How to Fix the Facebook “This Content isn’t Available Right Now” Error?

If you fail to view specific content on Facebook, the uploader has probably deleted it. However, that is not always necessarily the case, and there might be some other issues. So, you must not conclude that the content has been deleted immediately. Instead, you must check whether there are other reasons for this error. You can consider various possible causes behind the Facebook “this content isn’t available right now” message. Proceed with the steps given here if you are unsure what to do next. They might help you resolve the issue quite effectively in many cases. 

5 Fixes for the Facebook “This Content Isn’t Available Right Now” Error

The content you are trying to view might be available only for selected viewers, or the post creator might have blocked you. You would also fail to view content marked as spam, as you might know. The error might occur in some cases due to the post creator’s account being deleted or deactivated. 

You must proceed with the following steps if you fail to view the content you want to access on Facebook:

  1. Check Whether the Facebook Server is Down

You will fail to view any content on Facebook if the server is down. So, you must check the server status first before trying out the fixes for the error. Find a reliable online server status checker and check whether the Facebook server is running. If it is down, that explains the Facebook “this content isn’t available right now” message. 

You must wait for the server to go online before accessing the unavailable content again. Try out the next solution if the error persists or if the server is already running properly. 

  1. Log in Again

Refreshing your Facebook account login can help you fix most of the errors you come across. So, it might also work in this case, and you must try it. Log out of your account immediately and log in again after waiting a minute. Go to the content that you have been unable to access. You should not see the Facebook “this content isn’t available right now” error again if there were any login issues. 

Log into Another Account

You can also try logging into a different Facebook account if you have another one. This will help you know whether the error occurs only on the account you were using previously. If the other account faces the same error, the content or the post creator’s account might have been deleted. Otherwise, the creator might have blocked you or the other way around. 

  1. Unblock the Creator or ask them to Unblock You

Check whether you have blocked the post creator unknowingly on your Facebook account. If you have, then unblocking the creator should fix the Facebook “this content isn’t available right now” issue. Otherwise, you must check whether the post creator has blocked you. 

Contact the post creator and ask them to unblock you if you seem to be blocked. Then, check whether you can view the content once you are done. This step would work only if the post creator agrees to unlock you. So, you simply cannot view anyone’s post unless they want you to. 

  1. Ask the Creator to Share the Content with You

The post creator might have shared the content for only a selected group of people. In that case, you might want to ask them to make the content visible to you. If they agree, that should resolve the Facebook “this content isn’t available right now” issue. This solution might work differently for each of the following cases:

Changing Audience on Facebook Profile

Did the post creator upload the content from their account outside a page or group? In that case, they must change their accounts’ audience settings. Otherwise, they would have to customize the group’s privacy settings or page. 

Changing Audience on Facebook Page

The post creator can restrict the content on a Facebook page based on age and location. In that case, they would have to change these settings on the page. Are you unable to view the content due to your location? In that case, you can simply use a VPN to access it.

Changing the Audience on Facebook Group

You can change the privacy settings on groups the same way you do on profiles. Did the Facebook “this content isn’t available right now” error occur when you tried to view a group? In that case, the creator probably has to change the group audience settings. Make sure that they set it in a way so that you can view the content. 

  1. Change Your Date of Birth Setting

Are you unable to view specific content because of age restrictions? In that case, you can simply change the date of birth on your profile to resolve the issue. You need not necessarily use your real date of birth even though you are expected to. A lot of content on Facebook might be available only to people of a specific age group.

Are you unable to get the post uploader to change the group’s or page’s privacy settings? This simple step can offer you an immediate solution in such situations. 

How to Change the Date of Birth on Your Profile?

You can change the date of birth on your Facebook profile in a few simple steps. Go to your profile and opt for editing the contact and basic information. You can change the birth year and date under this section from what you had set earlier. Make sure to save the changes before exiting the profile once you are done. 

More Solutions You Can Try

Are you using the Facebook app on your device? In that case, you can also try reinstalling the app if nothing else works. The content unavailable issue might also sometimes indicate viruses and malware on your device. So, you must run an antivirus scan immediately if that is the issue.