How to Fix the Minecraft Error “Failed to Download File”?

You should be able to launch Minecraft on your computer without any issues. However, it is vulnerable to various errors. Many of these errors might occur when you try to launch Minecraft. And, you might want to find a solution right away. 

Do you repeatedly get the message “failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected.”? This error seems quite common when trying to launch Minecraft on your PC. 

And, you can apply various fixes for resolving it on your device, depending on the situation. Read to know the simple yet effective ways to fix this error on your came. 

“Failed to Download File”: 6 Ways to Resolve this Minecraft Error

The right solution for this error depends on its cause, which might differ in each case. So, you might not be able to fix the issue with the same solutions every time. 

Instead, you have to apply the appropriate solution depending on where the problem lies. 

Here are the effective ways through which you can resolve the file download failure error on Minecraft:

Restart Your PC

The error you are facing might have something to do with a temporary error on your device. In such cases, you can simply perform a restart to get an effective solution. Turn off your PC and wait for a minute before turning it back on. Then, try to launch Minecraft on your device to check on the error. 

Does the message “failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected.” appear again? Then, you must consider other possible causes of the issue and apply appropriate solutions for them. 

Disable Your Firewall

The firewall might often interfere with your Minecraft launcher’s functioning. Disabling the firewall should offer you an effective solution in such situations. You can then enable it again once you close the game. 

Open the Control Panel and go to the System and Security section there. Click on Windows Defender Firewall, and then Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off. Check the ‘Turn Off Windows Firewall’ option and click on Ok to apply the changes. 

Launch Minecraft once you have disabled the firewall on your PC. 

Does your device successfully launch the game this time? If yes, then you should disable the firewall whenever running Minecraft on your device. Proceed with the next step if this method was ineffective for you. 

Use a VPN Connection

The error you are facing might have something to do with a server connection problem. Using a different server might help you get an effective solution in such situations. And, you must use a VPN connection to do that. 

So, you might want to install a VPN app if you do not have one already. There are many viable free and paid services available for your requirements. 

Launch your VPN app and choose a suitable server. Then, launch Minecraft on your device to check whether the error persists. This method can resolve the “failed to download file” issue in many cases. 

Get the Latest Minecraft Version

The “failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected” message might indicate an outdated game version. You only need to update the game to the last version for a solution in such cases. 

The developers keep releasing patches to fix various issues with the game. You must look out for these patches and download them whenever available. 

Also, you must proceed with major updates as soon as possible. Open the Minecraft launcher and the Options section next to the Username field. Opt for a force update and select a suitable location on your drive. Then, proceed with the update and launch the game once the update is complete. 

Does the “failed to download file” message appear on your screen again? Then, you must check whether the Minecraft launcher is at fault. 

Use the Vanilla Launcher to Start Minecraft

Were you using a non-vanilla launcher for Minecraft? If yes, then that might explain the “failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected.” error. There might be a glitch in the launcher. So, you must try using the vanilla launcher for Minecraft to launch the game. 

You must wait until you reach the Create Game screen on the vanilla launcher. Then, you can close it and relaunch the game with the other launcher you want to use. You might not get the ‘failed to download file” Minecraft error this time. 

Remove the Troublesome Mod or Launcher

Have you added one or more mods to Minecraft? Then, the ‘failed to download file’ issue might indicate a corrupt mode. And, you must try to find out the corrupted Minecraft mod on your device. 

Try launching each one of them if you are using multiple mods. Then, get rid of the one facing the error while launching.

Open your File Manager and navigate to the Minecraft folder. View the “mods” folder there and delete the mod causing the error. Then, check whether your device can launch Minecraft without any problems. You can install the deleted Minecraft mod again on your device if you prefer. 

The same applies to the non-vanilla launcher you are using. Delete it and make sure the file download failure is resolved. Then, install the launcher again if you want to use it for launching Minecraft. 

Reinstall Game

The “failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected” might sometimes indicate a corrupt game file. In such cases, you usually have to get rid of Minecraft from your device. 

So, uninstall it and clear all its data, some of which might be corrupted. Then, install the game again on your device to launch it without any problems.