How to Fix the “Exception_Access_Violation” on Windows 10/11?

You might come across a wide range of error messages on your PC due to various reasons. And, most of them have many possible causes. One such error which is common across all applications is “Exception_Access_Violation”. You might encounter it while running any program, including games on your PC. And, you might be confused about the cause of this error. 

However, you can usually fix this error all by yourself in a few simple steps in most cases. All you need to do is apply the appropriate solution depending on the cause of the issue. Try out the possible fixes listed below to fix the “access violation” error message on Windows. 

6 Simple Solutions to the “Exception_Access_Violation” Error

You can apply many solutions to fix this error on your PC. But, not all of them might be ineffective in all cases. So, you might have to try out different methods before you get an effective solution. 

The following steps are effective in fixing the “Exception_Access_Vioaltio” error on most devices: 

  • Scan Your Device for Viruses

The error you are facing is often a sign of malicious files or programs on your computer. So, you might want to find out whether that applies to your case. Make sure to use a reliable antivirus app to scan your device for viruses. Getting rid of any suspicious files that the software detects and it might resolve the “Exception_Access_Violation” error. 

Your antivirus program might often identify the wrong files or software as threats. In such cases, you can usually create an exception for that file or software. Proceed with the next step, if you do not find any malicious files on your computer. 

  • Run the Troubleshooter

The Troubleshooter can help you fix a wide range of issues within a short time on your PC. It might help you detect the “Exception_Access_Violation” error and then fix it. So, go to your Update and Security settings and open the Troubleshoot tab. You will find troubleshooting options for a wide range of PC components there. 

But, which component should you use the troubleshooter for? In case you are wondering, that depends on the component that is facing the error. So, the troubleshooter option you must choose might differ in each case. 

For example, you should run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to fix the error while running old programs. 

The troubleshooter should provide you with a diagnosis of the problem within a fairly short time. It should then proceed with fixing the issue right away. If it fails to apply a solution, you would have to apply one manually. And, the diagnosis can be quite helpful in doing that. 

  • Disable Game Overlays

Many users have reported the “Exception_Access_Violation” error while trying to launch a game. And, most of them have been able to fix the error in such situations by disabling in-game overlays. So, you must consider doing the same if you are using this feature with this game. The steps for doing this might differ based on the overlays you are using. 

Players use Steam and Discord overlays quite commonly with their games. And, you can disable overlays quite easily on both these apps in a few simple steps. On Steam, you must open the Settings menu and go to the In-Game section there. Then, find the ‘Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game’ option and uncheck its box. 

Are you using a Discord overlay on the game? Then, launch Discord and open its Settings menu to find the Game Overlay option. Toggle off the switch next to ‘Enable in-game overlay’ and see if that fixes the problem.

  • Disable Read-Only Mode on Files

The “Exception_Access_Violation” error might also show up when you have opened a read-only file. In such cases, you simply need to disable its read-only mode to fix the problem. 

But, what if you do not own the file? Then, you must request the owner to disable its read-only mode. 

Right-click a file on which you have enabled read-only mode and open its Properties. You should find the Read-Only option under the General tab. Uncheck it to disable this mode and click on Apply and OK. Open the file after saving the changes and check whether the error occurs again.

  • Disable the User Account Control Notifications

The User Account Control is quite a useful security feature on your Windows PC. It alerts you whenever a program tries to make changes to your device. This feature is known to cause the “Exception_Access_Violation” error in many cases. And, you can resolve the error by disabling the User Account Control in such situations. 

Open your Control Panel and go to the System and Security section. Click on the “Change User Account Control settings” and move the slider to the “Never Notify” option. This should fix the error if it had something to do with the User Account Control. 

  • Enable Compatibility Mode for Programs

Do you get the “Exception_Access_Violation” error while trying to run one or more old programs? If yes, then running them in compatibility mode might do the trick in your case. 

Right-click the shortcut of the program facing the error and open its Properties window. Go to the Compatibility tab there to find the compatibility mode option. 

Check the box next to ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and select a Windows version. Your system will then emulate the older Windows version you have selected. 

So, you must make sure that the program is compatible with your selection. Then, click on Apply and try to run the program on your computer. 

What if Your PC has Faulty Memory?

The “Exception_Access_Violation” error often occurs due to faulty memory on your PC. And, you would usually need professional help to fix hardware issues on your computer. Make sure to run a Windows Memory Diagnostic test before you contact a technician to inspect your device. You must then replace the RAM as soon as possible if it is damaged.