Hyperlinks Not Working In Outlook- Major Ways To Resolve

Outlook is an email service product developed by Microsoft. However, you may come across a problem while using Microsoft Outlook including hyperlinks not working in Outlook.

What Is A Hyperlink?

Hyperlink helps to navigate you to a different window with all the details related to the document. This kind of link can be present in a word, phrase, or image format. Actually, hyperlinks can also be stated as reference links, which helps in connecting with other documents to relate and get more information. Issues like Hyperlinks are not working in Outlook Windows 10 is quite frustrating and to get out of it you need to apply some tricky methods which you can get from this article. So, without skipping any method, try to solve your problems.

If the hyperlink is not working in Outlook, then a pop-up window will be generated with any of these below messages. The message content differs on the version of the browser you are using.

“ This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”


“Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk.”

Methods Of Solving Hyperlinks Not Working In Outlook

Every problem has a solution. So without avoiding any, it is better to overcome the issue on your own. So, from this below line, you will learn the process of solving hyperlinks not working in Outlook problem.

Verify Basic Settings Before Applying The Solutions

Before going to the below-solving methods, at first verify all these basic settings.

In some cases, it is seen the link comes with a text format that does not allow the browser to open. And if this is the case for this issue then you need to follow the steps mentioned below to convert the link from text to HTML file format. For doing this, at first, you need to open the Outlook and then navigate to the Tool menu. Under the opening Tool section window select Options. This will direct you to a new window on your screen. Now from this opening window tap on the Mail Format tab and select the message format like HTML. After that, click on OK to confirm.

Next, you need to confirm that the checkbox beside “Disable links and other functionality in phishing message” is not in enable condition. For doing this task, firstly, open Microsoft Outlook and then go to the Tool section. From the opening menu list from the Tool, section click on Option and then on Preference> Junk e-mail. On doing this a window will open, and you need to ensure that the checkbox beside the “Disable links and other functionality in phishing messages “ is not on. If you find that it is turned on then turn it off only with a single click on the checkbox.

After checking all these settings, next try to open the hyperlink by keeping pressing the Ctrl button. If you are not able to open the link this time then try the below solutions one by one.

Method 1: Change Your Default Browser

Every browser is not suitable to open the hyperlink of Microsoft Outlook and thus results in this problem. If this is the reason for hyperlinks not working in Outlook then it is better to try a different browser as default which may affect solving this issue. For doing this, the process which you need to continue is as follows.

Open The Control Panel Screen

To begin this process of changing a default browser you need to open the Control Panel window. To do this you can apply any of these below-explaining processes.

Process 1: Press the Windows button to activate the search bar. Now, on the search bar type control and press the Enter button, this will open the Control Panel window. Or, even you can use the Run command bar to open the Control Panel window and the process of doing this is as below.

Process 2: Press Windows and the letter R key. On doing this the Run command will get activated than on it type the control panel and hit the Enter button. Now as the Control Panel window gets open you can proceed with the below steps of changing the default browser.

Go To Default Programs

If the Control Panel window is in front of your screen then drop down the View by menu list and select on the Large icon option. Next, scroll down the right bar of this window to get Default Programs and then hit on it. After that, select “Set your default programs” this may take time to load the opening window. As this default apps window gets loaded then scroll down the default web browser section and select a different browser. After changing the default browser then try to open the hyperlink from Outlook and check if the problem gets solved. If not then try to repair the Microsoft Office, this can be the most effective way to fix this issue.

Method 2: Repair Microsoft Office

This is the most time-consuming method. So, it is better to have time in your hand to begin this most efficient step of solving hyperlinks not working in Outlook problem.

Open The Control Panel Screen

First of all, open the Run command box by using both the Windows and the letter R key at the same time. Then use the Backspace key to clear the command, if anything is written. After that, type the control panel and hit the Enter button to execute. This will open the Control Panel window.

Navigate To Programs & Features

Now as the Control Panel window is in front of you then set the View By into Category by dropping down the menu list. Next, hit on Programs and then on Programs and Features, this will open all the installed programs list of your system.

Now, from here search for the Microsoft office package by scrolling through this window. After getting the Microsoft office package right-click on it and hit on the Change option. On doing this, a new window will open, select the Repair option. Select Continue, this will start the repairing process. Wait for the process to complete, and try not to perform any other task on this system during this process. This is because to finish the process quickly without any disturbance. As the repairing process gets over, restart your system. After that, open the Outlook in your system to check if this problem still persists.

All these are the process to repair hyperlinks not working in Outlook problem. Hope, after studying this article in detail you can perform the repairing task on your own. As this problem gets resolved now you can be able to proceed to open the hyperlinks from your Outlook application.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa