HP Laptop Blue Screen Error – Easy Fix

Hewlett Packard or HP is an organization that produces a variety of computer hardware, softwares. This company even provides information technology consulting and services. All the hardware, software is made to fit any organization- small, medium and large-sized business enterprises. Moreover, it is best-known for producing good quality of laptop and desktop computers that have many unique and different features. Although this company has so many different types of computers with unique features and capabilities. Even then, you may encounter various errors while using the product. One such glitch that you may get is the HP laptop blue screen error. In the next section, you will get the information about the BSOD i.e. Blue Screen Of Death.

All About Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD is one of the most severe kinds of glitch that renders your machine unusable. This error is also called the ‘STOP’ error, which appears when the system runs into a critical problem and crushes the OS. This error occurs due to some issue with the hardware or any drivers installed within the machine. In the next section, you will learn the causes behind this error.

Causes For The HP Laptop Blue Screen Error

In this section of the article, you will get the various causes behind the occurrence of this issue.

  • If the ventilation fan in your HP laptop is clogged with dust, there is no space for the heat to dissipate out. Then, due to this, you might get the BSOD error. Even if you load too many programs together on your laptop, so that there is no space in the RAM, then also you can get this error.
  • If a virus or any malicious program tampers with the critical files of the Operating System, then also you might face the HP laptop blue screen error.
  • When there are wrong drivers installed in the system then the hardware of which the driver is downloaded cannot able to function properly. Thus, you will get the BSOD error.
  • When the hardware installed in your HP laptop does not work as it should i.e when it malfunctions. Then this will be the reason for the BSOD glitch.

The upcoming section will give a detailed guide to eradicating the error.

Simple Steps To Fix This Issue

In order to know how to fix a blue screen error follow the steps below in this section.

Use System Restore To Get Back To The Stable State

If you install new software and get BSOD error, then there is a possibility that some system files have got corrupted due to alterations within the registry. There is the only way to solve this error which is, you will have to restore the system to a stable state.

  • First, tap on the combination of ‘Windows + X’ keys together, then tap on the option ‘System’ from the list of options.
  • Now, this will display the ‘Settings’ window with the heading ‘About’. Within that page go to the section ‘Related settings’. Under it, choose the link ‘System Info’.
  • You will get the ‘System’ window, that is present within the Control Panel. In that window, go to the left panel and click on the link ‘System protection’.
  • After that, a new dialog box will appear that has the name ‘System Properties’. Within that dialog box, tap on the tab ‘System Protection’.
  • Under that tab, go to the section ‘System Restore’. Now, hit the button ‘System Restore’. Next, a new wizard will show up with the name ‘System Restore’.
  • In that wizard tap on the button ‘Next.’ After that, from the list choose a point before the BSOD error occurred. Then again tap the ‘Next’ button.
  • In the window with the heading ‘Confirm Your Restore Point’ tap on the button ‘Finish’ to affirm the restore point that you chose.
  • In the message box that appears hit the button ‘Yes’. Now, the system will start its restoration process. Wait for it to get over.
  • Once the restoration is over the computer will reboot with the newly restored state.

Clean Any Dust Accumulated In Your HP Laptop

Most of the time when dust gets accumulated on the ventilation fan or within the insides of the laptop, then it can overheat it severely. Due to this overheating the hardware in the laptop cannot function properly. Hence, for that reason, you may face the BSOD error. The best solution to resolve the BSOD and overheating problem is to clean the internals of the laptop and most importantly the exhaust fan. Take some help from any computer professional to open your laptop and clear the dust.

Use Built-In BSOD Troubleshooter

To correct the HP laptop blue screen error, use the built-in BSOD troubleshooter. In order to start that troubleshooter do the following.

  • First, hit the ‘Start’ menu. Next, just above the ‘Power’ icon, choose the ‘Gear’ icon to show the ‘Settings’ window.
  • Inside that window, locate and select the category ‘Update & Security’. After that, a new page will come up. In that page, go to the left panel with the heading ‘Update & Security’ and then choose the option ‘Troubleshoot’.
  • Now, on the new page with the heading ‘Troubleshoot’ scroll down to the section ‘Find and fix other problems’. Within that section, choose the option ‘Blue Screen’ and then tap on the button ‘Run the troubleshooter’.
  • Let the computer automatically find the error and rectify the problem. This process will take some time to complete.

Install Correct Drivers In Your HP Laptop

If a wrong driver is installed for specific hardware then because of that you can encounter this error. Therefore it is necessary for you to uninstall and then reinstall every driver softwares on the computer.

  1. First, right-click on the ‘Start’ menu, then select the option ‘Device Manager’.
  2. Next, within that window, tap and expand the first category of hardware. Then from the list right-click on the driver of that specific hardware.
  3. From the pop-up list choose the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  4. Next, go to the official website of that hardware and download the driver that you have uninstalled. After that download is over, simply install it.
  5. Repeat the step 2 for every driver present in your HP laptop.
  6. Every time when you uninstall and then reinstall, reboot your system
  7. When you have reinstalled each driver then carefully examine whether you are getting the HP laptop blue screen error or not.

Scan Your System With A Good Security Software

Viruses or any kind of malicious software can wreak havoc on your computer. It can delete important system files or any files related to some program. Therefore the solution to resolve this problem is to do a proper scanning for any malicious files present in the system. Now, if there is any virus or similar program on the laptop then it is necessary for you to remove it instantly. The removal process is done by the security software only.

Final Words

In order to solve the HP laptop blue screen error in an easy way, follow the steps in the previous section very carefully. If you cannot solve this problem, even after following the methods. Then do post the query you have in the comment section below

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa