Fallout 4 Black Screen at Startup: 8 Tried & Tested Methods to Fix it

If you are unable to play Fallout 4, and instead witness the Fallout 4 black screen, then the issue gradually sets in when people try launching too many features of the game at the same time. Why is the game facing this screen blackout issue? Let’s check out all the reasons. 

The incompatibility of system components is considered to be the prime reason. Other than that, outdated graphics drivers, improper configuration files, poor settings of graphics, security application firewall and many more added to the list. Are you eager to know the solutions? Here, we have mentioned all the expert solutions that you can implement on your own.

Fallout 4 Black Screen: Let’s Fix the Problem 

Before opting for the solutions, you have to do a few extra tasks. Obviously, you are using the Steam gaming platform for playing Fallout 4. Therefore, shut down Steam, restart the system and once again open the gaming platform. Now, verify the local game system properties and check whether everything is in the correct order or not. 

  1. Steam and Fallout 4: Package Installation

    If you have installed the gaming platform Steam and the game Fallout 4 in two different directories, then Fallout 4 black screen can occur. This happens because Steam sometimes cannot find the game system files for execution. Therefore, the experts suggest you install Steam, as well as Fallout 4 in the same directory. So, during the time of installation, when the path or the directory appears on the installation window, provide one such directory/path.

  2. The Anti-Virus Firewall: Turn it off Temporarily

    The anti-virus is designed to protect your system from all kinds of malicious items and intruder access. So, every anti-virus firewall restricts a few games as well as applications. If you are witnessing Fallout 4 black screen, surely the anti-virus firewall is responsible for it. 

    After turning off the antivirus firewall if the glitch still remains, then the last option is to turn off the anti-virus (real-time protection). Hopefully, the game will not face the black screen anymore. On completing the gaming session, never forget to enable the firewall and the anti-virus software. 

  3. Play Fallout 4 in Compatible Mode

    The gaming compatible mode is given in the instructions. So, you need to run the game first. As usual, you will witness the Fallout 4 black screen. Choose “Mods” that are located in the “Library”. If there are multiple modes, observe them carefully and try to understand which mode is not related to the game. 

    After sorting it out, uninstall the mode and navigate to the Properties section. Now, select the desired OS that you are using from the list and select the compatibility mode. Close the window after saving the changes after selecting the Apply option. 

  4. The System Graphics Drivers: Get new Executable Files

    From the System Device Manager window, you can update the graphic drivers to their new or latest version. Downloading and installing the Windows updates can also be done. Lastly, visiting the computer manufacturer support page will help you to get the raw (.exe) files. These new drivers will refresh the graphics algorithm and you will not face the Fallout 4 black screen, again.  

  5. Go through Fallout 4 Graphics Settings

    Navigate to the Fallout 4 graphic option window. Surely, you must know your screen resolution, so select the correct resolution. Set the antialiasing to “TAA (best quality)” and Anisotropic Filtering to “16 samples” only. Now, check the boxes of Windowed and Borderless mode. 

    Navigate to the “Advanced Options”, there will be multiple options (drop-down boxes) present. So, let’s check out what you have to do. Set the “Texture Quality”, “Shadow Quality”, “Shadow Distance”, “Decal Quality” and “Lighting Quality” to Ultra. Moreover, set the “Godrays Quality” to High.

    The rest are “Depth of Field” and “Ambient Occlusion”. So, you need to set Bokeh for the former, which is the best. And, SSAO for the latter, which is also high quality. Lastly, there are a couple of checkboxes, select all of them. After going through all the necessary settings, you need to close the window and check for the Fallout 4 black screen. 

  6. Fallout 4 Configuration Files: Edit

    As per the expert’s reports, making some vital changes in the configuration files has fixed the Fallout 4 black screen in the past. Find out the “fallout4prefs.ini” in the game directory that is located in the system drive. A collection of variables will be present there. Make the changes according to these given variables:



    bFull Screen=0

    iSize H=1080

    iSize W=1920

    Save the notepad file and close the window. Refresh the system explorer and then initiate the game. Check whether the issue still persists or not. 

  7. Antivirus Real-time Activity: Restrict it

    As anticipated by the gaming experts, the firewall of the anti-virus in your system can block the game from initiating. For an uninterrupted gaming environment, it’s better to turn off the real-time activity. After the gaming session is over, always activate the real-time activity to resume system protection. 

  8. Remove all the Residual Files

    After a file or a program execution, several return values of the software algorithm stay in your system. In the future, these files sometimes create a blockage. Therefore, navigate to the temporary folder in the system drive and remove all the files.   

What about the Game Update?

Leave aside the above-mentioned solutions. Have you ever thought that the game might get outdated someday?. As per the gaming experts, always use the licensed copy of Fallout 4. Visit the game website and check whether the latest version of the game is available or not. If it is, then navigate through the game settings and download the new version. This method can be effective when you are facing the Fallout 4 black screen issue. 


Never hesitate to try out all the solutions. However, if none of the solutions works, it’s better to uninstall the entire game and then install it, once again. This will clear up the game registry, cache files and remove corrupted game system files as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Fallout 4 screen black?

If your computer does not identify the video card required to play Fallout 4, black displays may appear. Choose the game’s executable file (Fallout.exe). Open the drop-down selection in the “Select the desired graphics processor for this software” option and select High-performance NVIDIA CPU, then confirm. 

What happens if you start a new game in Fallout 4?

The chapter progress, as well as achieved benefits, will be wiped when beginning New Game by selecting New from the main menu. Collectibles and option settings are not deleted when you start new game. You’ll have to manually erase the player profile save outside of the game if you wish to reset these.

Why does my Fallout 4 crash on startup?

The video resolution, graphics card, or hardware difficulties cause Fallout 4 to crash (ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to play Fallout 4).

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa