Fix iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription Not Working With Easy Steps

iOS 10 is the latest version of the Operating System available for Apple users. However, after updating your Apple device to the latest version of OS, you might face a problem like iOS Voicemail not working. If this is the case and you are worried about it, then stop worrying. Instead, try the solutions given in this article to fix this issue.

iOS 10 voicemail transcription is one of the most amazing features that come in all the latest versions of the Apple device. However, if you are a user of the iPhone 6 or earlier models, then these devices will not allow you to run this feature. Thus, you might end up with iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription not working. So, go through this article to learn its fixes.

Methods Of Using Voicemail Transcription In iPhone Device

If you are searching for the appropriate techniques for using Voicemail Transcription, then here is the method to follow.

To begin this, at first, you need to open the Phone app. After that, select the Voicemail option, which is placed in the below section of this screen. Next, choose the paragraph which you want to listen to and paste on the voicemail box. In doing this you will find that the text is placed at the top of the Voicemail play button. Then click on the play icon, on doing this the process of reading gets started and you will be able to listen to it. But if you are getting any issue on this process then that means that there is a problem with the voicemail transcription. And for solving it you may need to know the reason of this problem. Here below are the common reasons for which the voicemail transcription stops to work.

Reasons For iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription Not Working

There is not a specific reason for Voicemail Transcription not working. But it can happen due to the following reasons.

  • Network issues
  • Outdated Carrier Settings

Whatever be the cause but sooner as you repair it, you will be able to use this on your iPhone device. So, let us learn the process of how to solve the iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription not working issue.

Methods For Solving iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription Not Working

Voicemail Transcription not working can be solved with these below methods. Try all these one by one as explained. But remember, if you are a user of the iPhone 6 or the earlier versions, then you are not eligible to use Voicemail Transcription in your device.

Method 1: Restart iPhone Device

If you keep using your iPhone for a longer period of time without turning it off, then this can result in this problem. In that case, try this process.

Press and hold the power button of your device until the power slider appears. Now, move the slider to the other direction for turning off your iPhone. After that, it is better to wait for at least 30 seconds in this condition. Then, turn on your iPhone and check if the problem gets solved. And if not, then this error occurred due to some kind of settings issue or the version of the iOS you are using. Continue with the below steps for solving the iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription not working problem.

Method 2: Turn On And Off The Airplane Mode

This method can be very useful in solving iOS Voicemail Transcription not working if it is related to the network. To do this, open the Settings and from here, you need to turn on the Airplane mode to disable the network transfer. After that, wait for a few seconds and then turn it off for enabling the network signal. After doing this process, you will find that the glitch gets fixed and you are able to use the Voice Transcript on your iPhone.

Method 3: Reset The Network Settings

Improper Network Settings can resist the Voicemail Transcript from working. And if this is the case for the error, then you can reset the Network Settings by following the below-discussed instruction.

At first, go to the Settings of your iPhone. Then, under the Settings window, navigate to the General tab and select on Reset. On doing this, the Reset screen with options will open. Now, hit on the Reset Network Settings option and continue the process. By resetting the Network Settings, you will be able to solve this Voicemail Transcription problem.

Method 4: Utilize The Carrier Update

A problem in the Carrier Settings can be the key reason for this issue. And for solving this, continue this bellow process.

To perform this process, at first, tap on Settings from the iPhone screen menus. After that, under the Settings window, select the General option. Now, from here, tap on About and then on Carrier. In doing this, you will visit a popup window which asks you for Carrier Settings Update.

Here, select the Update option. This will take a huge time in completing this process. As the Carrier updating process gets over. Now, check if the iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription not working problem gets solved or not.

All these are the processes, which you can perform on your own for solving iOS 10 Voicemail issues.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa