Google Chrome Error Code 0x8004071b: Quick Fixes

Misconfigured systems in Windows OS trigger several error codes. And one of them is the Google Chrome Error Code 0x8004071b. This article guides you to fix the error quickly and efficiently. But, before that, you must read all about it so that you can determine the error and not waste further time searching about it. You can easily jump to the steps to resolve the known error.

What is Google Chrome Error Code 0x8004071b?

The Windows Operating System incorporates the 0x8004071b error code to warn programmers and users about an issue. There exist innumerable error codes which are located in various sections throughout a system. And to recognize them, one requires a deep IT knowledge and background in order to decipher and fix it efficiently. However, you can resolve certain error codes with the help of clearly laid down simple steps.

If you face this error, it is possible that your system is running slow or the problem is a malware effect. If you try to install Chrome immediately after you format the computer system without further updating anything, it is likely that your PC will prompt you of the problem.

What Causes 0x8004071b Error?

This Google Chrome error code is potentially an outcome of your Windows System files’ corruption. Such damaged system files have the potential to be a threat to the otherwise properly functioning computer system.

Chrome is efficient enough to render plenty of applications for the users. But the error makes the user face innumerable problems which lead to the inaccessibility of multiple applications related to Chrome.

Quick Steps to Fix Google Chrome Installation Error 0x8004071b

This Google Chrome error code makes users frustrated and annoyed as well. Also, even if you uninstall and reinstall the application, you are still unable to update it. And the error code appears repeatedly. As said earlier, this can be a virus or malware’s deed which gives you such issues. However, cutting down on the delay, let us quickly guide you through the steps to fix Google Chrome error code 0x8004071b easily.

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Google Chrome

You must begin with the basics before you proceed with the further available steps. This initial inspection avoids certain human-made errors, even if unintentional. Hence, read and follow the ways that we discuss here:

  • In the beginning, you must uninstall Google Chrome entirely. To do this, you must close all the tabs if you were working on the browser. Then, select the Start menu and type Control Panel in the box for search. After that, select the Remove Programs option. Then, you must locate the Google Chrome application. Finally, click Uninstall. Also, if you seek to delete your profile information, you must check the box which says ‘Also delete your browsing data’.
  • Next comes the step which requires you to seek the free version. Now, this would assist you to erase all the Chrome files which include leftover files along with the registry entries.
  • Then, try to stop Chrome instances. For this, you must go to the taskbar and right-click on the Chrome Instances. And then, proceed to select the End Process button.
  • Now, you must download Google Chrome from the official website. Download the file and then proceed to install the application. Read the instructions that are displayed on-screen while installing and select accordingly to complete the installation process.

Now, restart your computer system which makes the changes effective. Once On, you must launch the Google Chrome browser and inspect if the problem stays. As said earlier, this step resolves the error at most times. You find your Chrome working properly as before. But, in case it does not, you must refer to another method given below.

2. Via the Advanced System User Solution

If the above method wasn’t much of use, that is the Google Chrome error appears and is recurring, you must try this alternative method.

  • Start your system and log on as an administrator. Then, click the Start button and after that, select All Programs. Then, click on Accessories which then requires you to select the System Tools. After that, you must click the System Restore.
  • A window appears on which you must click the option which says ‘restore my computer to an earlier time’ and tap/click Next.
  • Then, you must select the recent-most restore point from the list of ‘On this list, click a restore point’ and after that, click Next.
  • Restart the system. This makes the changes made to your computer effective.

If you carefully follow the instructions, you must be successful in restoring the problem that arises repeatedly. Either of these solutions is capable to fix the issue effectively.

We hope this article presents the proper guide to resolve the Google Chrome Error Code 0x8004071b. However, if neither of the steps works and doesn’t fix the error, then you must consult the experts immediately. And if other problems arise, you must let us know all about it! The experts help fix it effectively and the services are beneficial for you in every way.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa