPhone and see if it works are not.

3. Update your Device

Updating can help you get rid of the issue. This is one of the most common causes. It has also been reported that iTunes started to work well after updating. There are two main ways of updating manually and automatically. 

In the manual method, you must be well aware of your computer’s hardware. First, visit your motherboard manufacturer’s website and look for your model. Then, visit the download/support page and install the latest updates compatible with your system. 

You have to take help from a third-party app in the automatic method, like Driver Easy. Install the third party application, open it and click on the Scab Now option. You will see that it has automatically detected the issue and solved the problem. 

4. Other Versions of iTunes

One issue with iTunes is that it has never worked properly on Windows, and sometimes the not recognised issue occurs. In such cases, you can try to uninstall iTunes and go for other versions. The steps are given below.

  • At first, you have to press the Windows+R key. The Run dialog box will appear, and you have to type “appwiz.cpl”, and then hit the OK button. 
  • You have to locate the programs and double click to uninstall them. Now, restart your computer. 
  • Again press the Windows+R key to bring the Run dialog box. Now, type “%program files%” and hit the OK button. 
  • Now, delete the folders iTunes, Bonjour, iPod. Then, open the Common Files folder followed by the Apple folder. You also have to delete the existing folder. 
  • After that just download and install other versions of iTunes. Also, choose the latest iTunes.

5. Install Windows Update

On a regular basis, Microsoft releases updates for Windows. These updates can help you solve the issue iTunes does not recognize iPhone Windows 10. The steps are given below:

  • First, you must press the Windows+I button. The Windows Setting app will open, and you have to click the Update Security option. 
  • Hit the “Click for Updated” option. Then, Window will download the latest updates for your system. It might take at least 30 mins.  
  • Finally, restart your system and see if the issue has been resolved or not.

6. Connect your iPhone to another Computer

There can be a possibility that your phone is responsible for all the trouble. In such cases, you have to connect your iPhone to another computer to figure out what went wrong. If you see that the issue is not appearing on other computers, you might have to reinstall your Windows system. If the issue still appears, you might have to reset your phone. 

7. The system is Corrupted

It might be possible that your system is corrupted, and thus, this issue iTunes does not recognize iPhone Windows 10 is appearing. You can use any third-party app, like Restoro. 

To solve this issue, first, you have to download the third-party app, which will scan your system and give a detailed report of the computer. After figuring out the issue, click the Start Repair option. 


These are the seven methods that will help you to solve the issue iTunes does not recognize the iPhone Windows 10. If you further face any problem, then you can contact professionals. However, the steps are quite easy to perform, and hopefully, you won’t face any problem performing them.